Falling Back In Like

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to date a celebrity? Or have you ever crushed over the lead singer in your favorite band ever? Well, this is the story of Ember Adams- a very ordinary girl who (warning: cheesiness) lives in an extraordinary world. She's a bit clumsy, she always finds complications, and she's an all around smile on everyone's face. She meets the guy of her dreams- Victor Blake- lead singer of her favorite band, Drunk In New York... Her world immediately gets turned upside down. If anyone wants a cute chick flick- don't come looking here. This may be a little girly- but it's about finding what you've been wanting, and not expecting it to actually work.

BTW- this isn't entirely finished.. I just wanted someone's opinion on it before I did. It's kind of like 'to be continued' lol :) THANKS!!!

Submitted: April 10, 2011

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Submitted: April 10, 2011



Chapter 1: Anything and Everything
I once had this dream/ guideline for my life… it was called ‘never date an idiot’.
Naturally, that didn’t happen… it all started with a phone, a hot attraction, and two ordinary people... well maybe not so ordinary.
I knew that my life would almost never be the same after what happened in Time Square that day. I knew everything was about to change for me in that one moment. I was just about to snag a cab when some rude asshole got it before I did. I spilled my coffee, dropped my sunglasses, and managed to slip off a shoe all while I cussed him out and tried to flag down another one. I kept my eyes sharp… and then he came into my sight.
His eyes were what I locked on first. I knew exactly who he was, too, which was the freaky part. There he stood, clear as day… Victor Blake, the lead singer of my favorite band ever, Drunk in New York. No pun intended. His beautiful almost florescent blue eyes were searching the crowd; he was looking for someone or something. I suddenly couldn’t move… or breathe. His eyes locked on mine, since I was the only person standing still and staring straight at him. I immediately looked down, flushing red in my face. I peered up and he had looked away.
He took out his phone and called someone. I could hear him from where I was, so I unnoticeably listened in on his conversation. As soon as he spoke, I melted.
“Hey… where are you at? I don’t see you… yeah; I’m here… no I… I don’t see you, man, where the hell are you?”
“DDDUUUUDDDEEEE!!” someone yelled from a few yards away.
I turned to see who it was and a big burly idiot was running towards Victor. He put his phone in his pocket and braced himself.
The idiot swept Victor off his feet and spun him around a few times, all the while laughing with unbreakable spirit. Victor looked like he wasn’t really enjoying it, seeing that he was attracting attention.
“Dude! I haven’t seen you in like 2 years! How have you been?!” the idiot was still yelling in the same volume and tone.
Victor slapped him on the head and said, “Jesus, do you have to yell so fucking loud? You’re attracting attention to me.”
“Oh… sorry. But how have you been, seriously, man?” he said in a softer, quieter speaking voice.
“I’m just great, how are you, you big ape?” he said with a smirk… sexy as always.
I realized I was sort of flaunting forward, but not enough to stop. His lips were too dreamy to look away from.
Suddenly, he made eye contact with me. His face became alert and he yelled, “Look out! Hey!”
A car horn went off and he was running towards me. He crashed into me, pushing me out of the now busy street. I realized I almost got hit by a car… holy shit.
“Hey… are you alright? Why were you just standing in the middle of the street?” he said, still holding me up so I didn’t hit the sidewalk when I fell.
“Yes, I’m fine… and I don’t know… I guess I was just too mesmerized… I mean- I don’t know, I just… wasn’t thinking… straight… I’m Ember.” I said, embarrassing my self completely.
He chuckled and said, “Well just try not to walk out into the middle of the street next time you see me, ok?” ugh… he pulled me straight out of my pathetic lie.
“Ok… thanks by the way, for saving me. It was really heroic of you.” I said, staring deep into his breath taking eyes.
He pulled me up and said, “Don’t mention it. Um, be careful and have a good day… Ember. Pretty name. Pretty name for a pretty girl.” He said, smiling the most amazing smile in. the. world.
“Ok, you too.”
He almost walked away, but he turned back around and said, “You wouldn’t happen to have a number that I could reach you on, would you? Because I’m going to this party tonight, just a few friends, and I’m supposed to bring a date. So, since I have no other interests to bring, would you like to go with me?”
“Sure, yeah. That sounds great. My number is 555- 0134. Call me anytime.”
I kind of pulled myself back into reality and realized Victor Blake was standing in front of me, taking my number, asking me out on a date. Holy fucking shit. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me… I mean, this NEVER happens… like.. EVER.
