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Explore GOLD City, and some of the most notorius criminals in it. Like hitman Willie, vegalante John Smith(Expect a spin-off), or Ex-drug dealer Emile

Submitted: July 08, 2008

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Submitted: July 08, 2008



JD Caldwell’s

Gold City

Island 1

Old Town

Part 1

Flames of Fury

Emiel Cartobashe was a retired man of 47; he retired early because of his drug reputation in Gold City. Emiel was a big man, not as tall, as he was buff. Emiel tried to settle down with a kid and his wife. He was a man with a long ponytail and a clean beard, and you don’t want to fuck with this guy he’ll land you in the ER.


Emiel was lying under a bridge with all the things he cared to possess were on his Harley. Several months earlier the gang he was in called The Volyums, came from the old man Tony Volyum, the biggest crime lord in Gold City. The Volyums wanted him back, he refused, and they killed his wife and 24-year-old son.


Emiel was on the run, and thanks to Detective Bruce Williams and his partner, Detective Kevin Martin, he got a head start. Emiel’s only reason to live was he found out he had a long lost son, his name was Lewis Stananskie. Lewis never wanted to hurt anybody, he was a kid who was going to collage to get his degree, leave Gold City, and become a writer, Emile was afraid he would bring all the violence, sorrow and hate to the eyes of his newfound son, and he didn’t went to do that, just stop by, and take his first glance at his son, and keep his own troubles to himself.


Emiel was driving for hours upon hours, determined to get to his sons college on this same warm August night. He pulled up to The Crow Institute of Writing and Literature. All he saw were flames reaching up to the heavens as thou communicating with God, even thought this were a dreadful crater of hell, the flame had a sort of majestic look to it as it danced in the night sky. Emiel’s heart sank into his stomach as he dropped to the ground. The one thing he was cavorting after, had slipped threw his fingers and was now lost to the abyss. The Volyums would make his life a living hell until he did what they wanted, but he had lost everything and there was no way he would give in now what could he lose, his life, he didn’t care anymore he would make those basterds pay. He had lost everything he ever wanted and had, it has be said many times, many ways, it was what people called the saying of Gold Town, “Shit Happens.”




Part 2

Snoopy Whores

Roxxy awoke to find herself in a bed, not hers, than she realized she went home with another man, she hadn’t remember his name or even his face for that matter. She was looking around to try and find a picture or something so she could remember him. She saw a hospital ticket and it said John Smith on it, then she remembered him introducing himself. She walked over to a shelf, and saw a picture, she then remembers his face, and that she got wasted and came back here.


“Hey I’m goin out for fresh air be up in a minute.” John called up.


Roxxy accidentally knocked over a picture, and as she was picking it up, behind it was a red button with wires coming from it, Cool looks like that goes to a trap door or something like that, I shouldn’t press it, should I.


Meanwhile outside, John was walking to his mailbox; there were two guys there. “You got the money,” John asked


“You got the merchandise.” The smaller guy said


John grabbed the case and walked off “Where you think your goin, huh.” The big man said pointing a gun at him.


“The stuffs in the mailbox.” John replied.


The smaller guy opened up the mailbox to see it was empty, but before he could say or do anything, John whacked the suitcase against the mans face, breaking his nose. The big man ran toward him, John kicks the little mailbox, snapping it off the ground. He grabbed it and started beating the big guys face in, blood flings everywhere. When he was satisfied he was dead he went to the little guy and stabbed the broken stem of the mailbox in his back.


He walked towards the house when the house exploded, throwing John a few feet, and got up and said it himself, “That dumb bitch pressed the damn red button, that’s the third whore this week to do that, I really need to quit putting C-4 in the walls of the house.”


John moved some of the big chunks of his lawn and pulled on a chain that opens a hatch, he threw the bodies down the 17-foot hole and shut it back. “Fuck, I don’t have a car” he then turned his head toward the car the drug dealers drove, which was a very nice Austin Martin V-12 Vanquish, and the keys were in it and ready to go. This was a good deal tonight, he got a car and 2.5 million dollars, but he lost his house, but this is when the Gold City’s saying comes in, “Shit Happens.”









Part 3

Gold City Uzi Massacre


Willie. One name. That is what everyone called the best hit man in the city. Willie had a few strange and sometimes brutal methods of killing, but he always got the job done. He usually would blow the victim away with an Uzi; sometimes like a drive by, other times he might get a little creative.


 The door to Willie’s mamma’s house busted open revealing Willie standing there with his trusty Uzi in one hand a baseball bat in the other, and blood smeared all over him, his moms’. The gang known as the Sinners, more of a black gang, sold drugs, drive-bys that kind of shit. Anyways the Sinners killed his mom trying to get to him, because a few months earlier Willie killed one of the leaders of the gang Chris Hemming. Sometimes detectives hire hit men to take out major gang leaders like Chris. There was still one leader to kill James “B-Bat” Johnson, and Willie was going to waste him.


Willie snuck out of the house and in the neighbors yard was a man with an AK. Willie holstered his Uzi grabbed the bat with both hand and waked his head with such force that it snapped the guys neck. Another guy ran from the bushes with a switchblade, Willie slammed the bat against the mans arm breaking it and throwing the blade in the air, Willie cought it and jammed it in the mans neck.


More men came running out, Willie chucked the bat at the closest men and pulled out his Uzi and picked up the broken necked mans pistil and blasted the remaining three guys, but just to Willies luck five more guys came running in from the alleys. The fired at Willie and he dove behind a car, these fuckers are determined, ha, there in for a surprise. He waited till they had to reload and popped out from behind the car and fired away killing two of them. Then they fired back and he ducked back down.


He opened the car door and slithered in and started her up, putting it in reverse and flooring it. He ran over two more, one killed, and the other injured. The last man standing fired at the car screaming, he stopped, opened the car door to revel it was empty. Willie tied the injured man to the back of the car, and then sneaked back to the driver’s door, to see the other man sticking his head in the other door. Then fast as lightning Willie wedged the Uzi between the gas pedal and the seat.


  The other man didn’t even have a chance to fire; the car took off, the injured guy dragging behind the car and the other man lying in the car. The man got up and looked out the windshield to see a big gasoline truck.


Willie stood up to see pieces of the truck, car, and bodies everywhere.  He heard sirens and ran of into the back ally of the hood known as Abraham Park. As Willie was running he realized in Gold City shit really does happen.






Part 4

A Tale Of Two Hookers

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