Clara and the Unicorns

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Clara enters a land of unicorns and finds a sad little unicorn.

Submitted: January 18, 2013

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Submitted: January 18, 2013




In the village of Magia, Clara walked by the houses and shops on her way to magic school. She couldn’t wait to learn today’s magic spell. Especially today. It was raining and Clara hated the rain.

Clara entered her classroom and took off her rain coat. She sat next to her friends Kate and Ethan and waited for their teacher, Wizard Blue-Hair to come in.

Wizard Blue-Hair walked into the class. “Morning children,” he said.

“Morning, Wizard Blue-Hair,” spoke all the children.

“Today,” Blue-Hair started “You all are going to learn how to heal any cuts. As eight year olds, you all get into trouble and can easily get hurt. This spell will heal all cuts and fix you up good as new.” He told them.

“The spell to do this is Heal-o-ta.” Blue-Hair said.

The students repeated the spell, “Heal-o-ta.”

“Very good.” Blue-Hair told them.

The children all repeated the spell over and over again until Blue-Hair was happy they could remember the spell.

Once class was over, the rain hadn’t stopped and Clara walked home getting wet. She ran in the rain and finally got home. She took off her coat and went to find Frankie. She needed a sunny place with happy animals and she read that unicorns can be very happy.

Clara sat down on her bed as Frankie jumped up onto her lap.

“What did you learn in class today, Clara?” Frankie asked.

“We learned how to heal any cuts or scratches we got,” she told Frankie.

“That’s good. I know how much trouble you get in on our adventures and that spell will help a lot,” he said to her.

Clara scratched Frankie’s tummy. “I guess.” She sighed. “We should go to a place where there is no rain. A place where there are happy animals and sunlight.” Clara said.

Frankie knew she wanted another adventure. The rain had made him a very wet dog. Going to a sunny place didn’t sound bad to him. He just hoped there would be no trouble this time.

Clara pulled out her wand and spoke the spell that would get her to her land of unicorns. “Landa-Unicornia.”

Clara and Frankie looked around them and saw fields of flowers. Blue flowers, red flowers, yellow flowers, orange flowers. Flowers as far as Clara and Frankie could see. Clara and Frankie walked through the field and saw a beautiful sight.

There were unicorns drinking water by a stream. Clara and Frankie couldn’t believe their eyes. Clara jumped up and down.

“Yay!” Clara shouted.

The unicorns looked up at her. They saw the girl and her dog and ran away from them as fast as they could run.

Clara and Frankie looked upset. Clara wanted to see the unicorns and they all ran away.

Frankie looked at Clara. “Why did they leave?” he asked.

Clara looked at Frankie. “I don’t know. But we are going to find out.” Clara said and she and Frankie went after the unicorns.

They walked through the flowers, over the stream and into the field where the unicorns took off.

Clara and Frankie looked around and saw nothing. They heard a small ‘pit-pat-pit-pat’ near them and turned around and saw a small unicorn come up to them. This unicorn was white with a long mane and a horn the size of a cup.

The unicorn looked at the two and whinnied. “I’m sorry the others ran away from you,” the unicorn said. “My mother told me to leave you alone but I didn’t want to. My name is Belle,” she said. “Pleased to meet you.”

Clara and Frankie walked up to Belle. “Pleased to meet you, too.” They both said. Clara stroked Belle’s head.

“Why did you all run away?” Clara asked.

Belle looked down at her feet. “It’s because my grandfather said not to speak to anyone,” Belle said. “He’s the leader of the unicorns and he makes the rules.”

Belle kicked the ground with her hoof, making Frankie jump back a little. “I wish he would let me talk to you in our town. Ever since he lost his horn, he has been angry. His magic doesn’t work anymore and he doesn’t let anyone else use their magic.” Belle told Clara and Frankie.

Clara didn’t know unicorns did magic. “You do magic?” she asked.

“Only a little.” Belle said.

“Could you show us?”Frankie asked.

Belle stepped back. She closed her eyes and her horn turned white. Then, colours flew from her horn. All the colours of the rainbow poured out of her horn but vanished very fast. “Sorry about that,” Belle said. “My magic is very small. Not like my grandfather’s. He makes the rainbows in the sky.” She told them.

Clara and Frankie looked up at the sky. There were no colours but blue.

Frankie looked at Belle. “But there is only blue sky up there.”

Belle turned her head down at Frankie. “My grandfather can’t make anymore rainbows.” She said looking sad. A tear fell from her eye. “His horn fell off and he can’t make any rainbows without it.”

Clara wiped away the tear and asked, “Can we do anything about it?”

Belle cried some more. “No.” She wept. “Without his horn, there will be no more rainbows.”

Clara stroked Belle’s mane and Frankie rubbed his head against Belle’s leg.

Frankie jumped away. He had an idea. “Hang on, Clara,” he said. “Blue-Hair taught you that healing spell. It could heal her grandfather’s horn.”

Clara looked at Frankie. “Frankie, you’re a genius.” Clara looked at Belle. “I can say the magic spell, heal the horn and there will be rainbows in the sky again.”

Belle looked happy. “Then get on y back and I will take you to my grandfather.”

Clara lifted Frankie onto Belle’s back then climbed on herself. Belle ran all through the fields of flowers until Clara and Frankie saw all the unicorns together. The unicorns all stood around a unicorn lying down. The unicorn lying down looked up and saw Belle with the strangers.

Belle ran up to her grandfather. “Grandfather, Clara here can fix your horn.” Belle said.

“No one can, Belle.” Belle’s grandfather said. What did I tell you about talking to strangers?” he asked Belle.

Clara and Frankie got off of Belle. Clara walked up to Belle’s grandfather with a whimper. These unicorns were much larger than Belle and Clara.

“Please sir.” Clara said to Belle’s grandfather. “I can fix your horn.”

“Let’s go, Clara.” Frankie said. “They don’t want us here.”

“Wait!” A voice came from next to Belle’s grandfather. A female unicorn walked up to Clara. “Can you really fix his horn?” she asked.

Clara looked up at the unicorn. “Yes I can.” She replied.

The unicorns stepped out of Clara’s path and she walked up to Belle’s grandfather with her wand pointing at his head. She recited the spell, “Heal-o-ta.”

The unicorn’s horn started sprouting out of his head like a flower. The other unicorns gasped as the horn grew back on his head.

Belle’s grandfather let out a loud whinny. His horn glowed and colours flew out of his horn that stretched to the sky. A rainbow flew up to the sky. Frankie looked up and saw the sky was not just blue but also red, yellow, orange, violet, indigo and green.

Belle’s grandfather looked at Clara. “Thank you,” he said.

Clara smiled. “You’re welcome.”

Clara and Frankie stayed with the unicorns for the afternoon. Riding on their backs, petting them, stroking their manes and playing with them in the flower fields. Frankie got his tummy rubbed by Belle as he lay, enjoying the colours in the sky.

When it was time to go home, Clara hugged Belle and her grandfather and wished them the best. Belle’s grandfather said they could come back any time they wanted to. Clara promised them she would be back and pulled out her wand.

“Come on, Frankie. Landa-Home.” She said.

They were back in Clara’s room. “We have to go there again.” Frankie said.

“You only liked Belle scratching your tummy.” Clara told him.

“Well, there is nothing like a good tummy rub.” Frankie replied.

Clara laughed as she put her wand away. “Well, if you like your tummy rubbed, then you are going to get a big... TICKLE.” She said.

Clara grabbed Frankie and tickled his stomach. Frankie laughed trying to get away from Clara but Clara kept on tickling him the rest of the day.

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