Inside of Me by JB

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I wrote this along time ago. It was a song I wrote first and later turned into this poem.

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



Darkness swept, through shattered hearts

Broken curtains where lies hide in the fading light.

Once it becomes apart of you, within and inside,

Forever it remains, growing with lies, hidden from the truth,

It will never leave, it will always be there, growing with each night.


Darkness sweeps around you, surrounding you, on all sides,

It now becomes apart of you, its been apart of you,

Pushing down upon you, smothering you, owning you,

Its deep within you, its inside of you, you know it is there,

Twisting feelings, crushing dreams, making you feel the darkness too.


Slowly feeding on your hopes, dreams and forgotten memories,

Through all of this darkness, life slowly starts to take its end.

Trapped, alone, and empty inside, it starts to eat you alive,

Its there, its been there, you knew it was there, you know it even now,

Twisting your pains. Your soul into the darkness, it wants to send.


Feeling it move through you, out of you and all around you,

Knowing its pain as it presses you down, making you taste the hate.

As you are held in place, you are forced to listen to its sayings,

Hearing it inside of you, as its slowly eating at your life,

Trying to save your heart, mind and soul, but knowing you are to late.


Deciding not to be afraid of the darkness, you want it to join you,

Crying out to it, asking it to join you, you asked it to come.

Knowing it is coming, waiting for it to come, watching for it,

With your back to emptiness, you turn around, ready to face it,

Still waiting, knowing its coming, you're not afraid of the pain its from.


Darkness sweeps down upon you, the world is now black to your eyes,

You asked it to come, you turned so you could face it, you thought,

That you were ready, thought you were brave, knowing it was over.

Now as you face its darkness, its pain, you didn't realize its behind you,

Its everywhere, its all around you, you didn't know the pain you brought.

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