The Unseen

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Everyday there are influences in all of our lives. How we react to those reflects who we truely are!

Submitted: November 08, 2017

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Submitted: November 08, 2017



The Unseen


Jake Wheeler was young man when he discovered that there was more to the outside world than working on the family farm. He had gone to school in a little town, that one time had been one of the biggest producers of corn. The factories had all but shut down big companies had come in bought most of the land and the families who believed in what they were doing stayed. Jake’s great grandfather had owned over 1200 acres of corn fields at one time and had one of the biggest operations there. He had several patents that he invented to help with corn farming communities and including other crops. He sold most of the ideas he had back then was extremely wealthy for the time. He died in his 50’s and left everything to Jakes grandfather. Now he wasn’t so much into the farming business and when he was left to decide the future of the company he went with the bigger companies for back up and many other families followed. Then when everything seemed to be going well there was a drought that lasted almost 2 years hardly producing anything at all. After that Jakes Grandfather just couldn’t keep up with the demand that the big companies demanded and literally lost everything and so did most of the other farmers in the area. After realizing that the family fortune was about gone due to his decision making he went into drunken haze that lasted 5 more years until it eventually killed him due to liver damage. Jakes father was young when his father had gave ownership to most of the land to Orien. A huge company from the West Coast that came and bought and took over most of the farms in the 70’s and would eventually bring the town of Evans to an end.


Jakes grandfather sold everything but 80 acres and rights to 2 patents that still brought in a little income every month just enough to keep the family afloat, at least for a while. Jakes grandmother was a strong woman and after the death of her husband ran the farm and was able to raise 2 young boys, Jakes father and his brother. Now Jakes father was more like his father and wasn’t much for the farming style and when he could he left to the city to work jobs as he could but always ended back up to the farm. He inherited several of his traits from his father including getting into trouble with the law. Jakes Mother was the daughter of the grocery stores owner in the next town of Orville. They had been friends in school and after several years of going back and forth they tried to settle down in her parent’s family home. After Jake turned 2 his father and mother split and a custody battle started. His mother didn’t want Jake around his father which only made matters worse when his father would drink and start making trouble for everyone. Jakes Mother finally was awarded custody and after 6 months of being locked up for assault on her father, he was released and moved back to the farm. Jake was 10 and only knowing the side of the story of his mother his father tried to get back into life. His mother had been in a relationship with another man who didn’t really want the responsibilities of being a father figure and let it be known to Jake more often than not. Jake talked his mother into letting him to go stay with his father and she did it, but not without letting it be known she would stand for any of his nonsense. Jake saw his mother often at first but after time the visits got further in between until eventually it was only holidays that he saw her. Now Jakes Grandmother was so happy to have a young boy in the house and still ran the farm like it needed to be. Keeping up with the bills as she could and working where she could if need be. She helped raise Jake to be the man he would eventually be.


Now Jakes uncle didn’t stay home long he was off the farm and not heard from when he turned 16. He never wanted anything to do his brother and the farm and wanted nothing to do with anyone. His father was a big part of his leaving before he died he would take all of his hate out on him beating him and after his father died he left and joined the Military. He became a traveling salesman and went all over the country selling life insurance wasn’t a lifestyle for a farmer. He also took after the family tradition of drinking and getting into trouble only difference is was trained to kill and if you caught him on the wrong night things could escalate and get bad for whoever the receiver of his pain was. Jakes father really didn’t know his brother or what he did, or how he was. Just knew that compared to his brother his life was not as bad. Now Jakes father stayed on the farm and raised Jake the best he could. His mother helped and together they kind of started to get the farm back to earning money and trying to make it when times were tough. Jakes Grandmother was getting older and she couldn’t do as much and being the young man his responsibilities grew and going to school working the farm took all of his time.


Jakes grandmother was a sweet woman and always had a special place in her heart for her grandson Jake. She would tell him stories of the past and how things were and how good they were and sometimes the bad. Explained how life was to the best of her abilities, and tried to be the best mother figure she could for this young man. Now Jake and his grandmother also talked about things, secret things, but had to make sure his father never heard. “Jake Wheeler” she would say “the spirits are calling you “. Jakes Grandmother was a medium and all her life she had seen spirits, ghosts, demons, and angels. This was inherited to Jake the only difference was he could hear them and that made him special. That made him a weapon, a weapon that had never been seen before.


