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Submitted: July 30, 2016

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Submitted: July 30, 2016



I strongly believe you should always be allowed to go, be and do whatever makes you happy. Whatever gives your life purpose, be yourself or be who you want to be. Who cares what others think or have to say about it; there are people just like you, you just have to find them. I discovered all of that at my first rock concert; it’s an unforgettable moment. It was the first time I actually discovered the real meaning of happiness and excitement.

That day might have been the one day I was actually the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. It was January 27, 2013 two days before the best day of my life. It was a normal day at school and my friend Taylor and I had walked into class and we started talking.  She asked me, “Do you want to go to the Black Veil Brides concert with me?” She had bought two tickets, one for her and one for her best friend at the time.  They weren’t talking anymore and she didn’t have anyone to go with.

I said “yes OMG yes” I am in love with that band.  They are just a couple of guys who grew up in different towns/city/states playing instruments, singing and doing what they loved best. They came together as one to show that it is okay to be different and to do what you love best, and don’t let anyone stop you from following your dreams. Black Veil Brides sends their own messages through their music, lyrics, and their enthusiasm and passion for their dream.

Andy Dennis Biersack who is also known as (Andy Sixx because his favorite number was six) is the lead singer of the band.  Andy is a tall drop-dead gorgeous guy, he has big mesmerizing blue eyes that could make you fall in love, the perfect smile with his luscious pink lips with one black lip ring on the bottom right of his lip and perfectly shaped cheek bones that went perfectly with his pale like skin and black hair, he’s also tatted up with tons of tattoos.

 Ashley Abrocket Purdy is the bassist and back-up singer for Black Veil Brides.  He is considered a very beautiful guy; he has long black smooth shiny hair, a tall toned tan body with tons of tattoos on his arms and stomach, majestic brown eyes they can mesmerize girls, pink/peach colored lips and slim check bones.  Ashely wears a lot of black war paint on his body along with the rest of the band members.

Jeremy Miles Ferguson also known as Jinxx in Black Veil Brides is the violinist, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist for the band.  Jinxx and his fellow Black Veil Brides guitarist Jake Pitts won revolver Magazine’s golden gods award for best guitarists 2012.  Jinxx is 5’11, has astonishing blue like gray eyes, medium length black hair, a pail toned body, his arms are covered in tattoos, he wears a lot of black and gothic clothing/jewelry, he wears black war paint on his arms face and neck.

The bands drummer is Christian coma also known as CC, he is tall with a tan toned body, brown eyes, long black hair tattoos and a great smile with pink lips. He loves wearing bandanas, black gothic jewelry, gloves, black war paint, and black lip stick, painting his nails black and wearing muscle tank tops. The black paint and clothing indicate the genre of their music which is rock.

 Last but not least is the bands songwriter, producer, engineer and lead guitarist Jacob Mark Pitts also known as Jake Pitts. Jake has long black hair, brown eyes, peach/pink lips, tattoos on his arms, chest, and neck, he wears ripped skinny jeans, band t-shirts, boots/gothic punk-rock clothing, he wears black war paint on his face around his eyes, and neck. Jake is an important person to the band and with the band; he plays an important part.

Black veil brides are mostly known for their use of black make up, body paint, tight black studded clothing, and long hair which were inspired by KISS and other 1980s glam metal acts. But the most important thing about Black Veil Brides is that their lyrics are topics aimed at people who feel like outcasts in society, they carry a message with them about believing in yourself and letting no one tell you otherwise. That they stand up for the underdog and disenfranchised.  Anything strange, odd, or unique they embrace that.

Black Veil Brides is basically saying stand up for yourself; have fun and live your life how you want and choose. You only have one life, make the most of it. They don’t perform just for the fame or money they do it because that’s their passion and they love doing it; they love sending a message and trying to help people and inspire them with their music and lyrics. Their lyrics aren’t just something a record companying makes up, they write and make songs from/out of life experiences and what they see and went through and what others are going through. There an inspiration, and some people say that their lyrics and band saved their life. That’s why I love them so much and wanted to see them so bad.

