Trapped forever

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when i get locked in school on the last day before the summer holidays this go from bad to worse.

Submitted: January 08, 2012

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Submitted: January 08, 2012



Gazing out of the window I could see nature taking its course. Far away in the distance I could see the fresh crispy autumn leaves swooping from side to side as they descend down. As the evening sun shone through the window breaking the darkness. I could see beautiful and brightly coloured sunflower rising from the ground as if they had been woken up from their morning nap. The clouds drew closer as if they were an army combating in a battle.

My eyes felt weary. I could feel my eyelids heavy; dropping down .I forced myself to stay awake as it was Friday afternoon and there was only one hour left until the school bell rang to finish the school year. I felt my eyes fixed out of the window admiring the surroundings which seemed to be moving quite a lot. I was staring at the classroom clock as the big hand moved sluggishly. I could see there was still half an hour left. I closed my eyes for a few seconds as I couldn’t keep them open any longer. To my astonishment when I opened my eyes the class was empty .The silence screamed across the classroom. I was left deserted in the school while everyone had left to go and enjoy their summer holiday.

Emptiness filled the classroom. I felt my heart skip a beat as something seemed to creeping around the school. Curious to know what it was I slowly creeped up the stairs. It was empty there was nothing there .I heard a sudden smash in the far distant, eager to know what it was I ran up the stairs which led me  to the science lab. I saw a row of chemicals which had been left out on the front desk. As I looked around I saw: broken chairs, shattered glass bottles, books scattered all over the floor and green plants which seemed lifeless lying on the ground. My throat felt sore and tender as I remembered I hadn’t drank anything in the last 5 hours. A bottle flashed in the corner of my eye I could see a label which read ’non-toxic’.i heard a gurgle at the end of my throat so without a second to waste I holded my breath and drank from the bottle until it satisfied my thirst.

I felt my hands start to tingle. My legs started twitching. I looked up and saw the front desk was so high up I couldn’t reach it. My head felt woozy I needed to rest. I decided to look for a place where I could lie down for a bit. My stomach seemed to tighten at the sight that the furniture in the science lab seemed to be way bigger than me. I tried calling for help but no one seemed to hear me. The nerves in my brain began to twist and tangle at the sign of not getting back home. I could smell damp, wet paint. Looking across the room I could see a big black hairy spider with beady eyes which seemed to be fixed on my size. The spider pranced towards me spreading its leg as broadly as it could. The spider was so close to me it started sniffing me. It was looking down at me with despair and confusion. I was so petrified I felt a leak in my skirt. The spider twisted around and sprinted back into it’s hole.

I heard keys jingling. This was my chance to escape. I recognised the caretaker by his overgrown moustache. I tried waving and calling out for help but he didn’t seem to see or hear me. I tried throwing a piece of glass at him but it was no use he was a giant compared to me. A great idea springed into my head I wrote ‘help me’ in block letter using chalk. The caretaker came around and started mopping the floor which scraped away my writing.

My eyes filled with water. My teardrops rolled down my cheek like the water flowing downhill a stream. My hands started sweating. My heart pulse began to race. My legs felt heavy. I felt fragile and worthless. I felt homesick like my heart had been torn out of me like a ripped page out of a book .I heard a voice in my head,  which was my mum nagging me about cleaning my room, which I regretted not doing now. I felt my body jump at the thought of it not being washed again. I felt my hair drag me backwards at the thought of not being touched by the bristly spikes which stood at the end of my brush. This was it I would be trapped like this forever. There is no going back. I guess I should be pleased that I have the company of a welcoming spider. Maybe one day I will be saved one day but for now I am trapped: in this size, in this school, in the middle of the town. Next time you are in a science lab and you hear a squeak make sure you look down and save me.

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