“Ok… cool. So I’ll just call you sometime tonight. And hey- flare it up some. I know you’re going to try and look your absolute best anyway, but make it sexy- better yet- shmexy.” He said with a wink. He turned and went back to his idiot friend. They continued down the street and he looked back to see my face. He put on his aviator sunglasses all awesomely and smiled a devilish smile.
That night, I was freaking out. I couldn’t find anything, and I mean NOTHING, to wear. I didn’t know if it was a club or just a little gathering, or a huge Hollywood bash or what. You never knew with celebs- I guess he meant a bit of a big party when he said just a few friends. So, I raked out my closet, tore out every single piece of clothing I had, and finally spotted it. I finally found my little black dress.
It wasn’t really black; it was hot pink with thin straps and knee height. It was silky and shiny- perfect for a party. I slipped it on, and zipped it up the back until I hit a tight spot... oh no. I sort of wiggled a little bit and it zipped all the way. YES- it still fit perfectly. I found the shoes I was going to wear in my bucket o’ shoes and picked out some good jewelry for it. I found my father’s necklace that he gave to me when I was only 7. I remember the exact day he gave it to me…
I was out playing in my sandbox in my backyard while he was inside with mom. My little brother was asleep inside in his crib. I liked to play on my own, in my own little universe sometimes. Then my dad came out and held up a small metal chain with a little heart on it. He came and sat down with me in the sand and said, “Now, baby girl.. this was your mother’s necklace when she was younger and now I want to give it to you. It meant a lot to your mother, so don’t loose it. I know you’ll take care of it and cherish it forever.”
He kissed me on the forehead and went back inside hastily. I knew my mom wasn’t feeling good, so I was scared she wasn’t going to be all right this time, like always. If I had only known the horror my father was trying to hide from me. If I had only known that my mother wasn’t just sick… she was mentally ill.
I heard a knock on the door and dropped the necklace. I shook away the bad memories and took a deep breath. I hollered for them to wait just a minute and grabbed the necklace off the floor. I put it on and admired it for a second. I then did a makeup check and smoothed my dress and hair. I ran to the door, after a few deep breaths, opened it gingerly.
Victor stood in the doorway, with a suit on. Oh- this was really formal. He immediately saw that I felt underdressed and said, “Hey, don’t worry, the suit I had to wear for an earlier occasion. I’ll loose it when we get there. You look amazing. Perfect for where we’re going.”
I sighed and said, “Great- I’ve just got to grab my purse. Come on in- I have to find it somewhere in my room under all the clothes I dug through. Make yourself comfortable, um do you want some coffee or something?”
“No, I’m fine. Thanks.” He said sweetly.
I backed up and turned quickly back into my room to try and find the stupid purse I had to carry- I usually just put my phone and my wallet in my pockets, but now that I didn’t have pockets, I had to use a purse that matched my dress. I dug and dug until I finally found it. I dusted it off and threw everything into it. And a tampon, just encase anything unexpected happens. Girls are always unpredictable, and the worst things usually happen to me at the wrong times.
I walked back into the living room to catch him looking at my little collage of me and my friends in high school. I rushed over to him and said, “Ignore this- it’s stupid…”
He smiled and said, “It’s not stupid- it’s cute. I like you in high school, so sweet and innocent. Are you ready to go?”
“Yes.” I said, still blushing from the embarrassing pictures of me from pimple days.
We finally drove to the party. He got out, took off his suit jacket and the pants too. He grabbed some clothes from the back of his car and put them on. He now wore some ripped skinny jeans, lots of bracelets, his ring, a fedora hat, a muscle shirt, a leather jacket, and to top it all off- some vans. Way better wardrobe than before. It suited him better… plus, he looked so much sexier.
He took my hand and we went inside. It wasn’t that big of a bash- really just about 40 people. There was music, however, and a few people were dancing to the pop beat that sounded like the Black Eyed Peas or something along the lines of that. They all sounded the same these days, so it didn’t really matter.
Victor bumped fists and hugged a few people, all the while never letting go of my hand… I felt so special- like I was his… at least for tonight. He let go for just a second though, to bear hug somebody. He then immediately grabbed it again, as if someone was going to steal me away, and brought it up to his shoulder- sort of like an automatic perch for me to stand by him.
I realized the person he just hugged was Reed… what the hell?
“Reed?!” I blurted out.
He looked at me and his eyes went wide, “Ember?! Holy Shit! What are you doing with Victor?”
Speaking of him, he looked very confused. “Do you two know each other?” he asked.