Growing up in such a turmoil of a home Jake could see the spirits that influenced people including his mother and father. Now even though he could see and hear these super natural beings, he had no understanding of them and somehow knew if he talked about it would be frowned upon. This was something his grandmother imposed on him at early age as she could see the spirits who came to him. His Mother’s relationship was with a man who was about control and his mother had none to his will. He could see that this man had presence of a being that didn’t want any other influences including Jake around. He showed it towards Jake when he would make sure to take up all of the attention from his mother. And when Jake was able to understand that is was influencing his mother he felt there was nothing he could do help her. Or unaware of being able to do anything. His Father had several Demons when first remembers him being drunk all the time. Yelling being obnoxious and just letting out of the demons influences. That’s when his Grandmother started showing him that he could help his father and together they were able to get the demons away and that’s when he discovered he was able to cast away the evil and help the spirits that needed it. Alone his Grandmother couldn’t help her children or her husband but when she saw that Jake was able control them by his ora or power of sorts. His ability hear them and ability to control them and his fate was for certain intended for more than farming. 


“Jake Wheeler, the spirits are calling you”.


Jane lived in Williamsburg, grew up as a teachers daughter. Had a modest life and never complained about much. Her father was killed in the war when she was still in her mother’s womb. Her mother remarried but divorced just a few years later. Knowing her main priority was her daughter went and earned her teaching degree and started teaching at the local elementary school. Jane had good grades and went on to high school and started getting ready to go to college. She had her life ahead of her. She always studied and had her head in books. The super natural always gave her tingles down her back when she would read about someone seeing things that couldn’t be explained. She never was introduced to any church for her mother didn’t believe in such things, therefore she never had a sense of it. She always felt that there was more to our existence than she knew she just had no understanding of it. Her senior year in high school would turn her life upside down and things would never be the same!

Sam was a quite kid in school always looked down on upon for living in the low income part of town. He never had new clothes, never had nice shoes. His father was the local drunk who always beat on his mother and whenever the police were involved nothing would ever come of it because his mother was too afraid to say anything. She tried to make sure nothing ever was passed to Sam from his father rage, she tried to protect him. Sam always knew that one day he would have to stop his father but unfortunately he had his mother’s size frail and petite. He worked part time at the bowling alley working the back. Helping with pin machines and trying to learn as much as he could about them. His dream was one day to have his own Bowling alley. He attended school with Jane and they were friends, He would have liked it to be more but knew he couldn’t, she was going to college and there was no way his parents could afford it, and his grades were not that good to get him into one. So he decided he could at least be friends and hopefully one day things would work out. And everything changed one fateful night!


Sam and Jane always went to school on the same route. Well Sam would have another mile or so he had to walk. But he always walked her to school. They would talk about the classes the homework well at least Jane did. Sam would always agree with her even if he didn’t understand what she was talking about. He would talk about working on the machines and Jane always had questions about it. It was new to her and she liked to learn. There were some days that the walks seemed long and other days where the time would fly by, depending on the subject. Jane would talk about her dreams and ambitions and going to college. And deep inside Sam would feel bad because he talked about trying to go too. Knowing he would never be able to go he would try to change subject and talk about something else. Sometimes Jane seemed to understand and go along with the subject change but always seemed to go back to it. She believed that maybe she could change how he felt. It’s coming up to mid-year the weather is getting colder and there is snow on the ground. Sam showed up at Janes door as usual knocked and she came to the door. And she explained to him how she had been talking to Chad, and how he was going to pick her up for school. Now Sam and Jane had walked to school together for years and she offered to see if Chad could take him, he shook his no and walked away with his head down, and walked on to school. To Sam this was the beginning of the end.

Weeks had gone by and Sam had done everything to avoid walking by Jane’s house, even going blocks around. During school he would make sure to bypass Jane’s classes and even during the lunch break he would try to sit out of her view. One day Jane saw him sitting in the hall down from the cafeteria, reading a book of all things. “SO, are we not friends anymore” she asked him. “Seems like you have just vanished and you seem to be avoiding me.” Sam never looking up at her said” I have been busy with working and if I don’t get my grades up I might have to repeat next year, that’s what the counselor said at least. I have to have 3 book reports in by the end of this month or I don’t pass English. So I am sorry if it seems that way just trying to get this stuff done while I can.” And looking up at her “we will always be friends right?” She shook her head yes “of course we will you are my best friend and I seem a little lost not talking to you lately. You know I got another letter from this college in Ohio, and they said” Sam interrupted her “Hey that’s great but I need to get class they are keeping real tight tabs on me right now with this stuff. But I hope everything works out for you with that, just let me know what happens ok. I will talk to you later Jane.” Sam said while he walked down the hall. “Ok “Jane said right as he turned the corner. Chad walked up behind touching her on her shoulder “You see he’s a weirdo he doesn’t care about any of that stuff. Come on babe lets go finish lunch. Zack got a new car from his parents we are going to check out after school today. Its Z 28 350 double barreled “ Jane stopped and said “ that’s great , yeah, yeah I need to grab some stuff from my locker for 5th hour I will meet after school in parking lot” “ Ok babe, see you then “ Chad said as he walked into the cafeteria. Jane went into the bathroom and started crying not only has she lost her best friend she lost him over a selfish jock. Sam went out of the bldg. and started walking home. The thought of Jane moving to Ohio was so overwhelming he felt himself starting to get upset and that’s the last thing he wants anyone to see.


