On the Poet's Emotions

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Being a poet usually means having magnified emotions....wearing your heart on your sleeve as they say. I try to express the feelings below. I thought about one of my dear booksie friends as I wrote about shyness. Our friendship started as a delicate blossom, but she is slowly revealing the beautiful rose that I know she is......and I'm enjoying watching her bloom.

Submitted: December 29, 2012

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Submitted: December 29, 2012



Anger is a raging sea with crashing waves.
Fear is a dark cave where no light can find you.
Sadness is a cloudy sky pouring a cold rain.
Excitement is the bright face of a child with a new toy.
Shyness is a barely blooming flower emerging late in the season.
Happiness is a rainbow painted clearly from horizon to horizon.
Sorrow is an endless night without moon or star.
Loneliness is a desert where no flower will ever bloom.
Terror is a haunted castle where evil spirits wander free.
Faith is a comforting blanket that no doubt can penetrate.
Fury is a neverending storm pounding with thunder and hail.
Peace is a green field, blue sky, and a gentle breeze.
Passion is a wildfire burning fast and careless.
Love, O sweet love, love is all things.
Love is all the waters of the sea
And all the sands of the shore.
Love is the trees and the grass and the flowers.
Love is the sunrise and the sunset.
Love is a sunny day and a star-filled night.
Love is everything good and bad all at once.
Love is the consumption of the mind, body, and soul.
Love is all things.

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