The Shield

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Detective Jane Rizzoli tells her best friend Maura how she feels. This will be a two part story.

Submitted: January 07, 2014

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Submitted: January 07, 2014



Disclaimer: I do not own Rizzoli and Isles or the characters contained herein the story. Janet Tamaro and the wonderful people of TNT do. This is soley written for fun and not profit.

Prologue: Because I stumble over my own words I had to write the following letter. I'm exposing my heart to you. They say a person can suffer hell long before ever going there. The trauma from Hoyt...then you getting kidnapped by Rockmond took me there. I thought I might loose you, my family, and my brothers in blue. After suffering this I knew I had to tell you. One thing this trauma has not screwed up is my ability to love you Maura. You're every woman in the world to me.

Pt I


It was once said perceptions and thoughts are the most powerful weapons on Earth. People think the silver badge means " bad- ass detective" or " fearless." All those implications crumble when you are near. The sight of you leaves me breathless, defenseless, un-nerved, and utterly speecless. That scares the shit out of me.

Our time together is a priceless treasure. Somewhere between Friday night movies on your couch with stolen glances and nervous smiles...You captured my heart. In fact as I am thinking of you now it is beating in my throat. I don't trust letting myself fall because you could not possibly feel the same about me.

I am just a blue collar detective. You are the CME of Boston and way out of my league Maura. My detective's salary would afford you way less than you deserve. Your class, beauty, and grace far exceed my own.

When you look at me I swear I see the sparkle of love. Am I misinterpreting the look in your eyes? To prove my love I wrote this poem for you:

Looking into your eyes takes my soul on a journey its never been. I suppose one could consider this the road less traveled for my emotions. The beauty of everything that's you enchants me. Your beautifully caring heart captivates me. My God, you are so stunningly gorgeous. The way those golden locks cascade down your back, with the scent of your undoubtedly expensive Gardenia shampoo intoxicating me as it wafts in the breeze. Your hazel eyes remind me of a beautiful moonlit walk on the beach. I could never tire of looking at you, it makes my body radiate with a warmth that sets me on fire from head to toe. It is a feeling of pure ecstacy that engulfs my entire being.  This is a feeling that will never leave me. I want you to have the key to my heart for a lifetime. Now the million dollar question is....Will you have me? I will spend the rest of my life proving my boundless love.

J.C. Rizzoli.

Please be kind. This is my very first story. Depending on how well you lovely people like it I'll post the other part.  Let me know what you think. Love you all and God Bless. 




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