Now it’s been more than month and Sam and Jane have barely talked but a few times, mostly just passing by saying hi in the halls. She tried several times to catch him before he went to work but he always seem to be able to get out of any long conversations. The weather is starting warm up the snows have melted and Track season has started. So Chad is more distracted going to practice making Jane wait for him until practice was done so he could take her home. It’s seemed to Sam she had finally found what she was looking for. He would be spotted watching her form a distance until one day he was confronted by Chad and Zack and few others. “Ok man, I have tolerated this long enough wierdo”, Chad said “If I catch you watching her again like a goon I will kick your ass. Do you understand what I am saying to you dude?” Sam looked him right in the eyes “you don’t deserve you she has no idea what kind of person you are. I saw you making out with Wendy the other day.” Chad face turned to anger “Have you been watching me, Have you been spying on me too freak? Oh man this was just a warning and now it’s a total ass beating coming.” Zack grabbed Sam from the back and Chad started punching him in the face and the stomach. And after he was almost passed out form the beating “If I find out you say anything to Jane or anyone else I will make sure they never find your body. If you go anywhere near Jane again I will burn your house down and start from there. You got me you freak you piece of garbage.” Sam couldn’t speak the breath was knocked out of him but he knew he had no chance of doing anything there were 5 of them so he shook his head yes. But inside he knew no matter what he had to let Jane know the truth.


Jakes grandmother had hid away her grandson’s gifts not only from the public but from the spirits and demons as well. Jakes father had somewhat become more responsible when it comes to being a father a farmer and a son. He did everything he could for his mother but she had lived a hard life and he knew the time was coming. He worked the farm hard and when Jake would get home from school he would help get the days over with so they could go spend time with her. Every day she seemed to fade away a little more. Talking to herself and Jake going in and trying to talk to her. Now she wasn’t really talking to herself it was the spirits and after time Jake began to tell her that they were saying back to her. Her family was waiting for her. Her sweet mother and kind father her sisters and brother. The love in her life truly expressed the ending that was coming the love and kindness that she had spread was coming back to repay her. Karma it seems really does pay attention. One night after his father went to bed Jake went down to his grandmother bedside kneeled down and started praying then he felt a gentle touch and heard his Grandmothers voice. “OH dear boy what are you doing?” she said. “I am so scared grandma, I don’t know what to do. I can see these things, I can hear what they say. What am I supposed to do if you go?” Jake said. “I have protected you from yourself for so long, you have a gift and power I could never for see but know I understand more than I ever could you are destined for greatness. You have been given a gift that could help save lives, change the influences, and help people like no one has before. Just understand that once you have conquered your fears of the unseen you will be able to control them. Almost have them do what you will with them. They will try to fight you but you will see that it’s our decision to change, not theirs. They just need to be influenced in the right direction.” His grandmother told him everything he needed to hear. He looked up and noticed she hadn’t moved her eyes were still closed and that’s when he realized she had passed and spoke to him from the other side. He went and woke up his father and with his touch his father opened his eyes and said “I know”, a tear rolled down his face” I know, son”. While they called the police to take the next steps, Jake went back into the bedroom the spirits were gone except one hovering over her, almost lowering down to her face and then almost as if it were kissing her, Jake had a feeling this was the spirit of his grandfather saying his final goodbye. Jake felt a relaxing feeling knowing that he was there with her.