“Yeah, we’ve been friends for a long time- since we were 12. Oh my god, Reed… you’re like a movie star now. Woah…”
“Yeah- that’s me… the klutz you used to know- whose still there a little bit- became Hollywood movie star. I’ll have to catch up more with you later, my girlfriend’s here and I gotta go meet her at the door. See ya!”
“Bye!” I hollered. Wow… what were the chances of that happening. I looked around and realized I was in a whole room chocked full of celebrities. All the way from Taylor Swift to Bradley Cooper. In a haze of glitter and people, I think I even spotted Lady Gaga.
Victor looked at me and said, “Didn’t realize you were in the Pot did you?”
The Pot… Wow. The Pot was the ultimate party town for Celebs- absolute must for all events. I dropped my mouth.
He led me to the bar and we got a few drinks. We danced for a little while, which I thought that it was kind of funny that a major rock/metal star could dance to pop music like a total pro. Afterwards, he went outside for a breather- really for a cigarette- and I got another martini. I took about two sips of it before someone came running up to me saying something about how my boyfriend was in trouble outside.
I ran outside to see what they meant, and as soon as I laid eyes on the fight, Victor’s face was smashed into the cement. He got right back up and swung at the other guy. They were brawling, and I realized it was over some teenage girl. She looked no older than 15… what was she doing here? Who was she to Victor?
Victor fought the guy viciously, and was about to knock him out when the other guy beat him to it. He socked Victor straight in the jaw and he went down. He didn’t stay there for long, though. He got up, slowly, and said, “Fine! Go with them and see what happens! I’m just trying to protect you!”
The girl, surprisingly, yelled back at him, “God, Victor! Why won’t you just leave me alone so I can live my life! I hate being the subject of everyone’s conversation when I’m in a room full of people just because-“
“Because what?! Are you ashamed of me or something?!”
“No, but I’m tired of you trying to rule my life like I’m some flaming bimbo who isn’t capable of taking care of herself! I’m tired of being treated like a child! You’re not my father-“
Victor cut her off- screaming at the top of his lungs- “You’re Goddamn right I’m not!”
“If I ever turned into that fucking piece of shit- I would kill myself! You have no idea what I have been through to keep you away from what I suffered from! How dare you say something like that to me! I’m your Goddamn brother, you disrespectful little brat!” he yelled, his voice breaking from screaming so much. By now, cameras and cell phones were out and flashing. Victor ignored them, but wished this wouldn’t have gone public.
She was stunned- and so was I. I had no idea he had a sister, or a bad past apparently.
He ripped off his jacket and tore off his shirt. He grabbed her hand and put it to his left arm, where I noticed a huge, gory scar running down his entire arm.
He said, a little quieter, “Do you remember that day when I had to go to the hospital, and you had to learn how to drive within five minutes to get me there when you were only 10? THIS is what that sick man did to me! He left me scarred for life, and there are plenty more where that came from. I protected you from all of this, and you turn your back on me for some lowlife drug dealers who only want you for sex? Janie, they’re going to hurt you and I will. Not. Let. That. Happen.”
She took a deep breath, yanked her arm away, and said, “Yeah, Victor. I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to realize that I’m a big girl now, and I can take care of myself. I don’t need you to hover over me anymore because Dad isn’t here. Dad’s not gonna hunt me down and kill me like he tried to do with you, Victor. Stop embarrassing me and yourself. Put your shirt back on, go home, get drunk until you pass out again, overdose AGAIN, or put that Caliber to your head- making pointless threats just to get me to stay with you. Because guess what, you could pull that trigger- on the bottle OR the gun- and I wouldn’t feel sorry for you. No one does anymore. Mom never cared, Dad and Jude hated you, so grow up, and GET OUT OF MY LIFE!”
And with that, she left with the losers. Victor just stood there, overly shocked, and I ran down to him. Cameras were swarming around him, and he couldn’t see anything. I pulled him out of there just before the actual reporters came. I grabbed his jacket, put it on him, and said, “It’s ok, let’s just go home. She’ll come back, just let her cool down, and I promise she’ll come back.”
He limped towards the car a few feet, and said quietly- voice breaking through tears, “No she won’t… I’m sorry you had to see that. I ruined it for you, didn’t I?”
That night, I bandaged him up, including his face, and put him to bed. I checked on him a few hours later, just to make sure he was asleep, and saw a bottle of whiskey that was almost empty. He must have snuck it. Poor guy, he can’t even sleep without some sort of alcohol or drugs in him. I knew I had to break him of both habits- or else he wouldn’t live past 30. I marveled at him for a moment. I now saw why he had such deep passion for music- it was the only way he could really express how he felt without anyone really understanding. I loved how hardcore he was, but also how sincere he could be. I knew he was going to be a project- and I loved those.
