Never Deny you are Rancid:

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Submitted: April 19, 2015

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Submitted: April 19, 2015



My story begins with a beginning. Just like everything does. But the ending is a little more like an end then a conclusion. Does that make sense? Probably not. My deepest apologies I am not from around here, if you catch my draft? No I mean drift. First of all my name is Mr R. Ancid and this is how I met Lady DEE. Niability. But you can refer to me as R and her Dee. Because otherwise this would take up way more then 2000 words.

And I do detest taking up too many words. It all began on an extremely cold night when my toes felt like they may crumble to star dust. And my flames did not light as bright as they should. Instead they flickered and wavered dully. I didn’t want to brave the weather, alas I needed a few necessities to get me through the coming storm. Oh pardon me, I am such a twit I meant to tell you I am a fire demon. Now don’t go all judgemental on me I am actually quite nice. Dee on the other hand, well she's a B.I.T.C.H. But in a lovable way. The first time I laid eyes on her She was walking along side some kind of creature down the path near the children’s park. I say some kind of creature because it resembled Something between a feline and a rose bush. How queer I thought, queerer still was that she was appeared to be made up of water. Crystal blue water rippling and submerging all over the bare spaces that would be skin, if she were like the humans.

Odder still she did not freeze, in this cold to ice. Then again I had never seen such a demon in my life before Dee. And probably never would again. We don’t procreate much and when we do we can not decide what we are. Just like everybody else. However the elements do play a role in our kind. I longingly stared at her bright purple hair, her face, her legs with fish swimming beneath her knee caps. Her elegant emerald green eyes shielded by thin silver spectacles. How her hands sent ripples through her beautiful face with every step she took. And the name tag on her breast in an elegant font that read Lady Dee. Niability.

Gazing at such wonders at length is not a great idea because accidents can happen. And as the case so happened, it did. I was not paying attention to my stepping as one who day dreams does not, so I found myself crashing into her with a large thump. Her bags of books went flying, and her pet growled viciously. Curses I would never utter, escaped her lips and entered my ears harshly.

“Are you bloody blind?” She asked enraged. Mind you I changed a few words around for your benefit and shall continue to do so.

You are welcome! Her garden-oodle ( Which I only found out what it was due to fits of swearing) made some kind of screeching sound that shattered almost every window in the street. Humans were confused and spread warnings of Earthquacks. I think that is what they were saying.

“Funny you should mention it, I am half blind.” I said whilst beaming a toothy grin, and appreciating the fact that this perfect stranger acknowledged my greatest aspect.

Clearly that was not an appropriate answer because her eyes twitched in such away that scared me. This woman was intimidating by far but miraculously stunning. I had never met another demon in the human world, let alone a woman of such manner, as we have to be meticulous when cloaking ourselves at all times. And some cloaks are harder to see through then others, however it was clear to me that Dee had fed on thoughts earlier on, so she was at her emotional peak. Emotions make it harder to keep the cloak up by the by.

'You are an imbecile and my poor Medora is rattled now from your clumsy fire feet. Look some of her roses have wilted because of you!”

After collecting her belongings Dee stood impatiently tapping her feet, whilst waiting for something.

For me to say something. What was I meant to say? Oh “I am thank you?“ Dee huffed and grabbed the poor pets leash and marched off in a flurry of water creatures and rain.

Her hair swishing this way and that. And by the time she was half way down the path I realised what I had said wrong. I called after her “I AM SORRY!!“ Drat English was way harder then Draken ( my native tongue) to remember. I never really have been one for confrontation. It is not written in my DNA. Although the media adorns me with such volatile behaviour, I am actually quiet peaceful.

I don’t even like to feed that much on humans. Nasty things contain all sorts of diseases.

The interwebs is a disastrous disease I would never want. I know for certain because a strange fellow told me once he could give me FACEBOOK. I bellowed he was an evil creature and then burnt him for his rudeness. Anyway back to my explanation, You see as a species we take more then just feelings and thoughts, we take the essence of human souls. We can strip them bare until they remain in a Zombified state for the rest of their lives, or strike them dead. Depending on how we feel. We can survive a minimal time on raw animal meat but it cant sustain us forever. Next stop was the pet shop. I needed birds. Any kind doesn’t phase me as long as they are smallish. You know bite size.

