The Visit to See Dad

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An original short story about a woman who's children are longing to find their dad. She shows them him and it's not exactly what they expected.

Submitted: June 19, 2011

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Submitted: June 19, 2011



"Come on and get your breakfast Claire!" Gianna shouted.

"Okay mom." Claire sluggishly walked down the stairs and into the modernly decorated kitchen.

"Is pancakes okay?"

"Yeah. Is that what Hayley, Cara, and Brad had too?"

"Yupp. Now, you better eat up or you'll miss the bus!" She exclaimed with too much enthusiasm.

"Mom, I don't feel good today. Can I stay home?"

"What's wrong?" Gianna asked with much concern.

"I have a headache and i also have a tummy ache...." her voice trailed off.

"That's not good. You don't seem to have a temperature. Are you sure you don't feel well enough to go to school?"

"I'm sure." Claire said quickly.  Claire ate her pancakes and drank her orange juice.  As soon as she was finished she took her plate and cup to the sink, and then crawled into bed. Her mom soon appeared in the room to make sure she was okay.

"Are you sure you're okay?" her mom asked softly as she stroked Claire's thin, brown hair.

"I'm sure mommy."

"Okay." She sat down on the bed and stroked Claire's hair.


"Yes honey?"

"Can you tell me about daddy and where he is?"

"Honey, you're only seven. You don't need a daddy." Her mom said shakily.

"Yes I do! Tell me about him! Is he living somewhere else? Did you get a divorce? What happend to him? Tell me! Tell me!"

"Ok! Ok! Slow down! When Hayley, Cara, and Brad come home from school, I'll take you all to see him. They don't even know him either. Now don't get too excited."

"I won't!" Claire exclaimed. Her eyes brightened up and her smile widened. Claire was the youngest in the the family. The rest of the kids we're in middle school and high school. Hayley was eleven and in sixth grade. Cara was fourteen and in eighth grade. Lastly, Brad was seventeen and in eleventh grade.



"Hey mom!" Cara laughed as she got in the door.

"Do you have a lot of homework today?"

"Mom! It's Friday! There's NO HOMEWORK ON FRIDAYS!!!" Cara shouted.

"Okay, okay. How about the rest of you?"

"None." Brad said.

"Same here." Hayley smiled.

"Okay good. Have you guys ever wondered about your dad?" Gianna asked hesitantly.

"Hell yeah!" Brad yelled.

"Watch your language. We do not speak like that in this house. Your father wouldn't approve of it." Gianna quickly slapped her mouth in total shock that she had said something about her husband in front of all the kids.

"Sorry mom. When will we get to hear about dad?" Brad pondered.

"Soon. Today. Your sister Claire wanted to see your father. I'll take you to see him right now if you wish."

"We'd love to!" Cara interupted.

"Okay. Go put your bookbags away and then get in the car." In the meanwhile, Gianna grabbed Claire out of bed and packed every one in the car.

"Mom, how far away is dad?" Brad wondered as he titled his head.

"Around fifteen minutes."


"Don't get your hopes up. Just saying.  I don't want you to be all excited and then be all disapointed." Gianna was the last to speak and it was a silent fifteen minute ride. As they approached a grave yard and Gianna turned into the road leading to it, Cara gasped. She started crying and Brad kept handing her tissues.

"Please don't cry." Gianna said with a strait face trying to hide any emotion.

"I-I didn't think he would b-be....dead." The last word stung and Gianna winced. Cara continued to cry as they stepped out of the car. They walked for two minutes past rows of grave stones. They eventually stopped at a flat, bronze colored plaque laying against the ground.

"Why is it flat and on the ground instead of standing up?" Claire asked.

"You see, your daddy was in the war in Iraq. He fought long and hard for three years all at once. I couldn't even see him. I could only email him. I was lonely the whole time. One day I was babysitting Aunt Angie's kids and it was late afternoon. All of the sudden the phone rang. They told me that he had been shot four times in the leg. I dropped the phone, grabbed the kids, and ran. I wasn't sure where I was going, but I ran. The kids wondered what had happened. They were small so I couldn't tell them. I was so devastated that we walked back to the house and I had to call Angie for her to pick them up. I cried for weeks. That's why I wouldn't go to work for months at a time and the lady came to our house to investigate." An awkward silence filled the air.

"Oh." Hayley was the first to speak while the others were speachless. The Smith family sat at the grave of their long, lost father for hours crying on each other's shoulders. They prayed and stopped to get flowers to put on the grave. The kids were all shocked to find out who their dad was. It wasn't who they had expected. Their father was smiling down at them as they placed the flowers on his grave. He didn't want to leave them alone, but it was the enemy's fault. They would live without their daddy. It would just have to do.

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