"Woman in the Closet"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Woman in the Closet is a very short story. It is about a couple, through twist and turns, realize how important life is and how much they love each other. It is a romantic, scary,
edge of your seat story that will surprise you.

Submitted: December 15, 2014

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Submitted: December 15, 2014



“Woman In The Closet”

  Emily and her husband Drew lived in a very nice house, just outside the city of New York. They were high school sweethearts. In college, they both went their separate ways and dated other people. After college, they ran into each other again at a local restaurant, their eyes locked and they both knew the spark was still there. They dated only six months before becoming engaged and married soon after.

  They were both in their early thirties and had been married for eight years They were the love of each others lives. They both felt that they were meant to be together always and there was never anyone else that could take either of them away from each other. They both worked very hard to please each other and make each other happy. Emily especially felt like she could never live if anything happened to Drew. They were soul mates.

  Emily and Drew did not have any children and did not particularly want any right now. They did, however have two dogs. They had a Siberian husky and a rescue dog that they treated like their children. It was Christmas time and they bought toys for their dogs.

  Emily and her husband both had great careers that they loved and made enough money to live a good life. They didn't want to be tied down with children because they both liked traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures. They loved their life the way it is now and they may think about having a child in a few years. Women are having babies later in life now.

  Drew was a doctor in the emergency room of their local General hospital. He and Emily had thought about him opening a private practice but Drew loved the excitement and adrenaline rush that he got from working in the emergency room. He didn't think he would like more of an office job and treating the same patients for the same things.

  Emily was a lawyer and worked for a large firm in New York. Emily's office paid the exuberant fees for her to have a parking space near work so she would drop Drew off at the hospital and then go to work.

  Emily had an office in the front of her house where she could look out the bay window. It was nearing Christmas and she loved to look at all of the Christmas lights neighbors had put up. She had noticed the same car driving slowly up and down their street several times in the same night, never stopping at any of the houses. One evening during dinner, she mentioned this to Drew because she thought it very strange. He said, “Emily, it's that time of year where there are a lot of home invasions and crime because people need money. He reminded her again that he had his loaded 38 under the mattress of their king sized bed but had pushed it far in so that if any relative visited who had kids, they could not reach it. Emily did not like having the gun in the house but she had to admit that it did make her feel safer, even with their two dogs.

  Sometimes Drew had to work late or got called into work late and she never liked being home by herself at night. Even though they had a good alarm system on their house, Emily still got nervous when she was alone. Just from working as a lawyer, she knew that a lot of bad things happened under the cloak of darkness. One very cold night, while Emily was sitting in her office, Drew called from the hospital and told Emily he would be working until after midnight.

  Emily had suspected that even with the precautions they had taken, she might be pregnant. She was two weeks late getting her period. She had stopped at a local store and picked up a pregnancy test kit. She didn't want Drew to know about her suspicions. She thought that after dinner that night would be a good time to check to see if she were pregnant since she was home alone. She took the test to the bathroom, read the directions and peed on the stick. She sat the stick on a paper towel on the sink until she could build up enough nerve to look at it. Finally, she decided it was now or never. She walked over to the sink, picked up the stick and took a good, long, hard look. There was no doubt about it, she was pregnant. She thought she would be sad about a baby because they just weren't ready yet. She had decided to tell Drew the next morning after breakfast. She had to admit to herself, even though it was unplanned, that she was a little bit excited about having a baby and she hoped that Drew would be also.

  Even though they had a good alarm system, along with the dogs, Emily felt a little uneasy tonight for some reason. She sat looking out her bay window in front of her desk and watched the snow falling gently to the ground. They already had eight inches of snow. Most people thought the snow annoying but she thought it was beautiful, like a winter wonderland, and she especially loved it during Christmas.

  While she was working at her desk on her computer, she caught something out of the corner of her eye, or someone passing by the window. It startled her for a minute. Maybe it was a shadow of a passing car, a bird or something. The more she sat at her desk trying to work, the more uneasy she felt, like someone was watching her. Was her imagination running away with her? She decided to take a look outside the window. She got up and looked out the window, but in the dark she couldn't see much. She turned the outside lights on and looked again. She stood frozen to the spot, staring at the ground. She saw large footprints in the snow. Footprints maybe made by a man's size shoes. At the same time, she thought she heard glass breaking somewhere in the house. Both of her dogs started running towards the sound, barking furiously. She wondered why her alarm system did not go off. Oh God! Could an intruder be in her house and have disarmed the alarm? Adrenaline was cursing through her veins and her mind was quickly thinking about what she should do.

