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I t start with an ordinary day, but something is inside my computer, and it wants something!

Submitted: April 11, 2013

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Submitted: April 11, 2013





It started with an averagely normal day. I longed for something to do, something interesting to happen. But no...all my friends were out for the weekend and I was left in my flat bored and miserable. So after about half an hour of watching T.V

I decided to go on my computer, due to the fact I had forgotten that I had bought Portal 1 and 2 so I was excited to start. I have a HP Pavilion p5 with Linux/Ubuntu installed so the start up was pretty fast. When I logged on to my account I saw the low disk space message appear on my toolbar, so I sifted through some files to delete. I came across some unwanted photos of my ex, videos of my brother's wedding and... what? A wmv file named ”I.C.S.Y”!

I could not understand what the title could mean, or where it came from. So (being the idiot I am) I deleted it thinking nothing of it!

I continued to keep on deleting my files and music until everything was running smoothly again. I got too tired to play my new games, so I went to bed at 8:00, leaving the computer on the whole night. The next day I had a gamer's rush and got up, brushed my teeth, ate some Cornflakes and turned on my pc...to find my desktop filled with hundreds of “low disk space” notices! I physically slumped my shoulders at the irritating site, so I opened the “My Documents” folder to delete more clutter. But found NO FILES left in the whole page! Only the one: “I.C.S.Y” I could have thrown the monitor at the wall! This must be some sort of virus that destroyed all my files while left it over that night. Those idiots who make these things really piss me off! I have never had a virus on my computer before, so this was really annoying!

After about an hour of ranting about how ”Annoying, stupid and outrageous” this was to my dog I decided to open the file! I moved towards the computer, hands

shaking, mind burning, I double clicked on the persistent file and...blank! The computer monitor flashed to white. I waited about 6 minutes for anything, then blue screen! I pressed the switch off button, and got up. Something popped up in the corner as it started shutting down, I quickly read it: I.Can.See.You.

Then a picture embedded in the page flashed up: A computer monitor with a picture of a computer on the monitor, with a man looking at the screen. He had dark hair, a blue striped jumper, and looked...exactly...like...me!

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