Dreams do become real

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Love story

Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011



Crystal Thornberry

Dreams do become real

She wanted so badly, to find a way out.  As she wished she had the courage to become someone great, and she just wanted to escape herself! Always jealous, envious, and undersold, she just wanted to show her true colors. Tired of being ridiculed, controlled, abused, and hurt she finally realized she had to take control, no one was going to save her,  so she began to start her own fight for the life she so badly wanted!  Dead to herself on the inside, but vibrant and at peace on the outside, she knew what was in store for her life, so she held her head high! Scared of the unknown, but brave enough to try it anyway.  She desperately wanted to move, as she felt trapped. Her family was great to her, but it was time to venture out to see what the world had to offer!  She decided to move halfway across the country, where she would not know a soul.  She realized that people would think her idea was crazy, but she didn’t care. As terrified as she was, excitement pushed her forward.

Finally, all of her planning and saving was put to an end she decided that it was finally time to start her new life.  With tears in her eyes, she kissed her family and friends goodbye.  Her dear friend Lisa offered to help with the drive, and she later realized she couldn’t have done this without someone there with so many encouraging words. She packed what would fit in the car, and was left with so little room they could barely move an inch! Nevertheless, they began their adventure to the mountaineer’s land of Colorado!

 As they arrived, she realized she wasn’t really scared; she felt surprised at herself for not backing out of this plan.  As fate would have it, Lisa’s family lived in Colorado, and they agreed to let the girls stay until Lisa’s friend found a place to live.  Lisa went home soon after their arrival, but she promised she would be back to visit.  As grateful as she was that her friend’s family opened their doors to her, she desperately wanted her own place

Time seemed to go by so quickly over the next two weeks, she found a place in Breckenridge; it was a beautiful location and house, but came with an expensive price, so she had to get a roommate to split the rent.  So many wonderful things were taking place in her life, and although she did not yet have anyone to share it with, she was optimistic that soon would change. 

 All her insecurities had deteriorated and she felt so alive!  She lived in Breckenridge for about 5 months, but found herself going to Denver, more often.  After long contemplation, she decided to move to Lakewood, where she found a great job.  After finding her dream place and having a great job, her luck took a turn for the worse and she got laid off.  She then decided to save all the money she earned from her job and take a little vacation to see long lost family and friends. She had been living in Colorado for 2 years now, and only saw her family a handful of times. She wanted to stay more than just a few days, so she decided to take a trip back to Florida and travel around to see her other friends in the U.S.

Upon her arrival, her Dad introduced her to a handsome young gentleman, Jason. She instantly felt her heart start beating faster, and couldn’t believe she felt like that for someone she just met!  . She tried to ignore it, but the feeling was just too strong

As fate would have it, her family was having a big bonfire, so she invited Jason along.  They hit it off pretty well! Before long, they began to spend every waking moment together. She knew how vulnerable she was, but it wasn’t just a crush, she was head over heels in love!

 Jason said he loved her after only a few days of being together. She found it hard to leave Florida so she postponed the rest of her trip to get to know this man she had fallen in love with. After a few short weeks, they decided to get married. She never thought this day would come! After all that she had been through, she could finally see her dreams coming true right before her eyes.  He moved back to Colorado with her, where they still live today, happily married and doing great!



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