I saw tear stains on his pillow, but he was sound asleep, or passed out at least. He was hurt- physically and mentally. I heard some noise back in the living room and went out to see what it was. I had a bat in hand, just incase someone was robbing Victor’s house.
But I put it down as soon as I saw Janie lying on the sofa. I relaxed, and saw that she fell immediately asleep. I covered her up with some blankets, and put a pillow under her head. I went in Victor’s bedroom to sleep in there with him.
In the morning, I woke up before either of them and got up to make some breakfast. I made eggs, bacon, pancakes, and pored some orange juice. I made two plates for them and I put Janie’s plate in front of her so that when she woke up, she would see it. I did the same for Victor, but I saw that he had just woken up.
“You didn’t have to do that. Wasn’t necessary of you, but sweet.”
“I know… I just knew you were tired, and sore, so I just made you some quick breakfast. Oh, and you might want to go look on the couch when you’re done.” I said, snagging a piece of bacon off his plate.
He ate, like a gorilla, and did what I said. I peered from the doorway and watched him.
He went over to the couch, and saw her still sleeping. He sighed, with a look of relief on his face. I guessed he was glad she actually came home and was safe and sound. He kissed her forehead, which woke her up. He walked away just as she looked at him. She ate a few pieces of her breakfast, looking confused at how it got there, and followed him. I came in casually to the kitchen and saw her breach him with a huge hug. He took her in her arms gladly and whispered, “I’m sorry” in her ear.
She looked at him, tears in her eyes, and said, “No, Victor. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry… I shouldn’t have said those things to you- because they’re not true. You’d never be like dad.. ever. And you know I would be lost without you. You were right about those guys, things almost got out of hand, and I was just about to call you, but I left before they could do anything. You’re right, I should’ve listened to you, and I’m sorry I fought with you. I love my big brother, no matter who he is or how controlling he gets.”
He smiled and said, “It sort of hurts to smile, but hey, I’d show my teeth all damn day for you. I shouldn’t have been so angry with you, and I’m sorry I called you a brat. You’re nowhere near it, angel.”
She nodded and hugged him tightly again. He winced, but he was ok.
I smiled at the fact that they were so easy on each other. They loved each other too much to stay mad or stay apart for too long. I wished that I could have that with someone someday. They played around a little bit and then she turned towards me, the random girl she didn’t know standing in the doorway staring at them.
She looked bewildered and said, “So are you another one of Victor’s girlfriends or am I supposed to call you nanny now? No I’m only kidding with you. I’m Janie… his sister. What’s your name?”
I smiled at how polite she was and said, “I’m Ember. And no, I’m not his girlfriend. I was just his date last night and I figured he needed some help back home. Boy, you’re a hell of a teenager if I might say so.”
Her little sweet smile sort of faded when she realized that I must have seen everything that happened last night. I walked over to her, grabbed her gingerly by the shoulders and said, “It’s fine, don’t worry. It’s all behind us now…”
I furrowed my brow as to what I was feeling on her shoulders. I slid her jacket off her shoulders a little bit and there were blue and black bruises in the shape of handprints on her neck and shoulders. I gasped and as soon as I did, she caught my mouth. Victor was poring some more orange juice, and she led me to the side a little more. She whispered for me not to tell him anything and that she would explain later. I nodded, unsure, and pretended that I didn’t see anything.
Later, she pulled me aside just after Victor went to take a shower. She sat me down on the sofa, took off her jacket and said, “Now, I know it looks bad, but it’s not what you think.”
She had bruises all up and down her arms and a few on her waist too. From what I could see, she hadn’t actually gotten away from those guys last night. She took a deep breath and said, “Now you have to promise me that you’re not going to tell Victor anything, ok? If you do, he’ll go mad. So please, just don’t, I’ll get to that part.”
I promised I wouldn’t tell him and she told me that the guys she left with last night weren’t at all who she thought they were. She told me that one of them was messing around with her, and she didn’t mind because it wasn’t too bad. Then, he turned aggressive on her and the other guys joined in. She told me that they all just came down on her at the same time and it happened. At that moment, I knew that Victor really would snap and stop at nothing to find those guys and murder them in their sleep. She had been raped, and I knew that Victor would loose it.
He came out of the shower and put some pants on.
He came out of his room and said, “Hey… I see you two are getting along just fine. Or is it just awkward? Hope not.”