As the funeral plans were getting figured people came out of the woodwork to come pay their respects to the Wheeler’s for the loss of great woman. Neighbors and friends came by with food and cards and talked to his father really only remembering the times when he wasn’t really a good man. Jake could see these mists some darker than others hovering people he would go and shake the hands of some of these people and it seemed to make them more comfortable around his father. Almost change how they saw him. In a different light almost, they would seem fade or brighten up these mist would become and the people would go and talk to his father as if they had only known the good side of him. Jake then realized what his grandmother was saying was the truth and he did have a power of sorts. Days went by the funeral was planned for a Saturday and on Thursday there was an unexpected visitor.  A red 4 door car came pulling into the driveway, slowed down as it got closer to the house and finally stopped about 100 feet from the house. Jake yelled for his father and he came around the house and literally stopped in his tracks. A man got out of the car clean cut and rugged looking. “Wow this place hasn’t changed much” the stranger said. Now looking at the man Jake could see all sorts of influences surrounding him some darker than he had seen before. “Well it’s been a long time” Jakes father said “What are you doing here?” The man walked over to Jake’s father shook his hand and said “I was driving through haven’t been here since I don’t know when. I felt something pulling me off the highway thought of mama and started driving here. Where is she at I haven’t heard from her in while.” It was Jakes long lost uncle. Jake went over to his father’s side put his hand out and said “My names Jake, Grandma passed last week.” Jakes father replied as well “the services are Saturday you can stay until then if you want.” And walked away. Jakes uncle just stood there shook Jakes hand and said “Thanks”. Jake saw the influences get even darker as the man proceeded back to his car. He pulled out a brown bag of his car unscrewed the lid started drinking. Jake said “If you want to drink sir you need to go ahead go do it somewhere else liquor isn’t allowed on this property anymore.” The man looked him with almost disgust then as soon Jake focused on his mists they turned brighter and the man put down his bottle and grabbed his things. Jake walked him into the house and proceeded to take him to guest bedroom. The man opened the door and realized his mother hadn’t changed much to this room it was the room he grew up in until he left. The man turned to Jake told him thanks and shut the door. That night he never came out of the room and Jake and his father didn’t say much to each other about it either. It’s Friday before the services Jake woke up and saw his father and his uncle through the window standing out by the barn talking. He put on his jacket and went out to see what was going on. As he walked up to them he noticed there wasn’t any influences around either of them. They were talking about things that had happened when they were kids. Jake had good feeling when came up to them and both of them were smiling telling him good morning. “Jake”, his uncle said “good morning” said Jake “how would you like to go bowling tonight? “  Looking up to his father,” Do they still have the one in Williamsburg?” said his uncle. “They sure do, it will be like old times!” said Jakes father. Thy kept reminiscing as they walked back into the house.


That evening around 5 after they ate dinner they all got into the truck. Headed into Williamsburg to bowling alley. On the way Jake sat in the middle as his father and uncle talked about girls and farms and jobs they had. The good times mostly neither one really spoke of any negative times because they had so many and it didn’t matter anymore. When they got there it was packed but they were able to get a lane. They got the shoes and balls and headed to lane 15. As they passed the concession stand his father turned and went to order. “What’s you poison “the bartender said “I will have two” Jakes father started talking. Jake notices the influences around him the place of full of them. Jake placed his hand on his father’s shoulder and said “we will have 3 soda’s thanks”. The man looked at Jakes father “you heard him 3 sodas” Jakes father said. They brought the sodas out to them the uncle laughed and said “Just like old times and cheered Jakes father and Jake. They began playing and talking and laughing it was the happiest he had seen his father in a long time. There were several people there, couples families, kids, teenagers. Jake was seeing a full spectrum of colors in influences. Not even knowing what most of meant. He had been exposed to school his family and friends. It was more of a learning experience for him he thought for his bright future to come. He noticed a group teenagers at the end of the lanes being all loud and obnoxious, yelling at each other and at the workers one even grabbed up a bowling ball and through it across several lanes. The owner of the bowling alley came running up and grabbed one of them up and took him outside. Apologized to everyone else and gave everyone a free game. “Dang if I knew that would have happened we would have done that years ago” Jakes uncle said then laughed. They played a couple of more games realized it was getting late and decided to leave. They were walking out to the parking lot and Jake saw something he had never seen before an Influence so powerful and dark raging of red glow. Jake stood still not knowing what to do.

