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I rewrote this from a 15 year old poem. This first poem is the rewrote one, this one underneath is the old poem. I hope you enjoy.

Submitted: October 07, 2012

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Submitted: October 07, 2012




If I perished in the night,  would you grieve for me. 
Would tears fall down upon your face, 
would your heart break even a little? 
Could being a hero, make it all worth dying for? 
Or perhaps I would be better off forgotten,
without an epic quest to complete. 
Would they shed more tears, if I had done great deeds?
Or could this world be  brought to tears,
by being who I am and that alone?
Am I better off nameless to this world when laid to rest?
Or should I let my voice be heard
and my words known as I pass from this earth?
When the end comes, they can keep the fame and tears. 
All I will need from this life when I pass, 
is to be your hero before the end. 


15 years old.

Someone's Hero
If I somehow died today,
would you miss me tomorrow?
Would you show them your tears,
or any signs of sorrow?
If I walked the life of a hero,
would it make my life complete?
Or would I be better off unknown,
without a real foe to beat?
Would more tears be shed for me
if I touched the lives of all?
Or could I somehow tear the world,
without having that great fall? 
Would I be better off unknown,
when my body was put to rest?
Or would I be better off
going down as one of the best? 
If I somehow lost my life,
should I go down during a war?
Or should I just sit back
and be glad, I don't have it anymore?
It would be great to die famous,
most people seem to say.
But I think I would have enough,
if I were to die your hero today.


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