I laughed fake and said, “Oh no, we are. She’s pretty cool.”
She did the same and said, “Yeah, I like this one, Victor. She’s a keeper.”
He laughed and said, “Good to know…” He admired me for a second. I wished that I could just tell him, and it not be a big deal… but it is. It’s a huge deal.
As soon as he left the room, and as soon as I stopped staring at his still steamy abs, I turned my attention back to her. She looked like she had a hard time trying not to laugh at my face when Victor came out of his room. She knew that I had the total loves for him, but I couldn’t help it. I mean, how could you not just die on those abs?
I smiled and said, “Shut up… your brother’s very attractive. And hey… don’t worry. Your brother isn’t going to know until you find the right time to tell him. No word from my lips, that’s for sure. Come on, we’ll pretend we’re gonna do a makeover and go shopping while I take you to be checked out. The last thing we need is for you to be pregnant and raped. Victor would have a stroke if that was the case.”
I grabbed her hand and we freshened up to go to a friend of my dad’s, who is a certified doctor, retired of course. I had him check her out, make sure she was ok, and that all the parts were still functional. He OK’d her and we were just about to leave when he stopped us.
“Oh wait, I didn’t test for Semen traces to see if there was a possibility that you could be pregnant.”
She nodded, cool with everything, and sat down. He checked, and there were traces, but none near anything that mattered. I was holding my breath the entire time- dear god please let her NOT be pregnant. He stated that it was unlikely that she was pregnant, and I could finally breathe. She noticed that, and she took a deep breath too. We sort of laughed and noticed that we were getting along in this little predicament.
I decided to take her out shopping a little bit, since Victor probably hardly ever took her unless she needed something or actually begged him. I took her all sorts of places, since I stole Victor’s credit card when I said we were ‘going shopping’ earlier. We came back with loads of shopping bags and Victor seemed uneasy for a second. He got over it, rolled his eyes, and asked for his card back. I gave it to him, and giggled flirtingly, just so he wouldn’t be the least bit suspicious. I noticed Janie over by the fridge, taking her jacket off. I gasped, but immediately covered my mouth. Victor didn’t notice, and I made a signal for her to keep it on. She looked bewildered for a second, but then she remembered and thrust her jacket back over the bruises, just before Victor saw them.
I went over to Victor and randomly locked lips with him, just so she could get away and put on something more comfortable to hide the bruises. I stayed attached to him for a little while afterwards, just for fun.
After a little while, I got my stuff together and came in Victor’s office to tell him I was heading out. He got up and said, “Hey, why you leaving so fast? Why don’t you stay and just… flutter for a while.”
I giggled, “Nice… Fern Gully? I love that movie. But I have to go. Some people have this little thing called cleaning to do. I’ve been putting it off for a few weeks- now it’s time to face it. I’ll call you later, ok?”
I came over to kiss him lithely but he caught by face and turned it into passionately. We made out for a few minutes and then he said, “Alright… see ya later.”
“Bye…” I said, laughing to myself.
I walked out of his house with my head held high. Even though I didn’t get into his pants on the first date, I knew I’d get there next time. I was glad that I could help Janie and I knew that she would continue needing that help. She’d take a pregnancy test in a few weeks, and hopefully- praying to the Lord- that she wouldn’t be pregnant. I had faith in her, and that if she was, we would both tell him. If that time ever came, I would be sure to have him under wraps so he wouldn’t kill anybody. I felt like she trusted me too, which was good. I liked her a lot and I didn’t want to mess anything up with Victor right now. Getting good with his sister is a plus- that makes us more attached. Being more attached means that he might actually give me a chance. A chance means more than the world to me with Victor Blake. I was already in love with him, practically on my knees praying to God that yesterday would come a way long time ago when I was a hormonal teenager. My miracle has finally found me. He was a California loaded gun looking for a Holster.
Chapter 2: In love… or is it trouble?
The first day that Janie took a pregnancy test was the most nerve racking. We both waited for the results to show up and it was agonizing. Finally, I started to see a circle… YES… a frowny face. We both took a huge sigh and laughed a little.
She surprisingly hugged me and said, “Thank you so much… for all your help. This is great, we’re like totally close now.”
“Yeah… it’s great. I would have preferred it be over something else, but hey, it is what it is.”
I smiled and said that I was going downstairs to see what Victor was up to. He was in his little sound room, jotting down some notes. He stopped and said, “Oh hey. I didn’t realize you were here. Hanging out with Janie again? You two seem to be getting pretty close.”
