My Muse's Fairy Tale

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This is a satirical fairy tale that will only make complete sense to two people. Thr six characters are "caricatures" of people that she and I know. Feel free to read anyway as there is a general theme of love conquers all that will relate to anyone. However, this fairy tale was written by the poet for his muse. I hope she is entertained by my whimsical creation.

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013



Long ago, there was a land called Murrellia. It was a fairly small island divided into two kingdoms, the Forest and the Shore. Murrellia was a magical place where fairies and wizards and witches roamed free. Most were happy and good, but Pegalinda was an evil marriage fairy. She would cast a spell on one person in a marriage to make them both unhappy. Her latest victims were Prince Jasper, Prince of the Shores and Princess Solina, the Princess of New Days.

Prince Jasper was married to Princess Trasana. Pegalinda cast on Princess Trasana that made her sleep from midnight to noon everyday and made her lazy about activities and fun. This was driving them apart because Prince Jasper loved to walk the beach, watch the sunrise, and be active. Princess Trasana no longer enjoyed any of this.

Princess Solina was married to Prince Kristian, Prince of the Forest. Pegalinda cast a spell on Kristian that gave him the modern day equivalent of OCD and made him very possessive and jealous. Princess Solina was a care-free spirit that did not like being treated as anyone's possession. Kristian had gone to the extreme of putting her in the castle tower at night while he slept.

Princr Jasper was an artist. His only solace was going to the shore to paint the sunrise while Trasana was sleeping. He stored his paintings in a patch of sea oats on the dunes as Trasana made him feel guilty about going out without her.

By Prince Kristian's order, citizens of the Forest were not allowed to go the Shore. In spite of that, Solina's only solace was sneaking out for moonlit walks on the beach while Kristian was sleeping. She had to be back before sunrise, as Kristian rose exactly one hour before dawn and expected breakfast to be ready.

One summer night while Solina was walking along the beach, she noticed something in the dunes. When she got closer, she found herself looking through canvas after canvas of beautiful sunrise paintings, each one with a unique title. She drew several hearts in the sand just in front of the dunes to show her admiration for the paintings.

The next morning, Jasper noticed the hearts as walked by the dunes. He had noticed a single set of footprints each morning in the sand and had been wondering whose they were. He decided not to paint the sunrise this morning. Instead he painted the shoreline and the footprints. Then he painted an angel's form with flowing hair, wings, and a halo. He titled it \"Midnight Angel\", and left it in front hoping whoever left the hearts would find it.

Princess Solina finds the painting and is overcome with emotion. She knows she must find a way to be with this artist. Whrn she sneaks back to the tower, she falls to her knees and prays to the gods for a way to meet the artist. She falls asleep and dreams of walking hand in hand along the shore with a mystery man.

That morning, Prince Jasper is visited by Christina, the Goddess of Love. She revealed to him that the footprints belong to a princess in the other part of the kingdom. To break the spells and unite, they must kiss on the shore as the sun breaks the horizon. This would unite the entire kingdom and Pegalinda and all the lost souls would vanish allowing everyone to find their true loves.

Prince Jasper painted the ocean with the sun just about to break the horizon. He added a couple kissing and titled it \"Meet Me at Sunrise\". He left it for the princess and anxiously waited for the next morning. That night, Princess Solina found the painting. Not knowing of the visit from Christina, she still knew she had to make it back to the shore by sunrise.

She pondered what to do as she walked backto the tower. The answer came as she passed a malika bush. The juice from a few malika berries would make anyone pass out for hours. She gathered a few and returned to the castle to make breakfast as usual. However, she put a drop of malika berry juice on his egg, another on his bread, and a couple in his drink. Just as she hoped, within a few minutes he said he felt ill. Solina suggested he return to bed and he did.

She waited another couple of minutes to make sure he was completely passed out, then ran towards the beach. Prince Jasper was pacing bythe water. He hadn't bothered to bring a canvas as he was too anxious and excited to paint. Princess Solina came through the break in the dunes. She paused a moment to catch her breath, then her and Jasper walked towards each other. No words were spoken, they just gazed into each other's eyes. Love was instant, deep, and passionate. Noticing the sun about to break the horizon, Jasper took Solina in his arms and kissed her passionately. She wrapped her arms around him and they kissed for what seemed like days. As the sun rose, they didn't what appeared to be like fireworks going off all around the island. It was Pegalinda and all the lost souls vanishing.

Prince Jasper and Princess Solina quickly started their life together. A new castle was constructed right on the shore. All the people of the Forest and the Shore united and love was blossoming across the island. The people of Murrellia were happy once more. The prince and princess were just and good rulers that often spent time amonst their citizens. But one thing they would never give, each morning started with a hand in hand stroll along the shore. And just as the sun was about to break the horizon, they would hold each other close and kiss as the sun rose. Needless to say, Prince Jasper and Princess Solina, and all the good people of Murrellia, lived happily ever after.


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