The Night by JB

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I wrote this years ago, late at night. I went to my mothers grave in the middle of the night and knelt there for a long time thinking. It stormed most of the time I was there, and this ran through my head, I drove home, wrote it down. I have never edited it, left the mistakes how they were, it was meant to be flawed. I hope you enjoy.

Submitted: September 16, 2012

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Submitted: September 16, 2012



I stand and I cry, as I look down at you as you slowly die, oh why, did I have to go, why did I have to leave, I wipe my face across my arm as my tears splash against my sleeve, I don't want you to close your eyes, as I remember all of those days and the tears in those cries, please don't leave me, please don't go, I don't know what I'll do, so please just stay, I don't want it to end this way, just give me one more day, please, I beg you from the bottom of my heart, just give me one more start, give me another chance, just a second glance, oh please, I'm down on my knees, I'm beggin, prayin, that you will be stayin, I don't wanna say goodbye, I don't wanna see you die, I don't want to have to cry, cause I'll be in pain, as I'm on the way of insane, as I leave it up to fate, because I had to be to late, and I can be no help in this sorry state, so please don't leave, please don't go, I didn't wait because I didn't know, I see them start to cry, I see you slowly die, I look up at the sky and mumble the question why, oh why did you have to leave, why did you have to go, I look back on the years and see that you are all that I know, God I miss you so, God I hate me though, they say the pain that I feel will only make me grow, I don't know, I feel like I'm dying, twisting in pain, tears flying from my face to be covered by the rain, but no matter the amount it won't wash away this stain, and I'll never understand how this will help me gain, How will this make me stronger, how will it make me better, I can't handle it any longer, so I start to write this letter, My feelings are pouring out, from the inside I begin to shout, they say it will get better, but I begin to doubt, The years have gone by, I have these tears that I'll never cry, and every time that I think about it, I begin to die.  I let out a silent sigh, there's nothing to deny, it just brings me back to the beginning with me asking the question why,  Why did he have to take you, why did you have to go, after years gone by, I finally begin to know,  You did what you were told, you didn't need to grow that old, He threw his cards down on the table and you just had to fold.  You didn't give up, you fought until the end, but you had to go with the messenger, that he decided to send, I know that you look down on me, as my heart begins to mend, Now I let out a silent sound, as I kneel down on this ground, but as I realize you'll never be around, my heart begins to pound, My heart begins to hurt, as I'm kneeling in this dirt, but then I remember you're always in my heart with nothing between us but this shirt, There's nothing in our way, you've been with me everyday, And no matter what happens now, you're in my heart to always stay.

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