 I begged and begged my mom to let me go, after getting on her nerves about it; she said “yes but only if there’s going to be an adult with you guys.” So I had my mom talk to Taylor’s parents and they agreed to have Taylor’s 18 year old sister come with us. I was so freaking excited I thought I’d die. So Taylor and I were talking about how I would sleep over her house the night before the concert and she’d lend me one of her black veil bride shirts since I didn’t have one and we’d get ready together and her dad would take us to pick up Taylors sister and drive us down to the alter bar in Pittsburgh.

So the next day was January 28, I hung out with my friends  until it was time to go over Taylors house I backed my clothes, make up, hair supplies and stuff then had my mom drive me down to her house. When I got there, Taylor and her sister noel and two brothers Neco and James were outside playing, it was getting dark when I got down there. So I took my stuff up to her room and came back down and joined the party outside, Taylor, noel, James, Neco, and our other friend Shannon were all dancing and going crazy we were chasing each other, screaming and just going crazy having fun.

 It was about 10 at night so we had to go inside, Shannon had went home an Taylor and I went up to her room, we talked about how much fun tomorrow would be, we goofed around watched movies and watched funny videos on YouTube and Facebook. We were too excited to even sleep, especially me; it was my first rock concert ever and I got to meet my idols. Taylor and I eventually fell asleep, I slept on a giant teddy bear on the floor and she slept on the bed.

It was the day of the concert January 29, 2013 the day I meet my idols, I was so happy and hyper I thought I’d faint. We hung out outside before it was time to get ready to go. When it was time Taylor and I got super cute, we did our hair make up put on our black veil bride clothes and were ready to go. Taylor’s dad then drove us to pick up Taylors sister then we were off to the alter bar where we had to wait in a long line for hours and hours until the doors opened and we were allowed to enter.

 A lot of people were dressed just like the band, there were people with colored hair Andy’s, jinxx jakes, CC, and Ashley’s war paint designs on their faces and body. Everyone was talking getting to know each other and I felt a little out of place, I felt like a potato. But I think the best part about waiting outside was that the bands tour bus would park right outside the doors and we’d see the band members get off the tour bus, we could take pictures with them if not busy and allowed that to happen.

When the door had opened at about 6:30-7 and the line started moving, we could feel the warmth of the alter bar and seen the bands setting up and the front of the stage getting crowded. When we did finally get in I had Taylor try and find a place close enough to the stage to stand while I spend about 200 dollars on band merch, I bought Taylor and I matching black veil bride shirts, I bought myself, two bracelets, and their new cd which cost a lot. It was like 10 to 25 dollars for each item.

After I had gotten my stuff I tried to squeeze my way through people to get close enough to the stage. I was stuck part way in the middle and the back of the crowd but I didn’t care I was close enough. While we waited for the first band to get ready to perform, we got our cameras and phones ready and we screamed and chanted. The first band came on to perform after a half an hour waiting; the band was called Electro. He did three songs, while he was performing he walked off stage into the crowd and when I mean into the crowd he had people holding him up straight in the air walking onto the screaming fans hands. He was still performing/singing perfectly while he walked across some of the fans hands then jumped back on stage. Everyone was screaming jumping up in the air and singing along with him. It was a pretty awesome performance, he had his black make up designed as if it’s running down his face.

 After the first performance was over we had to wait and hour for the next band to get their equipment set up on stage and they made sure it was working, while they did that, the Altar Bar had big stereos on each side of the stage and they played music and everyone starting dancing, some people started talking and the people who knew the lyrics to the songs playing they sang to it people in the back tried to get in the front or closer up.

That hour seemed to have past quick and the second band came on stage to perform they were called Farwell my love, they were a pretty good band. There first song was called “Just Another Soul” I loved the lyrics to the song, the lyrics were talking about how people have it rough and they can’t take it, their down to their last solution which is ending their life and society doesn’t care so their just another soul lost. They also played and sang a song called portraits, really good song. An hour and a half had passed and the band finally finished performing, it was a great band but I wanted to see black veil brides perform really bad.

