I Remember (Lori's Song)

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A poem for a lost love.

I remember the first time I saw you,
Brought to me by a little angel.
The life in your in your eyes lit a fire
In a cold and lonely heart.
I remember the nights in the mountains,
Together by the fire,
The flames dancing in your eyes.
And you watched my love grow ever stronger.
I remember that day in the field.
Seeing you in your white dress and hat,
A perfect image of beauty and innocence
That restored a faith I thought forever lost.
I remember days spent basking by the lake,
Passions rising in the summer heat.
The final component of a love
I thought we would share forever.
I remember a thousand smiles
That you brought to my face
In a way that only you could.
The I remember the cold day that came
And stole the happiness you had given me.
Though an emptiness in my life will always remain,
I remember the change you made in me.
You showed a cold cynic that beauty exists in the world,
Sometimes you just have to search for it.
You opened my eyes and showed me a happiness
I thought I would never see again.
I know I cannot share it with you,
But for this gift I will be forever grateful.
For this, I will always remember you.

Submitted: April 22, 2012

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