Pets Vs Humans

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who do you choose? What's your pets like? This is a story that's still In progress but it's about how pets are better than humans and about my pets, it goes into details about what my pets are like and what humans can and can't do.

Submitted: July 31, 2016

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Submitted: July 31, 2016



Do you like your pets more than humans? Do you appreciate humans more than your pets? If you had to choose between a human and your pet who would you choose?

I would choose my pets over any human, why? Because my pets give unconditional love, they are pain free and they are so cuddly and cute. I love my pets more than I’ve ever loved any human. I don’t mind sleeping with them in my bed. They are silly they make you smile and laugh when you’re sad, and they are never the one to make you sad. They are family and you have a bond with your pets more than any human. Pets do make you mad sometimes but even then they conquer any human. Humans attend to hurt you, upset you, leave you, may be even get tired of you but when you get home your pet is always happy to see you, they never get tired of you and they will always be there to cuddle, eat your food, keep you company and keep a smile on your face. Animals are one of the best perks you can have.

Let me tell you I have four big silly Pitbull’s, they are so funny cuddly lovable beasts. I sleep with two out of the four dogs in my bed, I’m usually on the edge of the bed but I’m fine with that. When my youngest dog gets happy he randomly picks up anything and prances around with it showing it off. He chases bottles around. He loves to just plop down on you doesn’t matter where he’ll just lay on you. It’s the cutest thing, when I’m sitting on the floor he runs over and knocks me over then just plops down on me and lays on me. I can open my arms for a hug and he’ll know to come closer so I can hug him without me saying hug, also he knows when I pucker my lips for a kiss he knows to lick my face. I love it, I love him, and he’s like my best friend. He acts like a human when its bed time he lays his head on one of my pillows and is laid out like a human under a blanket.

You tell him to give you paw he does it, he goes swimming with me and everything. He loves to just cover me in kisses, he just tackles me and constantly pins me down licking my face cleaning my ears cause I have stretched ears and he thinks it’s an injury. He is a very special smart dog, he does tear up like any other animal but he’s hardly trained he just knows what to do. I share my food with him sometimes, like if you have food he’ll sit there and watch you but he’ll put one paw up on where ever you are sitting and puppy eyes you. He gets so happy and excited when I sing to him, he does beat me up when we are playing together but he never gets super aggressive, he’s a big baby and so innocent, he gets along with all my dogs, he runs fast always wants to go for rides and get all dirty. He’s my pride and joy. You can’t always get that type of bond with humans.

This is still a story in progress.

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