Defending Marriage: a Conservative Perspective

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I offer a few distinct arguments for the defense of marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Submitted: March 08, 2011

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Submitted: March 08, 2011



I am not particularly adamant about this position, but I understand it and can argue it. Hopefully, this argument provides some insight into the conservative mindset of all the so-called \"homophobic gay-bashers.\"

In the Abrahamic faiths, \"marriage\" conjoins a man and a woman under Him. Secondarily, the state offers formal recognition of this primarily religious union. Marriage is not intended as a matter of the nations and their legislatures. It was created by and occurs only with Him. Through the religious institution of marriage, He joins men with women in marriage to permit their sexual relations for them to make babies without sin.

In the Torah, God created \"marriage\"' and explained that, in marriage, a man and a woman are joined as one flesh.
In the Torah, God forbids us to stick our dicks in other dudes.
In the Torah, God forbids us to stick our dicks in women who are not married.
In the Torah, God forbids us to stick our dicks in animals and relatives, too.

Marriage was not made for tax breaks and cheaper auto-insurance. It was made for living in His way, and engaging in homosexual sex is a sin, whether or not you are \"married\" in the eyes of a nation's legislature. If the state affords homosexual couples an equivalent legal status via civil unions, homosexuals have no reason to inject themselves into the secondary recognition by legislatures of the primarily religious institution of marriage.

I do know that, if legalized, He would continue to disregard homosexual marriages. At the same time, however, the homosexual push for marriage is an assault when civil unions afford an equivalent legal status, because in marriage legal recognition comes secondary to the religious commitment with the God in whom they do not even believe or, at least, care to follow.

We religious folks try to identify, admit & repent our transgressions. We try but tend overlook a fair bit. We do not, however, lobby the damn legislature to formally recognize any of our sinful actions; neither do we demand the legislature respect our sins through the legislative redefinition thereof and the subsequent incorporation of sins into the moral constructs of the church.

Furthermore, 'marriage' did not exist prior to the 13th century as an English construct, because the language was not formalized until then. As the arguments and marital law involve the English word, 'marriage' has always explicitly existed as the coupling of a man with a woman in the Abrahamic context.

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