Clara and the Trouble in Animal City

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Clara and Frankie enter a world of animals but Frankie gets Clara in trouble.

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



Clara thought about her day ahead while eating breakfast in her house in the magical village of Magica. She remembered how the kids in her class were excited when their teacher, Wizard Blue-Hair had told them that today; they would be learning how to turn normal trees into trees which bore fruit. Clara’s friends, Kate and Ethan, thought about how they would make apple trees and strawberry trees.

Clara left and went into the village to her school. She arrived and sat in her seat besides her class mates.

Wizard Blue-Hair entered the classroom. “Morning children.” He said to all the children.

“Morning, Wizard Blue-Hair,” the children chorused.

“Today, we are learning how to turn trees into fruit-bearing trees,” he told the kids. “This means that any tree you see can hold any two types of fruit you can think of. Such as a banana and mango tree. Or a strawberry and pineapple tree.”

The children laughed as they thought of what kind of fruit they wanted.

“Okay,” Blue-Hair started. “The spell is ‘Fruita-... The fruit of your choosing. So it can be ‘Fruita-Apples and Oranges.”

“Oh,” The children all said. They got up out of their seats and moved towards the front of the room.

Blue-Hair mumbled a spell and a tree appeared out of thin air.

“So who is first?” Blue-Hair asked.

Everyone put their hands up and Blue-Hair pointed to Clara first. “Clara, show me your fruits tree,” he said.

Clara stepped forward as she thought of the fruits she wanted. Clara cleared her throat as she looked at the tree and pointed her wand. “Fruita-Oranges and Bananas.”

The tree sprouted oranges and bananas and Blue-Hair picked an orange from the tree. He peeled off the skin and took a bite. He grinned as the juice from the orange dribbled down his beard and some of the children laughed at the mess he was making.

“Clara, this is very tasty.” Blue-hair told her. Clara looked pleased with herself and turned back to her seat as the other children lined up for their turn as Blue-Hair spoke a spell and cleaned himself.

The other students took turns thinking of their fruits tree. Kate made a strawberry and pineapple tree, while Ethan made a blueberry and watermelon tree. Everyone laughed when the watermelons fell to the floor. Blue-Hair helped himself to a variety of fruit.

The last student made their tree and that was the end of the class. Clara left and walked through the village. She walked past shops and the village hall. She walked by the zoo hoping to get in and noticed the line to get in was too long. She got an idea of how to see all the animals she wanted to see.

Clara arrived home and walked into her room and saw her dog Frankie running in circles trying to catch his tail.

Clara laughed. “Frankie, you can’t chase your tail. You’ll never get it,” She tried to tell him.

Frankie stopped running and ran to Clara. He loved getting cuddled by his favourite person in the world. “I will one day, Clara.” He told her. “Are we still going to the zoo?” Frankie asked. He was excited to see monkeys, giraffes and the hippopotamuses.

“Sorry, Frankie. The line’s too long.” Clara replied.

Frankie whimpered. He wanted to see the animals so badly.

“But I know how we can.” Clara said as she looked down at him and scratched his ear. “We are going to a land filled with animals.”

Frankie looked up at her. “You promise not to get us into trouble, Clara?” he asked.

“I promise.” She said. “Now let’s go.” Clara pulled out her wand. “Landa-Animalee.”

They landed in front of a building outside a busy street. Clara and Frankie looked around and saw all types of animals walking around. There were alligators, monkeys, rhinoceroses, giraffes, lions and all sorts of animals walking around in clothes as they walked around the city.

Clara and Frankie looked happy as they took in a parrot with different coloured wings directing traffic. There were many cars driving up and down the streets.

“I guess they are going to work.” Frankie told Clara as they walked up and down the streets.

Clara and Frankie walked around the city taking in all the animals. Animals doing business, talking on their phones, eating muffins and drinking coffee. Frankie looked at them and laughed. “They look so weird.”

“Yeah, they do.” Clara said, laughing with Frankie.

The animals sitting looked up and saw Clara and Frankie laughing at them with angry looks.

“Oh,” Clara frowned, looking at Frankie. “I don’t think they like us looking at them.”

