He's The Best At Being Terrible

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I'm wanting to write a story with this passage, but I want to know if it's any good. If it's not, tell me and I'll get rid of it. I know this is where the summary goes but basically what the passage is explains most of it.

Submitted: February 21, 2012

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Submitted: February 21, 2012



I wished I hadn't met him. There. I said it. That is the truth I had to face. Although I bet every girl in America had wanted my Grand Prize, I was the one who was stuck with it. Yay. I pitied all of those girls, not knowing how much of a bastard that Ryder was. That brought another idea to my mind, his name wasn't even Ryder, he didn't deserve a cute name... sure he looked like a Greek god but... stop it Faye, stop, he isn't worth it. His real name was Christopher but he changed it to Chris, then he changed it to his last name, Ryder. As I laid sideways on the lounge chair with my legs hanging over the arm rest, Taylor walked in. He sat across from me and stared at me, resting his arms on his legs.

"Hiya creeper." I teased and he laughed but still didn't say anything, worrying me. "Can I help you?" I laughed good-naturedly since I didn't want to upset him. He was still looking at me intently and I scooted my chair over a little bit, away from him, causing him to laugh again.

"Here ya go, from Ryder." He handed me a yogurt that was Boston Creme Pie flavored which was my favorite. This couldn't be good. 

"So where's Ryder?" I asked, suspicious as I slowly took the yogurt and spoon from Taylor.


"Ryder! Get your butt in here or I won't open the yogurt!" I shouted and heard Ryder groan outside. Getting ready, I aimed the opening of the yogurt toward the door and got ready to open it. Ryder walked in and I ripped off the top, the yogurt shot out at Ryder and he was covered by the pale yellow delicious substance. I laughed and licked the lid of the yogurt since it was the only bit of yogurt left.

"Thanks Ryder, I feel better now." I made fun of him and he wiped some yogurt from his eyes and mouth. 

"You'll know I'll get you back." He reminded me and I nodded, still enjoying my small victory. Famous or not, he was an asshole and he had that coming to him. When Taylor left to go help Ryder get the yogurt off of him I started thinking about St. Thomas, the island we would be traveling to for Ryder's movie. Then I remembered how much my life had changed. 

I had been a normal girl in New York city trying to earn my keep and looking after my little brother while my older sister in turn looked out for me. When I entered a contest to meet the country's hottest band, "Forgetting the Unforgettable" it was an odd name but when I saw the picture in the magazine I knew they were better than their name. I had actually won and when I went to Hollywood, Taylor had picked me up. Turns out the entire band was only two people, which surprised me but I didn't complain. The band and I spent a day together and Ryder pretended to be nice and caring.

It was odd to spend a day with hot people when a camera crew followed you around. Then Parker, the band manager, heard me singing as I cleaned up after being tackled into mudd by fangirls and he put me in the band. Now Ryder was being offered a movie role and Taylor and I got to go with him even though we wouldn't be doing anything. St. Thomas was where the movie was being filmed and it was located in the Carribean so I couldn't wait. We would be staying in a five star hotel after traveling in a private jet, bad news, we only got two rooms but I would be forcing one of the guys onto the floor or a couch, if there was one.

Ryder was my only problem, Taylor and I got along fine. Oh and every teenage girl in America hated me because magazines spread a rumor that Ryder and i were dating. Yay for that. Only it got worse because Parker said it was good publicity so we had to keep up the act until we got a movie with all of us in it. We would get publicity on that and then we would blame the movie on pulling Ryder and me apart and nobody would be at fault. But I know how teenage girls think, the fans would hate me and I would be kicked out of the band and stuck in New York again. Now I only had to make everyone in America love me more than they loved Ryder and then get enough money to bring my family out of poverty and not let Ryder get the best of me. This would be loads of fun... yay for me.


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