A False Sense of Love

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 A False Sense of Love

I worked with a woman named Annalie. She was stunning.  I loved everything about her.We dated, fell in love.  We lived together. We made plans for our future.

I left work early one evening.  I wanted to surprise Annalie with flowers. When I arrived home, Annalie was having sex with a co-worker.  I threw the flowers, while running down the steps.  I heard Annalie and her lover yelling, “Come back, It’s not what you think!”  Think?  Annalie cheated in the worst way possible. Heartbroken, I ran until my sides ached.

“How could I not know something was going on?”Next day, I went into work and resigned.  Next, I went to Annalie’s office.  I told her how much she hurt me.  I gave her a check for my half of the rent for the apartment until the lease was up. She had a look of amazement in her beautiful, green eyes.  I said, “good-bye,” and left. She stood with her mouth hanging open.

I’m going to get on the subway and go.  I don’t know where I’ll end up.I felt free, but those green eyes will haunt me for a long time.


Submitted: July 02, 2019

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Derina Peng

Not a very good experience for sure. Hope this was just a fiction.

Tue, July 2nd, 2019 8:04pm


Just fiction. Had to be a very short story for a contest. Thanks for your comment!

Thu, September 26th, 2019 11:45am

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