Escape: Episode 6

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
A girl, Liz, and her parkour group (The Unknowns) where so used to living there happy criminal lives. Until, one day Liz decides her way of life isn't worth it anymore. But The Unknowns wont let her leave. With the help of a in-training apprentice she may be able to turn her life around. (YouTube series coming soon!

Submitted: March 15, 2014

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Submitted: March 15, 2014



[Camera on group]

[Camera on Extra 1]


Extra 1: Hey should we put her in handcuffs or Something?


Extras ?'S: (Laugh)


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: (Growl; punch Extra 1 in face)


Extras ?'S: (Hold back/restrain Liz)


[Camera on Ricky]


Ricky: Those handcuffs are sounding like a Pretty good idea right about Now.


[Camera on Extras ?'s]


Extras ?'S: (Release Liz) Sir Yes sir! (Pat Pockets & chest) Sir no sir!  (Laugh)


[Camera on Extra 3]


Extra 3: We've got rope!


Extras ?'S: (Laugh)


[Camera on Ricky]


Ricky: How much?


[Camera on Extra 3]


Extra 3: Well it's my belt so---


[Camera on Extra 2]


Extra 2: So a lot?


Extras ?'S: (laugh)


[Camera on Extra's 3&2]


Extra 3: Man what?!


Extra 2: You know you been eatin' that pie.


Extras ?'S: (Laugh)


[Camera on Ricky]


Ricky: Whatever, tie her up. (Walk up To Liz)


[Camera close up Liz and Ricky;Faces]

 We wouldn't want anything to Happen wouldn’t want anything To happen, now would we?


Liz: (Spit in Ricky's face)


[Camera view across the street; blurred]


Extras ?'S: Oooooh.


Adam: (Walk to center camera; look across  Street)


[Camera on Adam]


(Remove headphones; watch)


[Camera across the street]


Ricky: (Grab Liz's shoulders; yelling)


[Camera on Liz and Ricky]


(Grab Liz's jaw) I'm tired of you Always screwing things up! (Throw Liz's jaw)


Adam: (Jump between Liz and Ricky) Hey! (Block Liz) That's not very nice Now is it?


[Camera on Ricky]


Ricky: (Confused face; shake it off) who  Is this little punk?


[Camera on Adam]


Adam: (Make*ouch noise) No. You can’t Answer a question with a Question so---I'm gonna have to  (Turn to Extras ?'s) Excuse me.


Extras ?'S: (Confused; Let go of Liz)


Adam: Um, barrow this (Take Liz's hand; to

Liz) Hello.


[Camera back view Liz & Adam]

 (Start walking away)


[Camera on Adam's face; blur]


Ricky: Not so fast. (Cocks gun)


[Camera on Ricky]


(Aim gun at Adam)Where do you think your going?


[Camera on Adam]


Adam: (Turn around) to the bathroom?


[Camera on Ricky]


Ricky: You seem to like games. Ever played dodge ball?


[Camera on Adam]


Adam: In gym.


[Camera on Ricky]


Ricky: (Slight laugh) Dodge (Fire three bullets)


[Camera following Liz and Adam]


Adam: (Dodge first bullet)


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: (Push Adam out of fire; dodge last bullet) what the hell!


Adam: No you don’t! (Grab Liz's arm; turn run)


[Camera on Ricky]


Ricky: Uugh! Get them!


Extras *1 stay back ?'S: (Run off)


Ricky: (Block Extra 1) with force.


Extra 1: Yes sir (Run off)


[Camera on back of Adam]


Liz: There gonna kill you!


Adam: I'm willing to test that. (Look at Liz and smile; Look back)


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: (Look back)


[Camera shows Extras ?'s]


Extras ?'S: (Slide past curb; shoot)


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: LOOK OUT! (Pull Adam down)


[Camera on Adam]


Adam: Oh shit!


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: Yeah!


[Camera in alley]


Adam: (Run into alley followed by Liz; Open door and enter)


[Inside building; lights off]


Liz: Where are we?


Adam: Shh.




Extra 1: There gone!


Extra 5: Damn it, Ricky's gonna kill us!


(Footsteps walk away)


Adam: (Exhale hard) finally! (Let go of Liz's hand; Walk across room; turn on light) you  Be good and chill here until its safe mmk?


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: Huh? Wha--yea (pause) wait no!


[Camera on Adam]


Adam: (Sigh; plop down on couch) Why not, because you'll probably tell me.


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: Excuse me?! (Walk over to Adam)


Adam: Come on (Pick up cup)I just helped you  out there, let me chill?(Go to drink)


Liz: (Slap cup) No!


Adam: (Grab Liz's hips) How about----(Sit Liz Down in chair) Chill?(Get up and  Walk off camera)


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: (Thoroughly confused; to self) what?


[Camera on Adam]


Adam: You'll probably be able to leave Tomorrow morning. I'll drive you Somewhere safe.


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: I can take care of myself.


[Camera on Adam]


Adam: That's been disproven.


(Gun cocking)


(Turn around)


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: (Clean off gun) Wanna test that?


[Camera on Adam]


Adam: That smells like a challenge!


[Camera on Liz]


Liz: Fine, we'll start first thing in the morning!


[Camera on Adam]


Adam: Eh, why not. (Wink at Liz)


[Camera on Both]


Liz: (Laugh)

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