Rick the local pet store owner was more then happy to sell me what I acquired and even asked if I was interested in a Rabbid. Fluffy animals are disgusting so I paid him and was on my way. I had all I needed for a months worth of food, so after attaining the critters I began to walk home. Sometimes I would fly but the birds inside my coat pockets would chirp loudly between their woollen bindings and put me off. All the while I managed to think of her. She was of a different place to me, but somehow she etched herself into my brain and wouldn’t escape.

I thought about her over dinner, in the tar pit where I bathed, in my alcove with in the walls I slept uneasily, her face of rage made me restless all night. Until finally I had enough. I would search far and wide and apologise to her as soon as I could. The search began in early July and continued till mid October and still no results.

Thorough searches that granted little to nothing in return were aggravating to say the least. Yet I kept going. I studied a dictionary the whole time as to make sure I would not be reckless when my words left my mouth again. I kept it rolled up in my back pocket and before you wonder, it is made out of an enchanted fire proof parchment, so no scorch marks or spontaneous combustion. Besides I kept my flame low and many a bird happy and alive. So I would not chance hurting Dee again. I had never been around a water demon before so I was treating her memory as a wrapped up ornament in bubble wrap. I trekked mostly on foot my boots melting to the cement, at times I had to be spray them with a small perfume bottle filled with Nitrogen. An endless amount thanks to an old crone of a witch name Delora. And on that note nothing else shall ever be mentioned about her again. I enjoyed the scenery on my little adventure however I was growing home sick.

I took up refuge in a forest for a few nights, there was a waterfall a few miles north which I would have loved to see but was scared of the consequences. Some magic I possessed was strong and kept me safe, however I didn’t feed as much as I should to posses such strength. I had only brought the bare minimum with me, surviving off the land as much as possible. I kept my cloak up during the day, showing a face of a human male around mid thirties. Long black hair and green eyes with a slight tinge of yellow greeted those who were passing by, but at night times I did not bother as it drained way too much energy. I had searched the place I saw her last. Near the children’s park with the overflowing flowers and the gluttonous trees. There was no sign, I asked around. The only results turned up were useless and not what I needed. Furthermore as I did not see her human exterior I did not have much to go on. So after awhile I kept to my own search and intuition. It took around six months. And I am thankful for immortality because it felt like centuries. My clothes had began to tear and look extremely dishevelled. I had only what was on my back.

So I had to buy a new suit from a thrift shop, with a male clerk behind the desk who took a fancy to my behind. Which puzzled me and made me leave in a hurry. And that is when I saw her again. Across the road at a small coffee place, sipping some kind of beverage whilst reading. Her human exterior in full charge and just as enchanting as her other self. Long red curls cascading down her back, a button nose and atop her beautiful eyes her thin spectacles. There was no denying it was Dee. I stifled a loud noise of happiness, as I tried to contain my excitement. This time I would not anger her. I vowed it to myself. And maybe she would grow fond of me. Maybe we could become like the mortal couples who share weird posing photos with lips locked. I would have liked to change first however there was no time to impress. She could vanish before my eyes if I did not act quick. So I slowly crossed the street, fully aware of the gigantic metal homes that moved on wheels until I was standing face to face with Dee. I swallowed. Nerves hitting harder then I had expected.

“Hello” I almost coughed out, I tried to smile to soothe my own heart. She peered up slowly through her glasses, from innocence to annoyance.

“You again! what would you like to mess with now of mine?” She proceeded to look down and avoid eye contact.

“I did not mean our past encounter, and have searched far and wide to apologise to you“

“Apology unaccepted, now leave“ By now other patrons were awkwardly staring my way, but I pushed it aside.

“I am sorry I am not as fluent as you are in English” She looked up and seemed to think for a second before casting a glower my direction.

“I do not care to know you or anyone like you. I will accept your apology in the hopes you will leave. You sir are Rancid and there is no denying this“ And that was all she said.

I did not know why I felt as if my heart was being opened up and taken apart, but I did not want to stay longer to find out. I left as fast I could. And without paying attention to anything but my escape.


I stayed home for a few months, and felt more turmoil then ever. But I never decided to find her again. And infact I never have and will never try again. I spend most of my days hidden or devouring as many souls as I can. I have changed immensely and I am not sorry or guilty about it. I am gleeful and full. I am content in the world I have created. Because as the world Draken and Earth now knows, I am king R. And I am Rancid to you.

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