Dark Horse

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When a casual trip to the bank turns in to a hostage crisis, Peter and his younger brother Isaac enter a whole new world. Together they learn of a mysterious secret and begin the quest to have it answered.

Submitted: October 12, 2014

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Submitted: October 12, 2014



The Beginning

During a trip to the bank with his younger brother, Peter is day dreaming about when he found his parents dead six years ago, but he is interfered when his brother, Isaac tells him to stop starring at a woman and speak to the attendant. When he finally comes too, Peter takes out some money from his bank account and tells his brother to shut up and go and get the car.

"I'm not old enough to drive Pete!" Isaac states

"You're old enough for me, now go and get the car." Peter demands.

With this, Peter tosses his keys to Isaac and then the younger of the two runs outside and goes to grab the car.

As soon as Isaac leaves, a woman dressed with a black sweatshirt enters and pulls out a gun and tells everyone to drop to the ground. Peter quickly does as he was told, so did the other customers at the bank. The attendants also slowly go down. As they do, Peter notices that one of them applies pressure to their desk and nods at Peter.

Knowing that the silent alarm was set, Peter relaxes slightly and assesses the situation. He notices that there are four women, one of them a mom since she has her daughter with her, there are three men, one of them is an elderly man. He also notices that for the attendants two of the three of them are female and that the male who was present earlier is nowhere in sight. When he was done looking at the people he observes that the gun-woman has some form of injury to her left leg as she walks in favor of her right.

Next thing he sees is that right above the gun-woman is a chandelier and several low hanging flags of all the countries that the bank serves. Peter takes note that the chandelier can be dropped if the support cables are cut.

With all this information, Peter formulates a plan to stop the gun-woman from doing any harm. He thinks about what her possible motive could be by following her eye sight, which constantly goes towards the lock-boxes room door. He then assumes that that is her destined target and adds that variable to his list of observations.

Suddenly, in the distance, police sirens can be heard and the gun-woman yells at the attendants and asks which one of them pulled the alarm. She points her gun at the little girl and threatens to shoot the girl if they do not answer her question.

One of the attendants, the girl who nodded her head at Peter after she pulled the alarm, stands up and says that it was she who pulled it and not to bring any harm to the girl. Following this the gun-woman tells the attendant that no harm will fall on the girl, instead it will fall on herself.

With this the gun-woman fires her weapon at the attendant, hitting her in the right shoulder. Peter moves over to her and helps her. He pulls off his shirt and builds makeshift wrappings which he then applies to the wounds with great force.

By now, after glancing outside, Peter notices that several police officers have barricaded the parking lot. He knows that it is only a matter of time before they attempt something.

After she became stable, he had another attendant take over. He then moved and asks the gun-woman why she is here and what is so special about the lock-boxes.

"You would not understand child. My family is almost all dead...dead because they withheld a secret. This secret is the last remaining memory that I have of anyone. It is my only remaining family. I need it, or else everything will be lost. You seem like an intelligent kid, do the right thing and help me." the gun-woman says to Peter.

"I'm sorry about your family, my parents died several years ago, so I understand your pain. However, I cannot fathom a reason to turn to murder to get something, no matter how important." Peter says.

"Child, this lock-box that I seek contains all your dreams and more. I need those dreams. Plus, they will come for it if I do not get to it first."

"Who will come for it? Who are you hiding this secret from?" Peter asks.

"Everyone and yet know one. The people that I am attempting to evade are dangerous people, people who will do anything to get what they want. I am warning you that if you ever meet these people to not cross their path or else terrible things will happen to you. Their names if you want to know are..."

The gun-woman is cut off as a bullet sails through her heart. In attempt to save the criminal, Peter rushes over to give her medical care, but he is stopped when she whispers something to him.

"Box 2, password is 'Destiny,' please keep it safe and hidden."

After saying this, the woman dies in his hands. He sees that something is in her hand and goes and opens it to find the lock-box key.

"Hey kid, come over here quick! Before the police enters." the male attendant says.

Peter sits with the gun-woman's body for a minute and observes the lock-box key. After coming to his sense he stands up and follows the attendant into the lock-box room.

"I was paid by the House to keep it safe until one of the owners came looking for it, however since the last remaining owner is diseased, and gave you the key, you shall inherit the lock-box." the male attendant says.

With this he takes Peter into the back lock-box room, opens it up and enters. Peter follows him closely and when he shows Peter the number 2 lock-box, he take's Peter's key and opens it. Out comes the box and when it is opened their are just a series of papers.

The attendant goes through the box and begins to get angry and yelling, saying that this was suppose to hold the key to his dreams.

Discovering that he had been used, Peter closes the lock-box and slowly backs away from the attendant. He then makes a break for it and turns around and begins to run away. He runs down a hallway and out a side door.

The police nearby yell at him to stop and when they do he listens. The momentum of his stop however makes him fall.

When he is down he hides the lock-box in a bush and then gets up and walks over to the police. He tells them that there was a gun-woman who entered the building and held everyone hostage and how someone shot her from the outside. He leaves out the events surrounding the lock-box, including the mad attendant. Following this, the officer thanks him and then sends in officers to secure the building.

While walking back to the bush where he hid the lock-box, Isaac comes up with their car and asks his brother if he is alright. Peter says that he is fine and just to open the door and let him in. When Isaac bends over to open the passenger door manually, Peter quickly swipes the lock-box and takes it into the car with him, without Isaac's knowledge.

Once the lock-box was safely hidden in the back seat, Peter tells Isaac to switch places with him as a real licensed guy should be driving. After a sly remark, Isaac gets out and swaps with Peter.

When they were both buckled up and ready to go, Peter turns on the car and drives back to their apartment . On the way Isaac asks Peter all about the hold up.

Peter answers all of Isaac's questions that he can without mentioning the box, and continues to drive. But, the whole time that he was driving all he could think about was the box, how it could give him his dreams and what did the password 'Destiny' have to do with all of this.

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