“Yeah, we really are. She loves my makeup collection and I gave her a few thongs. No I’m just kidding… but yeah, we are getting along pretty well.”
“Good… I knew she’d love you.”
I giggled sweetly, just to get that extra little charm on there so he would be happy and not suspicious. I walked into the kitchen all cutsie and then turned rapidly into Victor’s bedroom. I had fixed Janie’s problem, now I just had to fix Victor’s right under his nose.
I carefully searched all his drawers and found nothing but a few dirty pictures, which I took, and a couple of oddball things. Then I opened the bottom left drawer on the left bedside table. It had a half empty bottle of Vodka inside along with a glass. Damn… straight up too. I knew he had an alcohol problem, but I didn’t know it was this bad. The other night, I found whiskey… now it’s Vodka. The next it’ll be Brandi, then most likely Rum… I had to fix him; I wasn’t going to let him drink himself to death.
I heard a noise coming down the hallway. I put the Vodka back and hurried out of the room. Luckily, it was just Victor’s dog, Bowzer. I sighed and trotted back to Janie’s room.
I sat down on her bed and said, “Janie… how much do you know about Victor’s drinking problem?”
She sighed and said, “It’s been going on for a long time. He started drinking probably when he was 15. He just never stopped after that… he had no reason and no help. I finally figured out that it was drugs and alcohol that he was worn out from and not just work or dad…”
“What exactly did your father do to him?” I asked carefully.
She hesitated, but eventually came out with, “I didn’t know what was happening to him until I was about 8 years old. After dad was done beating Victor, he’d always tell me to go to bed. But I always snuck in Victor’s room to see if he was all right and I lay down next to him to comfort him. He’d always tell me ‘close your eyes baby girl… and you won’t be scared because you won’t see’. So that’s what I did… until I was 11 and Victor took me away from that place. I never really knew my mom and Victor was always the one to take care of me. Our brother, Jude, he never came around and he never cared about Victor. Neither of us have seen him in 5 years. We don’t know where he is or if he’s even alive- much less on the same continent. Dad always hated Victor… and he’s spent his entire life trying to figure out why.”
Victor knocked on the door and said, “Can I come in? Is everyone decent?”
I hollered, “Yeah, you’re good.”
He came in and had a suspicious look on his face. He then broke out of it with laughter and charged for me. He swept me up and circled me around. He set me down and did the same with Janie except he flung her over his shoulder. She caught my eye and gave me a look of ‘don’t say anything’. I nodded slightly and Victor smiled- clueless of everything.
I hated lying to him, but hey- we had nothing to worry about… I hoped.
Chapter 3: Everyone Gets Hurt
When everyone’s yelling at you and you can’t seem to focus- it’s hard to get anything done. The phone was ringing off the hook and I just couldn’t seem to get to everyone. I had people bugging me about every little thing- my friend’s wanted to hang out and Josh needed a ride; my mother just HAD to criticize my little way of life with no college degree and a little apartment in New York; my boss was trying to get me to come in on a Saturday; my dog was out of food… again. It was one of those days.
I hated getting nothing back from all I did. The only thing I had to look forward to was getting to see Victor and Janie almost everyday now. I don’t know why he kept me in the loop, but it was probably because it gave Janie someone to look up to besides her rockstar brother who she couldn’t really talk to about girl stuff. As soon as that thought was taken out of my mind from some other distraction, it was put right back in when I saw Victor calling in on my phone. I picked it up and he said, “Hey, what are you up to today?”
“Um… a lot of stuff, why? Do you need me to stay there with Janie while you go out or something?” I said, flustering papers around my desk.
“No, I just wanted to hang out with you today… just you. Janie’s hanging out at home right now.”
“Oh, really? Sure, ok. I can hold off everything for a few hours.”
“Oh, if you have things to do then it’s ok…”
“No, no… you’re way too important.”
“Alright. If you’re sure… I’m out front in the Bentley.”
“Oh you’re already here? Then you’re gonna have to give me a few minutes to get ready.”
“I was thinking about hanging out at your place.”
“Oh ok… just come on up then. I hope you don’t mind my messy hair and pajamas.”
“Not at all. I’m sure you’ll be adorable as always.”
He hung up and I immediately dropped everything I had in my hands. I ran to the bathroom to put on a little makeup and brush out my tangled mess of hair. I put on some jeans really quick and threw on a Led Zeppelin t-shirt.
He knocked on the door and I ran to it, almost tripping over everything on the floor. I opened the door, but to my surprise, Victor wasn’t there. Instead, a note on the floor right in front of my door. I picked it up and it read, ‘Don’t freak out.’
