"The time has come for you to lip-synch for your life!"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

this is an assignment that i had to do for one of my classes and i had to be someone so i chose to be rupaul and this is his life as a drag

"The time has come for you to lip-synch for your life!"
I´d rather boogie than try to fit in
 Turn it up let´em scrutinize (I know you´re watching)
Way up cause the night is mine (i know you´re watching)
Turn it up lemme scandalize (I know you´re watching)
Yeah up under flashing lights
No don´t be jealous of my boogie don´t be jealous of my boogie
You can say that you are not but I always see you looking”
I was born naked and the rest is drag. It’s all a big stage production. Do I want to make this an academy award-winning part, or do I want to be an extra in life?
The art of drag is a work of trying to proportionally put each piece together and make sure that nothing looks or feels wrong. I get paid for what I do and I don’t let everyday be a drag day but when it happens it feels good to be me.
What drag really is, is when a man dressing as a women or a women dresses as a man. This is what drag really is and for me dressing in drag only really takes about 40 minutes which is quite a long time but I really like it.
“Its some tranny chasers up in here.
 Welcome to my stratosphere.
(Fierce, fierce)
Make a move, what chu wanna do?
I ain't got no time for no looky-loo boo.
Its some tranny chasers up in here.
Let me make one thing clear.
 (Fierce, fierce)
Make a move, what chu wanna do?
I ain't got no time for no looky-loo boo.”
I have always been raised around girls and I have always had the privilege to mess with things such as textures and colors that might work with these ladies. So maybe this was my calling or my per say way of bringing in the money because it makes people think about what life really is about and I felt firsthand what it’s like to be a woman.
If I think back to another situation where I could feel what being in drag was like I would refer to the time that I was in a band with my friends. We were trying to think about what to go on stage looking like and that when we came up with the concept of dressing in drag. It was fun and very different from what I was used to but even my mom was cool with what and who I was. I was still human and just felt as if I needed to be someone else.
I had always been teased for what I chose to do growing up and even still to this day. People really just don’t understand what it is like to be me or anyone that dresses the way I do. This is just a way to express the way we feel on the inside so therefore we display it on the outside.
“Work, turn to the left
work, now turn to the right
work, sashay shante

it don
t matter what you wear
re checkin
out your savior faire
and it don
t matter what you do
cause everything looks good on you ...supermodel”
I have worked every inch of what I was given. Throughout life I have been able to work with M.A.C. Cosmetics and with Bailey’s Irish Cream. I’ve had a lot of very successful songs that came out. A lot of it comes from the heart and how I feel deep down. Making music for me is like making a change in the world for those who say that they are too afraid to. So therefore this is me and if you don’t let others run your life then that’s makes you who you are today and not what other want you to be.
I’ve learned a lot growing up and my mom was the only one who I could really say that taught me something about life and what it is really like. My dad never really was in the picture, he deemed it necessary to play the low life role. If I ever had a problem with anything I could go to my mom for help.
My mom life quite some time, even when my drag career came into play she was there for me. She obviously knew that raising me around nothing but girls can change a person if you let it. So made every waking moment to spend it with my mom.
“This groove is for my girls, little lady boys and girls
this groove is for my lady boy la-lady boys and girls
this groove is for my girls, little lady boys and girls
little lady lady boy lady lady boy girls
One more shot I gotta 'nother boogie in me”
“I know my biggest asset was my personality, but people couldn’t see me as I am, the truth is that I’m a man; the illusion is that I’m a woman. But of the two, the illusion is truer.”Current Biography (1997)
The private citizen I am probably all but invisible to even the most rabid of his fans. But when I put on a corset, makeup, a platinum blond wig, a mini dress and platform shoes and I transform myself into a superstar.
A day in the life of Rupaul

Submitted: March 17, 2010

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