  Emily grabbed her cell off of her desk and ran towards the bedroom and locked the door. She stuck her arm as far as she could under the mattress to retrieve the loaded gun and could not reach it without raising the mattress. She had her hand on the 38 and pulled it out from underneath the mattress. All of a sudden, she did not hear either one of her dogs barking. Had the intruder done something to her dogs? She ran to her large, walk-in closet and closed the door. She dialed 911 for the police, whispered the information they ask for. They asked her to stay on the line but she hung up. She had to concentrate on what was going on. This door had no lock on it. She sat in the corner of the closet and pointed the gun towards the door. There was only one way in here and she had the gun pointed at mid height. She steadied her hand with her other hand. She was sweating and shaking so badly. She knew at this short of a distance, she couldn't miss whoever came through that door.

  She sat and listened and waited. She heard someone rummaging through drawers and knocking things over. She thought that maybe they would take what they wanted and leave. She then realized that hiding in a closet was the worst place to be. Of course an intruder would look in the closet, that is where a lot of people kept their home safes. 

  She felt hysteria coming on. She was happy, pregnant and not ready to die or even get hurt. She felt that her life was in danger. All of a sudden, the closet door burst open. She closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. The noise of the small gun was deafening. She opened her eyes and a man was laying, bleeding onto the carpet. He was wearing a lab coat. His feet were toward her. She crawled over to see if the man was dead. She rolled him over to feel for a pulse. When she rolled him over, she realized it was her husband that she had just shot! She felt for a pulse and thank God he was still alive. She had shot him in the hip.

  She heard the sirens of the police coming. She ran out of the house to wave them in and told them she had accidentally shot her husband and that he needed an ambulance. An ambulance was already there, following the police. She showed them where her husband was and they took him quickly to the hospital. She rode along in the ambulance with her husband, crying, “I'm sorry baby, I'm so sorry.” He didn't regain consciousness.

  When they got to the hospital, they took him straight back into the depths of the Emergency room and would not let her go back with her husband. She sat weeping, not believing what she had just done. She wondered why she had been so quick to pull the trigger. Why couldn't she have waited just a couple of seconds more to see if she recognized the person coming in? She gave a report to the police as best she could between sobbing. She thought, “That is why the alarm didn't go off, her husband punched in the code. That's why the dogs quit barking, he was their owner. Why didn't he yell for her? Why was he rummaging around in the bedroom? She had so much going through her mind and so many unanswered questions.

  After what seemed like hours, the Dr. came out and told her that her husband was in surgery to repair the damage to his hip and that he should be fine. She asked, “Will he be able to walk?” The Dr. said he would but would need extensive physical therapy. She asked, “How long will the surgery last? Can I see him?” The Dr. told her the surgery would last a couple of hours and then he would be heavily sedated because of the pain he would be in when he woke up.

  She sat at his bedside for two days. The Dr. came in and said that he was reducing the medication that was sedating him and that he would be waking soon. She waited and waited. She held his hand and she prayed like she had never prayed before. She left his hand soaked with tears. She heard “Emily?” She looked up and Drew was awake. His voice was hoarse but he managed, “What happened?” She told him that she had shot him, thinking he was an intruder. She said, “Drew, oh please, can you ever forgive me?” He just said, “I love you” and went back to sleep. After a couple more hours of him sleeping, she decided to go home take a short rest, shower and grab a bite to eat, take care of her dogs and headed back to the hospital.

  When she got back to her husband's room, he was more awake and alert. She asked, “Why were you sneaking into the house and why didn't you yell for me so I'd know who it was?” He said, “ I bought you a diamond necklace for Christmas and I wanted to hide it. I walked past the bay window so that I could see if you were working at your desk. I went to the back of the house by the kitchen and turned off the alarm. As I came in, I knocked over a glass that was sitting on the edge of the counter.I thought the dogs would give me away but they calmed down once I petted them and they knew it was me. I went to the bedroom and looked for a drawer to hide the necklace in. After hiding it, I went into the closet to change clothes and that was the last thing I remember.

  She was amazed at the story. She told Drew what she thought was happening, that there was an intruder and all that she had gone through. Again, she apologized profusely and told him how much she loved him. He said, “Thank God you are such a lousy shot.” and smiled. She knew then that he had forgiven her. He said, “Now you spoiled my Christmas surprise!” She said, “I have a surprise for you and you will never guess what it is in a million years.” He said, “A new lab coat?” She answered, “No, we are going to have a baby.” She searched his face for some reaction. After a few moments, he got a big smile on his face and yelled, “I'm going to be a father!”. They both agreed that even though they thought they weren't ready to be parents, you can't take any life for granted and that they would be the best parents they could be and both couldn't be happier.

The day that Drew was released from the hospital, they got rid of the gun.




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