Clara and the Garden Pixies

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Clara and Frankie enter a Garden world with a dark secret.

Submitted: September 17, 2012

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Submitted: September 17, 2012



It was a sunny day, in the village of Magia. Clara was playing with her dog, Frankie before she left for school. But Clara was sad.

“What’s wrong, Clara?” Frankie asked.

“Well,” Clara said. “This morning I wanted to have some ice cream for breakfast but it was high up in the freezer.” Clara looked down at herself. “If only I was bigger.”

“Clara, you are only eight years old. One day, you will be tall.” Frankie told her, looking at Clara.

“Alright,” Clara said. “Well, I’m off to school.”

Clara left Frankie in the yard and went off to school. She didn’t mind it as learning new magic spells was the best.

Clara entered the school and saw a note on the door saying to meet in the playground. Clara left and walked to the playground, where she saw a few other students.

A few minutes later, all the children were waiting around as their teacher, Wizard Blue-Hair came up to them.

“Morning, children.” Blue-Hair greeted them.

The children spoke together, “Morning, Wizard Blue-Hair.”

“Today we are outside because today’s lesson, you will all conjure a magic flying carpet.”

The children all gasped. They never got to do anything like this before.

Blue-Hair looked to see all their happy little faces. “Now,” he said. “The spell to create a flying carpet is this.”

Blue-Hair pointed his wand at the ground. “Magi-Carp-ay.”

A red magic carpet appeared out of nowhere. The students looked at the carpet floating in the air and couldn’t wait to try it themselves.

Blue-Hair turned to his students and warned them, “Be careful, everyone. You must travel in pairs and not leave the school grounds. You might get lost.”

Clara turned to her friend Kate. “You want to fly together?” Clara asked Kate.

“Yes,” Kate replied.

Clara pointed her wand at the ground and repeated the spell. “Magi-Carp-ay.”

A carpet appeared before the two of them and they both hopped on it. The carpet whooshed and whirled around the school. Clara and Kate took turns flying around. They went above the trees, over the school building and zoomed around the playground.

By the time class ended, no one wanted to leave. Clara walked home. She wanted to tell Frankie all about flying.

She got home and practiced making a carpet. “Magi-Carp-ay.” Clara said. A carpet appeared but before she got on, the carpet took off and flew into a tree. Clara jumped up and down trying to get the carpet but it was of no use. She was too small.

Frankie came into the yard and saw Clara jumping up and down.

“What’s wrong, Clara? Why are you jumping up and down?” Frankie asked.

“I made a flying carpet, but it got stuck up in the tree.” Clara told Frankie.

Frankie looked up and saw a carpet in the tree. “Oh, well why don’t you get your mum or dad to get it?” He asked.

“Because I’m big enough to get it on my own,” Clara said jumping up and down. She realised it was no use.

“I wish I was big.” She whined. All of a sudden an idea popped in her head. “I know, Frankie. Let’s go to a land where I was huge. I wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to reach things that are way up there.” Clara said pointing at the carpet.

Frankie knew this was a new adventure. He hoped he and Clara wouldn’t get into trouble.

Clara pulled out her wand and yelled her favourite spell. “Landa-Small.”

They both landed in a large patch of dirt. Clara and Frankie looked up and to their surprise; there were giant leaves above their heads. “That’s weird.” Clara said. “I wonder why that tree is so big?” She asked.

Frankie looked around and looked at the huge trees that surrounded the two of them. Frankie saw a bush move and started barking at it.

Clara turned her head to see what Frankie was barking at. “Frankie, it’s a bush,” she tried to tell him.

“I saw something move.” Frankie said to Clara. Frankie ran to the bush and barked louder at whatever moved.

Clara and Frankie heard a scream and they both turned and walked away.

“Please, stop.” They heard a voice say.

Clara and Frankie looked at the bush.

A creature came out. This creature was a greenish-blue girl. She had strange ears and small wings on her back. “I didn’t mean to scare you,” the creature said. “My name is Sparkle.”

“I’m Clara.” Clara said. She pointed to Frankie. “This is my dog, Frankie. What are you?” she asked the creature.

Frankie wanted to know where he and Clara were. “Where are we?” he asked.

“I am a pixie and this is the Garden of Wonder.” Sparkle told them.

“Clara was puzzled. “If you’re a pixie and you’re the size of me then my spell didn’t work right.” Clara sniffed. “I wanted to feel tall and I shrunk us down too, Frankie,” she said to Frankie.

Frankie looked up at Clara. “It’s alright, Clara. We have this huge world to explore,” he told her.”

“Yeah.” Clara said happy. “We can climb up and over the trees and see the world.

Sparkle looked scared. “Oh, I would do that,” she said. “We pixies hide in the shade. We never go out in the sun. We are afraid of the Flying Ones.”

“The Flying Ones?” Frankie asked.

“Yes.” Sparkle said, shivering in fright. “They will take us and we will never come back. Let’s go to my house. I have some food ready to eat.” She told them.

Sparkle led Clara and Frankie through the garden. Other pixies came out to greet Clara. Frankie loved the pixies. They were so friendly.

Suddenly, a strong breeze swept through the garden. All the pixies ran for cover. Sparkle grabbed Clara’s hand and ran towards her house. “Hurry!” Sparkle shouted. “We must not go into the light.”

Clara and Frankie followed Sparkle to her house. Trying to stay under the shade was hard as the wind blew the leaves away bringing the light in.

Sparkle ran ahead of Clara but the light hit her.

Out of nowhere, huge legs grabbed Sparkle, lifting her up into the air. The Flying Ones had Sparkle.

Clara and Frankie looked up and saw a giant red bird fly away. “So a Flying One is a bird.” Clara said to a scared Frankie.

“We have to get her back!” Frankie shouted.

“How? We can’t fly.” Clara said.

“What about that magic carpet spell?” he asked.

“Right.” Clara shouted. “Let’s go.” Clara pulled out her wand and said the spell. “Magi-Carp-ay.”

A carpet appeared and they jumped on.

Clara grabbed hold of two ends of the carpet and flew off trying to find the bird.

They flew between trees trying to spot Sparkle. Frankie heard a scream and looked to his right and saw the bird with Sparkle.

“There she is!” cried Frankie.

Clara looked up and saw Sparkle screaming in the birds’ talons. She turned her hands and the carpet flew towards the bird. Clara flew the carpet to the bird’s feet. “Frankie, bite the birds’ leg. It will let go.” She told Frankie.

Frankie bit down on the birds’ leg and the bird screeched and let go of Sparkle, flying away from the three of them.

Sparkle landed on the carpet and Clara took off to the shade. She landed on the ground and all three jumped off.

Sparkle hugged Clara and Frankie. “Thank you both for saving me.” Sparkle said.

“No problem.” Frankie said. “But after that, we should be going home.” Frankie said to Clara.

“Yeah, I guess so. I don’t want to be taken away by a Flying One,” Clara said. “I’ll visit soon, Sparkle.” She told Sparkle, pulling out her wand. “Landa-Home.”

Clara and Frankie arrived back in the yard outside of Clara’s home.

“I’m glad we’re back,” Clara said. “I didn’t like being that small.” Clara looked up and saw a bird landing on a tree branch. It was smaller than Clara and that made her happy. “I suppose I will have to think of a new place where we wouldn’t be so small, Frankie. Maybe a land where we are both giant.” She told him.

Frankie shook his head and ran inside. He knew Clara was thinking of new world to go to and he didn’t want any more adventures for today.

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