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Yeah I was pretty down in the dumps. This also, is some of my older stuff. It's pretty amazing on how much maturity increases can affect writing. If you love depressing and dark writings you should like mine somewhat. I'm an upcoming poet I guess you could say, still developing my own style.

Submitted: March 31, 2010

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Submitted: March 31, 2010



Drowing in your own tears
Being surrounded by all of your fears
Tried to leave your room,but unable
Starting to become mentally unstable
Hide your face with your hands
Right now your heart and the devil
Are having a dance

Cant stand up,Body is weak
Cant talk, Impossible to speak
4 days have gone by
Still wanting to die
Finally built up enough courage
To leave your room
Hopefully a loved one will be home soon

Every little thing affects you harder
Youre feeling like your mind is slipping away farther
You think to yourself...
Am I a disgrace?
The nerves are fading
Cant feel your face
Everything is feeling like its getting worse
Can your mind ever get off this course?
It hurts to live, Cant take this place anymore
Wanna scream die and get layed out on the floor

Slowly crying yourself to sleep
Within minutes youre out cold
Then realizing youre having a dream

The dream is so much better than reality
In a world where depression isnt accepted by gravity
Denied access by earth
Depression will never find a way for anyone to be hurt

You see it in the distance
Running at full speed
Almost within grabbing reach
Knowing its all you need

Then you wake up
See its your mom there
Her gentle touch
Stroking your hair

Glad shes home
Hearts still feeling alone
Cant fight this feeling
Your soul stopped breathing

Mother bends down, gives a kiss on the cheek
Hug her back, let some love leak

Hungry for happiness
Almost about to give up
The girl of your dreams
Standing in the doorway
Sunlight streams
Heaven brought her to help you live

Shes there for you...

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