What do we need?

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I don't really know how else to write it!


Submitted: October 28, 2006

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Submitted: October 28, 2006



Why do people need to be loved? Why do people find comfort in junk food? why do people cry when they are sad, but they cry when they are happy too?

I don't understand everything, but I feel somethings don't need answers! I usually don't get along with people who only believe in what they see!!! I believed in Santa until I was around 9!! Grown ups need to be more like kids instead of thinking everything has an answer, think that if God wanted us to know the answer he would have made us smart!! Maybe he made us "ignorant" for a reason!! I'm not saying that i don't believe in learning, but grown ups think about to much stuff! It is obvious why so many parents are stressed they think everything has to be done perfect! Everything right! My art teacher drives me crazy because she wants everything to be from her perspective! She doesn't understand that everyone has a different point of view! I hope when I grow up that I tell my children to look at life through there own eyes and not through others!! I'm what you might call an outcast! I don't Like to be like everyone!! I fit in with just about everyone, but i stick out! I'm people smart!! I'm an observer! I hope to observe people for the rest of my life!! I want to know what people are thinking by looking them! Well, that's it for now!!

Think About What I Said!!


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