"On The Floor" (Domestic Violence)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a poem about domestic violence and what my own daughter went through and how she survived.

Submitted: December 18, 2014

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Submitted: December 18, 2014




(Domestic Violence)

Daughter your grown, but very small.

He stood above you, very tall.

The beatings he gave you never showed.

He tried to steal your very soul.

To beat and humiliate was his game.

He was in control, you took his name.


He tore you down, to feel like a man.

He thought you were his,

he gave you a gold band.

Like a dog, he made you sleep on the floor.

No mercy he gave, behind closed doors.


He was afraid that I would find out,

what he was all about.

He wore the mask of “perfect” well,

I never suspected, she was to afraid to tell.


A few years later, she found the strength within,

she left him and came home again.

She packed her things when he wasn't home,

and left quietly through the back door alone.


When her divorce was final, he wouldn't give up.

He would call you and follow you in his truck.

This went on for so long,

He said he had changed, the same old song.


He doesn't have his family, love or wealth.

He is nearing his end in very bad health.

He has no food, shelter or clothes,

but can afford to still put powder up his nose.


His drugs made him paranoid and full of fear.

He looks over his shoulder to see if I'm near.

It's his turn to sleep on the floor,

like the dog he is forever more.


He will shake and shiver when he stands before him,

the son of God, the Father of men.

He can't lie, steal, bully, beat and have his way,

when he stands before God on Judgment Day.


He will cry and scream and beg for mercy he won't get.

He didn't give my daughter any, when she begged for it.

The wrath of God cannot be denied.

He will have to pay and he knows why.

He will be punished and much, much more.

He will know what it's like to sleep on the floor.




© Copyright 2020 jctolliver. All rights reserved.

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