“That’s not it.” A voice from behind Clara said. A large hand was on Clara’s shoulder. She and Frankie turned around and looked up to see a gorilla and a rhinoceros in police uniforms. “That dog of yours isn’t on a leash.” The gorilla said. “I’m afraid that we will have to take him to the pound.”

The gorilla and rhinoceros stepped forward trying to get a hold of Frankie. Frankie ran off and the rhinoceros chased after him.

“Get him!” the gorilla yelled. “Miss, you’ll have to come with me.”

“Where are we going?” Clara asked the gorilla.

“Jail. Having a pet without a leash on is against the law here.” He told Clara.

Clara gulped as the gorilla walked her to the police station. The rhinoceros came running back up to the gorilla.

“I lost him, sir. The dog ran away and I can’t find him.” The rhino said.

The gorilla let out a loud roar. “Alright. Well, you’ll have to find him,” the gorilla told the rhino. “You missy, are going in jail right now.

As they walked Clara to jail, they didn’t see Frankie hiding behind a garbage bin, watching the police take Clara.

Night came and Clara was still in jail. The rhino was sitting in a chair besides Clara asleep. Clara heard a noise outside of the window and saw Frankie looking into the room.

“Frankie,” Clara whispered. “I need my wand. It’s on the table beside the rhino. I’ll get us out of here.” She told him.

Frankie jumped down from the window and up onto the table. He grabbed the wand in his mouth and ran to Clara.

Clara took her wand and remembered the spell she used whenever she got locked in a cupboard. She recited the poem and pointed her wand at the lock on the door. “Unlocka-Door-ee-al.”

The door opened and Clara and Frankie ran to the window.

“Quiet now.” Clara said to Frankie. “We don’t want to wake the guard.”

As they climbed out of the window, Clara’s leg knocked over a lamp on the table as she was going out the window. The rhino woke up and saw Clara and Frankie outside.

“OY!” he yelled.

Clara and Frankie ran as fast as they could around the city. They looked behind them and saw the rhino and the gorilla behind them.

Clara and Frankie ran outside the city along the roads and over the bridges. They saw a farm and ran to a barn to hide inside. Clara and Frankie ran inside and saw a pig loading hay onto a cart.

“Help us, please.” Clara begged the farmer. “The police are after us. All I did was not have my dog Frankie on a leash.”

Clara looked down and saw a scared look on Frankie’s face.

“Okay,” The pig said. “Quick, get into the hay pile.” He told them

Clara and Frankie jumped into the hay. The farmer added more hay and Clara and Frankie could not be seen.

Clara and Frankie stayed silent as they heard the gorilla and rhino come into the barn.

“Excuse me, sir,” the gorilla said. “Have you seen a girl and her dog? They escaped from jail and we saw them head this way.”

“No,” the pig told them. “I haven’t seen anyone today.”

“Fair enough. Come on gorilla.” The rhino said. “We’ll keep looking.”

After the gorilla and rhino left, Clara and Frankie came out of the hay.

“Thank you.” Clara said to the farmer.

“No problem.” The pig said.

Frankie looked at him and asked, “Is there anything we can do for you?”

“No,” The pig replied. “Unless you can grow strawberries and bananas. My trees aren’t growing anything this year.” The pig told them as he looked over at the trees by the fence. They were all dried up.

Clara looked at Frankie with a smile and turned to the farmer. “I can help you there.”

She pulled out her wand and pointed it at the trees.

“Fruita-Strawberries and Bananas.” Clara said.

The trees started sprouting fruit in front of the pig’s eyes and he snorted in delight.

“Thank you, miss. I can make my strawberry pies and my banana cakes and sell them in the city now,” the pig told Clara and Frankie.

The pig shook Clara’s hand. He turned to Frankie and scratched him behind his ears. The pig ran to his trees and picked the fruit off the trees.

Clara turned to Frankie. “Let’s go home, Frankie,” she said.

“Yes. We’ve had enough trouble for today.” Frankie said to Clara.

Clara pulled out her wand. “Landa-Home.” She said.

They landed back in Clara’s bedroom. Clara and Frankie fell on the bed, ready to sleep.

“Clara!” Clara’s mum said through Clara’s bedroom door. “Come into the kitchen. I made strawberry pie.”

Clara turned to Frankie and they both laughed.

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