Hated With A Passion

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a true, personal story.

Submitted: December 20, 2011

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Submitted: December 20, 2011




The times I spend with you my dear, I treasure in my heart.

A piece of you I carry near, ‘Till death will do us apart.

The smile’s I gain throughout my time, have been encouraged by you.

There are meanings to these silly rhymes, Observe and feel them true.


When we’re alone, so close and tight, it’s better than the heaven above.

You shine just like the northern light, I wonder if this is love.

However when we’re not alone, and others join us too.

You’re not yourself, you use a tone, I’ve never heard you do.


You turn your back and walk away, and leave me once again.

I try to think of things to say, nothing comes but pain.

It’s hard to face the truth these days, but I guess it heals the scars.

Give up on you, everyone says, there’s better than you by far.


I ignore the things that people say, the truth so stupid and mean.

I love you boy, that’s just the way, my heart feels strong and keen.

That’s just it no nothing more, than a love so pure, so real.

My heart may rip, swell or be torn, but at least you know how I truly feel.


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