Silent Friends

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I wrote this a long time ago, I hope you all enjoy.

Submitted: September 16, 2012

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Submitted: September 16, 2012



The moon, shining behind dark clouds
All but hidden in this twisted place,
In this darkness held the death of the night,
Silent rain, falling down upon the lonely earth,
In the howling rain, casting drops against my face.

Wind whispering my name, softly into my ear,
Calling out toward the glowing light,
Rushing toward, as I cover my face
From the branches blown by the nightly wind
As I reach the door I go in, to hide from the night.

She has no warmth awaiting me
As I enter this lonely fading home.
I could swear these walls were talking to me
The many voices as they whispered in my head,
Were enough to make anyone's mind roam.

To this point no voice came from her lips
Her face lacked emotion, her eyes were in a stare.
So I started with a story, one about this night,
How I came to wear the stains on my clothes,
And how no matter the ending, life is never fair.

In this rainy night, I found myself walking,
Lost to the world, except maybe to you and maybe to me.
Wandering alone, rain splashing from the ground
I came across a house, set off in the woods, all alone
Peaking past the rain, through a window, the man I see.

Silently I watch, this lonely old man rocking in his chair,
A log on the fire, a glass in his hand,
The stick came crashing against his skull before I knew,
Running from that place, I heard the voices calling me,
Whispering in my ear, I froze, I fell, I couldn't stand.

Laughter filled my ears, my mind, it filled
My entire body and my now, lost weeping soul.
Forcing myself to my feet I ran, I ran into the night
Farther away I became, the louder the laughter got
So many voices in my mind, calling me to fill my goal.

Here is the laughter again, I see it upon your face,
I stopped the laughing that was on your face,
It won't go away even now, I didn't mean to hurt you so
Stop these voices in my mind, please make them go away
Maybe if when I leave, I should set fire to this place.

By: Jeremy Brewer

© Copyright 2019 JBrewer. All rights reserved.

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