Clara and the Dragon

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Clara and her dog Frankie go on all sorts of adventures. Clara and Frankie go to a land ruled by dragons

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012



Clara loved magic. Living in the magical village of Magia, she learnt as man spells as she could from her teacher, Wizard Blue-Hair.

Clara was eight years old and loved learning what magic could do.

Her favourite spell was the spell that transported her to any land she wished. Today, she dreamt of a land of dragons.

She got to her lesson quickly as Wizard Blue-Hair started his lessons with the students in the village. She placed her wand on the table in front of her and waited for Blue-Hair.

Wizard Blue-Hair was Clara’s favourite teacher. He was an older wizard with long blue hair and a blue beard that nearly touched the ground.

“Morning children,” Blue-Hair’s voice boomed.

“Morning, Wizard Blue-Hair,” the children replied.

Blue-Hair looked around the class and saw all the children ready to learn. “Today, we are going to learn how to turn fire into bubbles. This can help you in case there is a fire. Now, repeat after me, Firus-Bubbulus.”

The children especially Clara repeated with interest, “Firus-Bubbulus!”

“Good,” Blue-Hair said as he looked at his students. “Now pair up and practice this spell.”

The children paired off. Clara paired up with a boy, Ethan. Ethan started a small fire on the end of his wand. Clara pointed her wand at the fire and repeated the spell, “Firus-Bubbulus!”

The fire turned into a few bubbles and popped, fading into thin air. Then it was Ethan’s turn. He shouted, “Firus-Bubbulus!”and Clara’s fire into bubbles.

After the class, Blue-Hair praised the class and told everyone to keep practicing. The students left and went home.

Clara was the last to leave the class. She went home and into her bedroom, making sure her parents weren’t around.

When she saw no one, Clara called out for her pet dog, Frankie.

Clara loved Frankie. Frankie was a small brown dog that loved Clara back. Frankie walked into Clara’s bedroom and saw Clara smiling at him.

“Are we going on an adventure, Clara?” he asked.

“Yes, Frankie.” Clara replied.

Frankie was nervous. He knew their adventures were scary but he always went with Clara to try and help her. Frankie didn’t know what ideas were in her head as she thought up the worlds they went to.

Clara got out her wand and said her favourite spell. “Landa-Dragonia!”

Instantly, Clara and Frankie landed in a town ruled by dragons. Dragons were everywhere, of all shapes and colours. Green dragons, pink dragons and yellow dragons. There were dragons on the streets, shopping, eating food from restaurants and talking to their friends.

Clara looked around the village and laughed out loud with joy that her favourite spell worked.

“I’m hungry.” Frankie looked up at Clara. Clara’s tummy made a grumbling sound and she grabbed her stomach.

“I think we’re both hungry.”

Clara looked at the shops and saw an ice cream store. She went up to the pink dragon behind the counter.

“May I have two chocolate ice creams, please?” Clara asked.

“Sure,” the dragon said scooping up the ice creams and giving Clara two cones.

“Thank you,” Clara happily said to the dragon. Clara gave Frankie his ice cream and he ate it fast.

Clara and Frankie walked around the streets and noticed the mountains around the town. Clara loved exploring new places and she wanted to climb the mountains.

“Let’s go into the mountains. I bet we’ll find fun up there.”

An orange dragon walking by heard Clara and stopped her. “Hold on, miss. You shouldn’t go up the mountains. There is a mean fire breathing dragon who doesn’t like little children. He will eat you if you go.”

Frankie shivered in fright. “Let’s not go, Clara. Let’s see the rest of the town.”

Clara looked at Frankie and said, “Come on, Frankie. We have to go. It sounds exciting.”

Frankie sighed. He knew she loved going on adventures but not one where he could be eaten by a fire-breathing dragon.

Clara and Frankie left the town and went to the mountains and started climbing.

After a while, the trees grew thicker and Frankie could only see Clara in front of him. “Let’s go back, Clara. We can’t see anything.

Clara turned around and looked at Frankie. “We can’t give up yet, Frankie. We have to see the dragon.”Clara turned back around and kept walking. “See Frankie,” she pointed at the path in front of her. “We go up through the trees, around the rocks and we will see the dragon.”

After passing through the forest and rocks, Clara and Frankie made it to the dragon’s home. They were standing in front of a cave that looked like it was home to a big scary dragon.

Clara stepped forward but was stopped by Frankie. “Okay,” Frankie told Clara. “We have gone all this way. There is no need to go into the cave. Let’s go home, Clara.”

“Frankie, don’t be scared. I’m here and I have my wand in case something bad happens.” She told him. “Hello!” Clara shouted into the cave, her voice echoing off the walls.

A growling sound echoed back at Clara and Frankie. “GO AWAY!”

Clara looked into the cave as Frankie tugged on Clara’s leg trying to get her to leave.

Clara looked down and saw Frankie whimper and duck behind a rock. Clara looked up and saw fire coming out of the cave. Clara ducked behind the rock with Frankie.

“Let’s go.” Frankie urged.

“I want to see the dragon,” Clara told Frankie. She got up as another ball of fire came at her and she ducked again. “There has to be a way for me to see the dragon.”

“I don’t think we can, Clara.” Frankie said.

“I know!” Clara cried out. “I’ll use the spell Blue-Hair taught me.”

Clara stood up and turned to the cave. Another fire ball came at her and Frankie ducked, but Clara looked at the fire, pulled out her wand and shouted, “Firus-Bubbulus!”

The fire turned into bubbles and Clara laughed. “We can go see the dragon now.”

More bubbles came out of the cave as Clara and Frankie walked into the cave. They took a few more steps before the dragon was standing in front of them. He was a giant purple dragon who had bubbles coming out of his mouth.

“I’m sorry,” the dragon looked at Clara and Frankie. “I didn’t mean to scare you.” Bubbles were coming out of the dragon’s mouth as he spoke. “I couldn’t control the fire and I kept burning everyone.”

“It’s okay,” Clara told him. “Now you can breathe bubbles and go back to the town. The other dragons won’t be afraid of you anymore.”

“I can... go back to the town?” the dragon asked. Clara and Frankie nodded and the dragon let out a big roar in celebration and bubbles came out of his mouth flying everywhere. Clara and Frankie laughed as they jumped around popping the bubbles.

Clara, Frankie and the dragon left the cave and went to the town. They entered the town and the dragons saw the big purple dragon with Clara and shrieked and hid behind buildings and tables.

“It’s okay everyone,” Clara shouted. “He can’t breathe fire anymore.”

The purple dragon blew some bubbles out of his mouth and the dragons smiled and came out to meet the dragon.

The purple dragon was given a big party to welcome him back into the town. There was music and food and Clara and Frankie cheered him on has he blew bubbles, entertaining the young dragons.

“It’s time to leave, I think.” Clara looked at Frankie. Frankie turned to Clara and nodded his head.

They said goodbye to everyone and the purple dragon hugged Clara. “Thank you for helping me.” He said.

“No problem.”Clara said.

Clara pulled out her wand, waved goodbye and said the spell to go home. “Landa-Home.”

Clara and Frankie were back in her room.

“That wasn’t so bad, now was it Frankie?” She asked.

Frankie jumped up on her bed. “I guess not.” Frankie yawned and fell asleep.

Clara chuckled and put her wand on her desk as she thought of other adventures to have.

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