Clara and the Pirates

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Clara and Frankie go to a world of pirates and meet a nasty pirate.

Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012



Clara woke up to a sunny day in the village of Magia. She ate breakfast and got ready for school. Clara loved school. She was excited to learn of a new spell her teacher Wizard Blue-Hair was going to teach.

She entered the classroom and sat down at her seat.

Wizard Blue-Hair walked in the room. “Morning children.” Blue-Hair said.

“Morning Wizard Blue-Hair,” the children said together.

“Today, you will be learning how to turn any surface into a pillow. This is very helpful if you find yourself falling off your bed or chair and need to land softly.”

Blue-Hair turned to the class and saw each pair of eyes looking at him with interest. Blue-Hair looked happy with their eagerness. He knew how many times children slip and fall off of things.

“So stand up and make some distance between each other.” Blue-Hair said.

Clara turned around and saw her friend, Kate.

“You nervous, Clara?” Kate asked.

Clara smiled shyly. “A little, Kate.”

Blue-Hair gave out his instructions to the class. “Now repeat after me. Ground-Softee!”

The children repeated Blue-Hair’s spell. Ground-Softee!”

Blue-Hair looked at his students, happy with them. “Take out your wands and we can turn the floor in front of you into a pillow.”

The children took turns turning the floor in front of them into a pillow. Once they said the spell, the student would fall down onto the pillow that was the size of their body.

Clara waited as each of her friends said the spell. Clara turned to Kate as she looked at Clara with a scared look on her face. Kate was worried the spell wouldn’t work. Kate looked at the floor and recited the spell. “Ground-Softee.” The floor in front of her turned into a pillow and she fell down, laughing all the way.

It was Clara’s turn to try the spell. She looked at the floor and repeated the spell in her head to make sure she had it right. Clara pointed her wand at the floor and said the spell “Ground-Softee!” The ground turned into a pillow and Clara jumped onto the pillow with happiness.

“Very good children. Remember, this spell should be used when you need it.” Blue-Hair said to his students, who were jumping up and down and falling into the pillows.

After the class was over, Clara raced home to tell her dog Frankie of her new spell.

She went into her room and waited for Frankie.

Clara was dancing around her room when her dog Frankie walked in.

“Hi Clara. How was class today?” He asked.

Clara smiled. “It was great. Blue-Hair taught us how to turn the floor into a pillow.”

Frankie looked sad. “If I could do magic, I would turn any floor into a pillow and I could sleep anywhere I wanted.”

Clara laughed. “Don’t worry, Frankie. Anytime you want to sleep I’ll turn the floor into a pillow for you.”

Frankie barked with glee. “Thank you Clara,” he said.

“Anytime,” she repeated. Clara pulled out her wand. “Are you ready for today’s adventure?” She asked.

Frankie nodded slowly. He knew his adventures with Clara weren’t always as good as Clara thought they would be. “Promise not to get us in trouble this time?” He asked.

“I promise. Now, let’s go. I want to go see pirates.”

Frankie yelped in shock. “How are pirates not scary, Clara?” He asked her.

“I won’t go looking for bad pirates, Frankie. We will go and find some nice pirates for some adventures on the seas.” Clara said as she pet his ears.

Frankie closed his eyes as Clara said the spell. “Landa-Piratus!”

When Clara and Frankie opened their eyes, they were on a pirate ship. Frankie didn’t know what to expect as Clara imagined this world up in her head.

A beaming pirate came up to Clara and Frankie hid behind her legs.

“Ahoy there, Clara,” he said as he walked up to her. Clara saw the pirate’s peg leg.

“Hi, Kellogg.” Clara said shaking his hand.

Frankie looked confused. How do you know his name?” he asked.

Clara looked down at Frankie. “I thought of him as I brought us here, Frankie.” Clara turned around and looked at Kellogg.

Clara wasn’t thinking of a peg leg when she imagined Kellogg. She thought he would have two legs. “What happened to your leg, Kellogg?” She asked.

Kellogg looked at Clara and Frankie and said, “I lost it fighting McHairy. He’s the worst pirate and you should stay away from him, Clara.” Clara and Frankie nodded. “Come on,” Kellogg told them. “You can both help me steer the ship.”