I furrowed my brow but it made sense as soon as I felt hands around my waist. I turned around quickly and it was Victor. He smiled and said, “I figured it’d be funnier to watch you quickly get dressed and fix your hair all for my sake while I climbed in through the window. You are so cute.”
“Ugh… you jerk. I hate when you point out my attempts to look better for you. You are too amazing to be a pajama wreck with.” I clutched onto him and he naturally pulled me closer.
We kissed lightly and it then turned into intensely. I jumped on him and he latched his arms around me. He led us to the bed and laid me down gingerly. We both stripped down and the second he took off his shirt- I went wild.
I awoke to the jingling tone of my stupid little phone a few hours later. It was Janie calling- probably wondering where Victor was. I answered it quietly and she sounded like she was in trouble, “Hey- where is Victor? I need him… right now.”
“He’s here with me… what’s wrong?”
“I didn’t stay at home- I didn’t listen to him… I’m at a party and there are some guys looking for me... Please help me, Ember… I’m scared.”
“Ok, calm down… It’s gonna be alright. Victor’s and I are on our way.”
“Ok, please hurry.”
I hung up and shook Victor. He awoke and said, “What?”
“Hey, wake up. I just got a call from Janie and she said she’s at a party. She’s in trouble with some guys… she’s in trouble and we gotta go get her.”
He jumped up immediately, already throwing on his clothes. I did the same and he grabbed my hand. We flew out the door and he jumped on the hood of his car to get to the driver’s side. I jumped in and he threw it into gear. We sped off like lightning through the crowded traffic- he speeded and passed people- he didn’t care how many tickets he got.
I called her to see where exactly she was and she was at The Pot… great- it was probably the same guys. Victor left the car running and ran inside- completely ignoring the Bouncers. One of them stopped me right on his tail and he swung around and socked the guy right in the nose. He collapsed, out cold.
I continued to follow Victor through the crowd and I called Janie again. She didn’t answer.
Victor suddenly took a barstool and threw it against the glass back wall- shattering it and causing everyone to freeze, dead silent. He yelled, “Everyone listen up! I need to know the exact location of my sister, Janie Blake. Has anybody seen her here tonight? Speak up so I can hear you!”
I noticed some guy suddenly run out the back door. I pointed him out to Victor and he immediately shot after him. I followed behind, but slower. I and the rest of the crowd watched Victor chase him down like a wolf on a baby deer. He tackled him and yelled at him until he finally spoke. I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but after a few moments, Victor got off of him. He ran back up to the club and ran into the girl’s bathroom. I followed closely behind him and there was blood on the floor. Victor yelled, “Janie! Where are you?!”
I heard her voice yell, “Victor! I’m here! In the closet!”
He raked it open and I noticed that she was unharmed. It wasn’t her blood on the floor… whose was it? Victor pulled her towards him and made sure she was all right. He hugged her tightly and said, “What did I tell you? I told you to stay home! What if you had gotten hurt? Whose blood is that?”
She had tears running down her face and said, “It’s the guy who tried to attack me’s blood… I stabbed him with the knife you gave me a while back… in the leg. He ran out after I did… Victor I’m so sorry- I don’t know why I came here… I’m so stupid.”
He hugged her tighter and said, “It’s okay now… you’re safe.”
He took her close to him and we walked out without another word. The owner didn’t even say anything to Victor. He gave me a weird look, but I ignored it.
We drove home and I put Janie in her bed- assuring her that Victor wasn’t mad… he was just glad that she was safe. I closed her door and went down to the kitchen where Victor was standing quietly. I went up to him and rubbed his shoulders some until he finally spoke.
“That was so scary… I didn’t know what to expect. God Dammit… I just want her to be safe and not have to worry about assholes like those guys that almost got to her a few weeks ago. I hoped that she would be safe tonight because I told her to stay home… and she usually listens to me… why would she disobey me like that?”
“Maybe she thought it was okay… just for a few hours… and then those few hours turned into a few more and a few more and she didn’t know what to do when she got into a sticky situation. She’s only 15, Victor… you’ve got to realize that she is an ignorant little girl.”
“But she’s smarter than that… she knows not to ignore my rules. She knows that if she does, she gets in trouble. That’s our modo… she never does this. What is getting at her? Does she just want to rebel against me or something? What is going on? Do you know anything that’s going on with her?”
“No, Victor I-“ he cut me off, angry surprisingly.
