We are monster creating Gods

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

It is about a teen girl raped in a street who died eventually. Who is responsible for their act. No body other than us. We are the society who guides every one.They follow us. I tried to use opposite meaning to prove every wrongs.

What a amusing day it was for those Warriors

It was the gift presented by us, we the Gods

Five real stars played a comedy movie in a street

Female lead is a little girl- totally sweet, teen brat

Conquerors were fully conscious with no plum

She had no dialogues, so she had only gum

She pushed and pulled by champions gently to avoid pain

She caught herself in the ground with no vain

She only laughed in rains and murmured in thunder

Her body pumped and enjoyed it as a blender

Sweet teen girl bathed with both blood and  sweat

Her inner body bathed with blood and wet

Three hour hero role finally came to an end

She passed away to another womb for rent

Five stars were the next superstars, found in bloom

Law honored them with luminous luxury room

They walked with a pride for successful record

Face filled with a joy as their show rocked

Arbitrator loved these guys even professionally

They were appreciated for their humanity

Gift was presented to them for the value of their kindness

With a re-birth sentence, for their braveness

Their family gazed happy for their kind children’s

We should be too proud for creating these monster

We are the Gods created these sexual miniatures

For leading a great path for thousands of heroes

We should be honored at least with a coal slices

Kissing, Hugging and love making in a public places

Cheap videos and porn’s even in every gadgets

We should be happy for creating new mad dogs

What a pleasant day it was for all of us - The Lord

For digging out a beautiful doll out of this world.

Submitted: November 26, 2014

© Copyright 2021 JB krishnan. All rights reserved.

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