Escape: Episode 4

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A girl, Liz, and her parkour group (The Unknowns) where so used to living there happy criminal lives. Until, one day Liz decides her way of life isn't worth it anymore. But The Unknowns wont let her leave. With the help of a in-training apprentice she may be able to turn her life around. (YouTube series coming soon!

Submitted: December 14, 2013

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Submitted: December 14, 2013



{Scene 9: Rooftops; same day}

[Follow action]


All ?'S: (Free-run back home)


(On final building)


Extras ?'S: (Climb into windows of building)


The Guys: (Catch up)


Liz: (Sit on ledge)


[Camera on Liz]


The Guys: (Run past Liz; tap Liz on shoulder as you Pass; enter through windows)


Ricky: (Walk up to Liz) Hey.


Liz: (Look up)


Ricky: (Sit down; look forward) that was fun.


[Camera look across to windows]


The Guys: (Playing with money)


Cole: (Trip and knock everyone over)


[No sound from inside the house]


The Guys: (Yell at Cole; *All* start fighting)


[Camera on Liz/Ricky]


Liz: (Laugh)


Ricky: (Smile)


Liz: (Stop laughing; look sad)


Ricky: (Pause; look at Liz) what’s wrong?


Liz: (Sigh; stand up; walk to middle of roof)


Ricky: (Stand up)


[Camera behind Liz; aka looking at Liz's back]


Liz: (Turn around; Pause) It's (Pause; shake head; Turn around; pause; turn to Ricky)


Ricky: (Walk up to Liz; hold Liz's shoulders)


Liz: (Look into Ricky's eyes)


[Camera closer]


Ricky: (Pull Liz in; hug; release; hands on Liz's Hips)


Liz: It just doesn't feel right, ya know? Like, it Doesn’t feel the same as it did in the beginning.


Ricky: What?


Liz: This!


Ricky: Us?


Liz: No (Push Ricky off)

[Camera on Ricky]

Stupid, this whole experience.


Ricky: (Slight laugh) Babe, I'm sorry but I have no Idea what you're talking about.


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: (Sigh) I'm second guessing.


[Camera on Ricky]


Ricky: Second guessing what?


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: (Cut Ricky off a little) this whole thing! Me coming Here, what we do, how we live. (Pause) I'm Just not sure.



[Camera on Ricky]


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: I'm just---I think I need some time to think.


[Camera on Ricky]


Ricky: Like time away from us?


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: Maybe--I don’t know yet.


[Camera on Ricky]


Ricky: (Slight laugh) I'm not gonna let you leave.(Looks serious)


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: (Scared/Angry) what do you mean you wont Let me leave?


[Camera on Ricky]


Ricky: (Slight laugh) you know exactly what I mean. After all we've been through with you, Everything that's happened--- Everything you've seen---you can’t just Leave.


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: (Slight laugh but serious) you’re acting like I'm Some kind of prisoner.(Pause)


[Camera on Ricky]


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: I'm not.


[Camera on Ricky]


Ricky: Well you’re gonna be.


[Camera on both; side view]


Liz: (Upset) No, I'm not! (Walk fast closer to Ricky; Poking Ricky's chest) you’re NOT gonna win This one.


[Camera closer]


Ricky: (Grab Liz's shoulders; pull her in; chest to chest)  Watch me.


(Pause; Liz/Ricky stare at each other)


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: (Snap back to serious; try to push Ricky off) Get Off of me.


[Camera on Ricky]


Ricky: (Release Liz; Pause) Go inside.


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: (Storm past Ricky; mumbled) Where else  Would I go?!


[Camera on Ricky]


Ricky: (Turn around) Excuse me?


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: You heard me (jump down onto fire escape)


[Camera in window; looking at fire escape)


(Climb through window; walk off camera)


Ricky: (While climbing through window) Liz! (Following Liz) seriously, after everything we've done For you?!


[Camera on Liz; in hallway]


Liz: (Walk to room)


Ricky: (Following Liz) how do you expect us to solve this When you’re acting so immature!?


Liz: (Quickly turn around; calmly) STOP following me!


Ricky: (Shocked; stand still)




Liz: (Turn around and continue waking)


[Camera on Ricky]


Ricky: (To yourself) come on! (Following Liz) I'm Taking to you!


Liz: I hear you!


[Camera following Liz]


Ricky: Well then stop and talk to me.


Liz: (Enter room)


[Camera on door; side view]


(Slam door in Ricky's face)


Ricky: (Shocked; Punch wall)


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: (Jump onto bed; on stomach; into pillow yell)

Come ON! (Pause; roll onto back; look

At celling)



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