“Are you sure? You two have been getting awfully close. There’s something I don’t know… and you better tell me right now.”
“Victor, calm down. You don’t have to be an asshole right now.”
“Oh I’m not being an asshole… you’re being the asshole not telling me what’s going on with my little sister! Tell me!”
“There is nothing going on, Victor! You’re tired, you’re not making sense right now!”
“Tell me what’s going on!”
“She almost got pregnant from being raped by those guys she ‘almost’ got away from, Victor! God Dammit!” I finally yelled.
His face was incredibly shocked… he wasn’t expecting that and I covered my mouth. Then I saw Janie walk around the corner… she held up a pregnancy test and said, “Actually… I am pregnant.”
“Oh no…” I barely said under my breath. I could hardly stand to turn my head and look at Victor. He was breathing rapidly and I could literally see the pure anger building up in his eyes… Dear God, please don’t let him explode.
I ran over to him and tried to brace him but he swatted my hands away. He suddenly grabbed a glass and threw it against the wall, shattering it to pieces. He grabbed his keys and went storming out the door. Janie called after him and he flung around, grabbing her by the throat, yelling at the top of his lungs, “I WILL DEAL WITH YOU LATER!”
I yelled, “Victor! How dare you speak to her like that!”
He said nothing but gave me a harsh look… an anger I’ve never seen before…
He continued out the door and jumped into the Bentley. He raced off, tires screeching and engine roaring. I stood beside Janie, gasping for air from shock, and comforted her. I told her, “It’s gonna be okay… Victor has issues and he didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m sure… He’ll be arrested most likely, but he’ll be alright.”
She was almost flooding tears, and I held her tighter. She looked up at me with the most hurt face and said in a breaking voice, “My brother has never even touched me like that before… I don’t think he’ll ever forgive me…”
I stroked her face gently and held her even tighter- as if that were possible- and said, “Honey… sweetie you have to listen to me, ok? Victor Blake wouldn’t even dream of hurting you purposely. He doesn’t have the will power. What your father did to him was inexcusable… absolutely horrid. That anger that was put upon him is in full throttle right now and he absolutely did not mean to put it upon you… He loves you more than any brother could love a sister on this entire earth. Every time he looks at you, he smiles. Every time you laugh his eyes twinkle a little bit. Even when you’re in the deepest situations, or you’re crying over some guy he threatened and left you- he is always there for you… I couldn’t even fathom having a brother like that. Mine never cared about me and just kind of moved away, off to college and a real life leaving me with my weirdo parents. Your brother Victor would die for you…”
She thought hard about what I said and came to the conclusion that I was completely right and that he would forgive her all in good time. I went upstairs with her, lay down in her bed and held her hand until she fell asleep. I looked at the clock- it was 3:00 am. I sighed deeply and laid there for a second… I was trying to think of what I was going to say to Victor… I knew he knew that I knew that she was pregnant… wow that didn’t even sound right in my head. But in my defense, he knew that he would act like this so I didn’t want her to get hurt. I wanted to get closer to her and become her friend before either she faced him or we faced him together.
Just as the hole of my being was about to go insane with thinking about my stupid little plan to convince Victor not to break up with me- the moment arrived. I heard Victor come in the door and I peered over the rail to see him laying on the couch- absolutely worn out. I walked silently over to the stairwell. I began down the stairs and tried to take silent deep breaths. I came a little closer to him, and realized he had his eyes closed. He didn’t sound like he was asleep, so I crept over next to him as quiet as a mouse… well more like a big dumb dog trying to be a mouse.
He opened his eyes and realized it was just me. He didn’t say anything and sort of reached for my hand. He did it weekly- like he could hardly move his arm… I turned around and switched on the lights. I examined him more closely and realized he was beaten to a pulp. I tried to ask him what happened, but when he tried to talk to me, no voice came out. There were cuts and welts everywhere… even all over his face. His throat was purple- bruised really badly. He probably had several broken ribs, and other various bones. I stroked his face very gently and said through some tears, “It’s okay, Victor… I’m gonna drive you to the hospital, ok?”
I whipped around and ran to get my shoes and jacket. I grabbed another set of keys since he obviously didn’t drive home, and ran back in the living room. Just before I could breech the doorway- I heard Janie coming down the stairs. I paused and peered out to see what she was doing. She saw Victor and ran up to him, crying again. She began spewing out all of these apologies and regrets and worries and everything and all I saw him do was hold up his hand about three inches off the couch, used what strength he had left to lift up his hand to her face and she held it there. I heard just he faint little muster of “I’m sorry” from his lips.

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