The Given Rose

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This poem is about what happens after the bed part of love. lol lol

Submitted: December 18, 2007

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Submitted: December 18, 2007



By: Jazz Moppin
The touch of the thorns,
bleeding of the hand.
The bloom of the beautiful,
rose in this land.

The rose is a gift,
from one to another.
The giver thinks
this person is like no other.

But soon after the rose,
the hate starts to bloom.
For now instead of blood on the hand,
it's all in the room.

The giver of thy rose is gone,
leaving the receiver in pain.
The giver has no idea on what to do,
for now this person's insane.

Yet though the person may be a little crazy,
he still holds ownership of the rose.
The person looks into the darkness,
nods his head, and goes.

Throughout this journey of life,
you'll face the hard-hitting blows.
Throughout a thing called love,
you'll find the meaning, of a rose.

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