Clara and Frankie helped Kellogg on the ship with the other pirates. Clara would turn the ship one way while Frankie pulled on the sail in his mouth turning the ship.

Clara and Frankie were playing tug of war with Kellogg when they heard a yell from the look-out.

“Kellogg, McHairy is coming!” The pirate shouted.

Kellogg panicked as he shouted orders to everyone on the ship. “Men, turn the ship around.” Kellogg looked at Clara and Frankie. “The two of you need to hide. We will deal with McHairy.”

Clara and Frankie hid behind the box of sails on the deck.

The ship turned as they tried to get away from McHairy and his pirates but McHairy caught up with them as they tried to sail away from him.

McHairy and his pirates came aboard and Clara and Frankie stayed hidden behind the box.

Clara saw his scruffy black beard and the eye patch covering his left eye. “Gather everyone up.” He shouted.

McHairy’s men grabbed Kellogg and his men and tied them all up.

McHair laughed as he turned them towards the plank. McHairy noticed a small tail waggling behind a box. He walked up and pulled Clara and Frankie up in front of his disgusting face.

“What’s your name?” He asked Clara.

“Clara.” She said trying to wriggle out of his hand. Clara and Frankie couldn’t get out of McHairy’s grip.

“I say,” McHairy said. “That Clara and the dog walk the plank first.” McHairy ad his pirates laughed as he pushed Clara and Frankie to the plank.

Frankie was scared. “What do we do now, Clara?” Frankie asked as he walked the plank with Clara.

“I don’t know, Frankie.” Clara told him.

Frankie had an idea and looked up at Clara. “What about that pillow spell Blue-Hair taught you?” He asked.

Clara smiled. “That’s perfect Frankie. Blue-Hair said it would work on any surface.”

Clara pulled out her wand and said the spell looking at the water. “Ground-Softee!” she yelled.

The water turned into a pillow as McHairy pushed her and Frankie over into the ocean.

McHairy laughed as Clara and Frankie fell, but not hearing a splash, he looked down at Clara and Frankie and saw the pillow they were on.

Shocked, McHairy asked, “How did you do that?”

Clara looked up at him. “It’s magic. The spell turns the surface into a pillow.” She told him.

McHairy turned to his men. “Get a rope and pull them up!” He told them.

A rope was lowered and Clara and Frankie held on as they were pulled up onto the ship.

“I’m sorry about you walking the plank.” McHairy said. Clara and Frankie stood still. The meanest, scariest pirate was apologising to them. “Could you do that on my ship?” he asked Clara. “It looks like fun to be on pillows all day.”

“I’d love to.” Clara smiled and walked onto McHairy’s ship. She said the spell over and over until the ship’s deck and floors were replaced with pillows.

McHairy squealed in delight as he and his crew started jumping up and down n his ship. Frankie barked happily watching McHairy and his pirates jump up and down.

McHairy turned to Kellogg. “I’m sorry about the trouble I caused you. I promise I won’t harm anyone ever again. I can bounce up and down all day long now and I won’t be so angry.” McHairy said.

McHairy turned his ship around and left. Clara and Frankie watched him bounce around his ship as they sailed away.

Kellogg hugged Clara and Frankie. “Thank you, Clara. We don’t have to worry about McHairy ever again.” He told her.

“No problem, Kellogg.” Clara replied.

Frankie looked up at Clara. “We should go home now,” he said. Clara agreed.

“ Oh,” Kellogg said sadly. “Before you go, would you turn our decks into pillows, please?” Kellogg asked.

Clara beamed. “Sure.” She pulled out her wand and turned every floor of the ship into pillows before waving goodbye to everyone.

“Let’s go home Frankie. Landa-Home.”

When they arrived back in Clara’s bedroom, Frankie jumped up on her chair as Clara put her wand down.

“Let’s not have any more adventures for a while,” Frankie said.

Clara looked at him. “Frankie, it wasn’t that bad. You enjoyed playing tug of war with Kellogg.” She said patting his head.

“That was fun, but I don’t want any more danger for a long time. I was scared of McHairy.” He told Clara.

Frankie jumped off the chair and left Clara’s room in search of food.

Clara laughed and fell on her bed thinking of the fun she had with Kellogg and fell asleep.

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