Christmas Lives On

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Nicole tells the story of her past, when she fell in love with David, but his family was not one of Christmas spirits.

Submitted: December 15, 2017

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Submitted: December 15, 2017



Nicole sat down with her granddaughter, Lizzie. Lizzie had wanted to sit on her lap while they were watching the movie that Nicole's precious one had picked out the night before. It had been too late, but now it was morning. And Lizzie would be able to watch her movie. There was snow all over the ground, and still falling gently from the skies like ballerinas floating freely through the air.

Lizzie had an idea and asked of a favor to her beloved grandmother. "Grandmother, could you possibly tell me a story?"

Nicole laughed that old lady laugh that always made someone feel as if they were goodness and nothing could take that away. "A story? Why, Lizzie dear, of course. I have plenty up here in the ol' noggin'! Just let me think a moment..." 

And that is how this story began...


I was living in the old shack just next to the blacksmith. It was a nice ol' place. Even with it's small size. Not many would come and visit. But there was always one...

I was sewing one day, because Mother was too sick to make a coat. We had to make everything ourselves; it wasn't as nice of a time as what you live in now, but it was enough and made my family and I very happy.

I heard a knock on the door, and Father went to see who it was, but he opened the door and no one was there! Now, this mystery person invented ding dong ditch! It was odd, but again he came back and knocked. We caught a glimpse of him once, but we couldn't tell who it was, young man was all covered up!

So one day, Daddy and I worked out a plan to catch this mystery ding dong, and believe it or not, it was a good plan. The man would come knocking on the door, and I would stand behind him as Daddy answered the door. I'm not too sure why we didn't think of this earlier than that time, but we didn't really have too much big thinking then.

Our plan worked, and I surprised him! He said to me, "Now, what are you doing out here in the cold?" With a big ol' smile on his face. His perky dimples showing around his eyes. That big-mouthed sucker! 

I answered to him and said, "Why, Mister, you must have the address mixed up if you're lookin' for the butcher. He lives two blocks down, and hurry if you wanna catch 'im. He doesn't wait after noon."

The mysterious man then took off his mask that gave his face warmth and I got one look at him and started laughing like my own life depended on it! It turned out to be David Lawrence, the bakers son. And as it turns out, he was trying to work up the courage to see my mother, since she wasn't doing all that well. She was getting worse everyday, and we couldn't afford a doctor.

But then, instead of going in to see my mother, he asked me to join him for dinner! So I accepted, because, for one, a baker's son had to make great food...right? Wrong! He was a terrible cook, and he probably couldn't even make a simple PB + J if you let him try. David told me he had other passions, like writing. He wished to be an author, but his parents wanted him to be a lawyer! It was not very interesting for him, well until he met me.

Not many people supported us being together, and by Christmas time, well. David said he had something special planned for me on Christmas. And his family still looked at me as if I was a mountain lion ready to pin their son to the ground! My family on the other hand, brought David in with loving arms, and they loved seeing him, even when they knew about how his family treated me, they still loved him for not treating me that way.

And during Christmastime, he brought me to his house, for Christmas dinner. Now, his family said some harsh things, like his mother when she said, "You turned my boy into a monster, and God will never forgive you for doing so! You hear me, you abomination? You hear?!" But she was later sent to an asylum for her mind problems.

So then he told me the surprise later that day, and as it turns out, he was getting my mother a doctor. But there was an evil plan afoot. David's mother, Revena (re-ve-nu), planned to cancel the doctor and inject my mother with poison from the deadliest of berries. People have since killed off these berries, but at my time we called them conberries. Their poison could kill anything, even an alien! 

In response to hearing this, David was a mess. He was afraid we would break up if that happened! But I said to him, "What your mother does...that's not you, and I love you. Not your mother. Whatever happens, I'll keep loving you."

He said back to me. "Nicole, you're my Christmas miracle." But then, he started to get down on one knee. I was absolutely shocked! And my knees buckled, and tears started runnin' down my face. 

David, that old gun, he kept goin',"Nicole, since the first day I saw you outside in the freezing snow, I have wondered to myself what the feeling was that crept into my stomach. I didn't know what it was, and it scared me. But as time moved on, and I was with you, I found that it was love. And nothing would ever be able to take that away. Not my mother, not my family. Not even this whole town! Not even God could tear us away from eachother. And that is love, true, deep like the ocean love that I feel for you, and only you, Nicole. So, here's the big question, will you marry me?"

Now this was a hard time, and I wasn't sure if I was ready. So I thought it over, and all the times we had together, laughing, enjoying eachother. And I realized that it was love that led me to stay with this man. And it was going to be love that kept it that way. I said to him, "I will marry you, you run down author. I love you."

My mother was taken care of and David's was sent to the asylum where they put nutty people who you never want to meet. And Lizzie, if you do meet someone from any asylum, you run.


And that was the end...


Lizzie thought of this story now, as she sat at her grandmother's funeral, along with her grandfather, David, beside her. He was bawling like no one had ever seen. And on Lizzie's other side sat her husband, who she had met when he had, very cheesily, bumped into her at the grocery store. 

That story had been told every year on Christmas, a story of God bringing two people in love together, through all odds. Even rare cases like her grandmother. And Lizzie was prepared to continue this tradition, for many years to come.












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