Sam had been writing letters to Jane over and over again explaining his feeling and trying to get up the nerve to tell her about Chad and Wendy. Every time he did he would crumble it up and throw it away. He didn’t know what to do he paced up and down his road until he finally realized it was time for him to go to work. He headed that way still undecided on how he was going to do it. When he got there right away there were 2 lanes down he had to work on 15 and 24. He was able to get lane 24 up pretty quick but it was still making noises. The owner told him to go ahead and go work on 15 since 24 was working. The customers started coming the lanes started filling up and people started their Friday night Bowl. Sam worked on that lane for almost an hour before he was able to get up and running as he went to get out of the back lane 24 ha broke down again. He sighed and stopped and started hearing all yelling from the customers how it wasn’t working. He went over and started working on it. Almost a half passed when he finally was able to get them back up and running. And the owner kept coming in back trying to get him help but the customers were just being difficult. As he walked the back he heard “No wonder it broke there was a freak back there scaring it” laughter filled the group and as he looked up he saw Jane. Chad had yelled at him some more calling him names yelling at every one about how bad of a place the bowling alley was. He came over to Sam and shoved him told him to get lost. Sam looked over at Jane who at this time hadn’t said anything and asked “Do you know about Chad and Wendy?” Chad enraged started yelling at Sam even more everyone around them started getting louder. Chad came up to Sam and slapped him and said “that’s for lying about me you freak ass”. Sam looked at June and she said “Why would you lie about something like that Sam I thought we were friends.” She turned her back to Sam grabbed up Chads hand walked out the bowling alley. Zack grabbed Sam told him they were going to go burn his piece of shit house down. Sam looked up and with everything he had he shoved Zack off of him grabbed up a bowling ball and threw it. The owner came running down and grabbed up Sam told him his fired and made him leave.

Sam so distraught not knowing what to do had nowhere to go went and found a rock and broke out a car window where he saw a bottle of liquor sitting in the seat. He grabbed the bottle and went walking off into woods near the bowling alley. Zack had went out and got Chad and Jane from outside telling them that the owner got rid of the problem. Chad convinced Jane that Sam was just jealous and would say anything to get them to break up. Jane agreed and started bowling again. During the night Chad had been sneaking drinks in his jacket telling Jane to have some but she didn’t until after the ordeal with Sam. Well finally when Jane seemed to have a little more than she should have she asked Chad to take her home. He agreed told everyone goodnight walking up to Zack whispering something in his ear. They laughed and he walked her out to his car. As they got in Chad tried starting his car but couldn’t get it to start. He said” I must have flooded it, going to have wait a little bit “He leaned over and gave Jane a kiss. She kissed him back and then he started to try to touch her and kiss her some more at first it seemed harmless but then he got little more private. She asked him to stop he kept saying it was just time and she wanted too. She told him NO again but he kept grabbing her and finally she yelled. At this point the door flies open Sam is standing there pulls out Chad and started to hit him with metal bar. Sam was drinking in the woods and watched them walk out and couldn’t believe that all that had happened decided that he was going to confront him again and by the time he made it to car she was yelling. He grabbed a bar that next to the parking lot opened the door and rage came over him like nothing else. As he started hitting him all he could think about was what he said how Chad and Zack would kill him and burn down his house. He began to just swing that bar as hard as he could and it didn’t matter nothing mattered he had lost everything. As he went to hit him with his final blow the one that would end everything a gentle hand touched his shoulder. He turned and it was Jane asking him to put down the bar. “I believe you” she said “I am so sorry Sam, I love you”. From across the parking lot stood a young man with two men. Jake stood there with fists as tight as he could get them whispering. Jake looked up to his father who was speechless. His uncle touched Jakes shoulder and said “ the spirts are calling you , just like she said “ “Just like she said “ Jakes father said with a tear in his eye.



“Now there is an unseen force that propels people in life. It can control our actions our words and our feelings. It has the power to influence the weak and the strong. It can even make the ground shake and the wave’s crash. Now scientists have spent centuries trying to debunk these forces. Evolution, for instance has been so controversial for so many years it is hard to tell where one might believe this is just one theory. Aliens influencing our dna, monkeys evolving into humans, Adam and Eve. Earthquakes tidal waves hurricanes, what can we say it’s the world we live on. Tectonic plates shifting, moons gravity, ocean winds, god’s wrath, devils playground. These are all theories and no one knows exactly how it all started or the world acts like it does ,But it’s not how it started, it’s how is it going to end. Now ask yourself what is it exactly that you can do about it?”

“Any one person knowing everything and being able to explain it, is impossible. And any intelligent person should be able to understand that there are things that need to be learned. Once we quit learning new things we start to die. Our minds are the most powerful force we will ever be able to control and once we believe that there is nothing more out there to challenge us, the fight to survive will be lost. We have different beliefs in our origins, or why the forces of nature act the way they do. But if we keep an open mind maybe everything is connected in one way or another, and it may be just as simple as it’s what we made.”



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