My legs were hurting so bad and so were Taylor’s, we had been standing for about 4 to 5 hours during the concert and we still had two and a half hours of standing left while we waited for Black Veil Brides to perform. So we decided to squat on the floor for a little because there weren’t any chairs; but it didn’t help so we stood back up. While Black Veil Brides stage crew members that tour with them set up the equipment on stage, we saw Andy, Jinxx, and Ashley standing up top on the balcony looking down at us; we all started screaming.

Then the lights went off completely and dim lights went on, on the stage and we all started screaming and chanting Black Veil Brides, black veil brides, black veil brides; then we saw CC sit down at the drums, Ashely, Jinxx and Jake come out with their guitars and started playing loud and proud. All of a sudden Andy runs through the crowd and jumps on the stage. I screamed “I LOVE YOU ANDY” and he screamed “I love you too, I love all of you, now Pittsburgh are you ready to run/destroy this town.” The whole crowd yelled and screamed “hell yeah”.

The first song they sang was Fallen Angels there most popular song, during the song he would sing then have all of us scream the lyrics into the microphone, everyone was jumping up in the air, a mosh pit started in the front and middle of the crowd; Andy was grabbing his fans hands as he performed in front of them on stage. The second song they performed was Rebel Love Song; that was another favorite of their fans. The band started playing their instruments and Andy screamed the lyrics to the beginning of the song like he did in his videos and on their album.

 During the song Andy got really hot so he took off his shirt and threw it into the crowd, I caught it and I was so happy, it was a cut up black band shirt he liked; the sides/sleeves were cut off and neck part was cut but it smelled like him and it was perfect. He performed the rest of the concert shirtless which was incredible, he was so hot and dreamy. They had grabbed bottles of water and gulp a big amount in their mouths then spit the water on us, and would throw the water and water bottles into the crowd on us. There last song was Set The World On Fire and everyone got crazy, people were jumping up, mosh pitting, crowd surfing screaming and just having a blast. At the end of the final song Set the world on fire CC threw his drumsticks into the crowd I almost caught one but the girl in the front/ on the side had grabbed it before I could, Jake and Jinxx whipped their sweat on towels and threw them into the crowd and Ashley had given someone in the front his guitar pick.

 It was the best first concert ever. After the concert was all over, and the bands were packing up their stuff. It was about midnight when we were all let out of the altar bar, everyone’s make up was smeared and sweating, my hair was frizzed up an a mess, my make-up was smeared also, I was sweating and tired. Everyone was trying to go to McDonalds afterwards but they closed and locked their doors so they didn’t have to deal with all the chaos.

 So most of us waited outside, talked, sat on the ground and waited for their rides. About 20 minutes later Taylor’s dad arrived and picked us up and took me home. On the car ride home we talked about how my first concert was and that she was jealous I got his shirt, we also talked about not going to school the next day. We were too exhausted from the concert so neither of us went to school the next day.

 I still have Andy’s shirt, I wore it a couple times but I decided to frame it and hang it up as a memory from my first concert. It was the best day of my life and I could never forget it. I learned a lot from this great experience, for one I learned to let loose and be myself. I also learned that you’re never alone, there are people just like you and similar to you; you just have to look where they can be found.  Everyone deserves to be happy, and do or go places that you love, like and enjoy. You can learn a lot about yourself and music during a concert or just by giving music or bands a chance even if you don’t think you’d like them.

Black Veil Brides isn’t just some band that wants the money or be famous and their lyrics aren’t just what some record deal person makes up or comes up with; it’s written from life experiences, and stuff. I think there the real deal, there not talking about sex, drugs, girls, or anything of that sort. They are talking about real life stuff within their lyrics and music, stuff that can help people give them hope and strength.

© Copyright 2020 jazzy jasmine. All rights reserved.

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