Jessica Danielle Parker: Caught!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Danielle talking to her BFF, Jody, and gets just a little surprised...
I once had a Charlie in my life (and I reacted to him the exact same way Danielle acts to Charlie), and he inspired me to write like this. If he knew these stories were based on him, however, he'd most likely think I'm especially freaky. x


“Oh my gosh, Jody, I have SOOO much to tell you!”  squeaked Danielle excitedly.

“What?” questioned Jody, morbidly curious.

“Wellll…Sahara’s found a few notes about Charlie.”

“Oh no,”

“Oh, yes!” replied Danielle. “One of them said-,” she broke off, laughing at the memory, “one of them,” she choked a bit.

“It’s fine, take your time,” Jody smiled.

“Why?” but Danielle brushed off the feeling of doubt and began her tale of hilarity. “Okay, so, in the note, I was saying to Latoya how good-looking Charlie is, right. And I was like: Derek is cute and all, looking like Justin Bieber, dimples, and the sweet braces, and what eyes! But. Then you get Charlie! Blonde hair-blonde hair!” Danielle repeated for effect, “and such blue eyes! Gorgeous blue eyes. And his freckles! Sure, Derek has freckles too, but Charlie has them all over his body and such smooth skin! Yes, he’s soo fantastic looking, am I correct? You’re supposed to say ‘Yes, he’s soo cute’,” Danielle cooed.

“Yes. He is soo cute,” Jody answered sarcastically.

“Well, you shouldn’t be staring at him! He’s mine!” Danielle voiced seriously. “Anyway, quoting from Spud, if Eve’s a six, then Mrs Bocsh’s an eight! Except in my case, it’s like, ‘if Derek’s a six, then Charlie’s an eight!’ But, like, if someone described Charlie to me…like they were all, ‘he has blue eyes and blond hair,’, I’d be all ‘ag, that’s so cliché’ and if they said ‘he had freckles’ I’d say, ‘I’ve seen too much of those’, also with Derek, ‘he’s short with dimples and braces’ and I’d be like ‘ick’, but I guess you have to meet them to experience-really experience-their magic. Derek makes you feel…blissful inside, you know? And Charlie…oh, Charlie… hey, what’s so funny about Charlie being sexy?” Danielle suddenly piped at Jody random outburst of laugh.


“Nothing,” that was a dead giveaway. Danielle glanced to her right, saw nothing (as Jody had said) and continued with her story:

“But, when Charlie’s around…he makes me feel like…like, like. I’m so paid,”

“It’s a rap thing. Being paid is practically the best thing ever. It means you’re rich,”

“Aah,” Jody said, understanding dawning slowly on her.

“Anyway,” Danielle continued, “imagine if Tamara was still with Derek. Now, all of them have been giving me looks: Derek, Tamara; Sahara and Charlie. It would be like when couples attack! And Sahara’s been so…”


“How’ve I been lately?” smiled Sahara from behind me. Jody burst into a spasm of giggles. She knew. That’s why she was laughing earlier. Danielle did a sharp 180° and saw Derek, Charlie, Tamara, Katy, and Cameron behind her. Jody was still laughing. Danielle felt hot. How much had they heard?
“Nice to know I’m an eight!” grinned Charlie. Danielle felt her usual rush of pleasure from talking to him, then embarrassment, then anger. They’d heard everything. And Jody knew, and she’d let them.

“Cow,” accused Danielle, running off. Charlie stopped her.

By grabbing her hand.


“Why is your hand so warm?” wondered Charlie. Danielle heart-rate increased. He’d touched her. Skin to skin contact.

‘TAKE THAT, SAHARA!’ Danielle internally screamed. ‘Your beau is taking an interest in ME... I flirted with him and he responded. He hugs girls all the time, not just you. WHAT!’ It was a silent, petty ‘victory’ so to say, if you can call it that, but a victory nonetheless in Danni’s dreams. She looked at Sahara’s facial expression. It was…amused. She’s noticed Danni’s reaction and she was…amused by it?

“Danni,” he had a nickname for her? Nicknames were a sign of acceptance or affection. SCORE! “Come on.  But it is nice to know you think so much of me. Oi, Derek, you owe me a silly sour. She likes ME best. You, and Robbie!”

“Robbie? Who said I liked Robbie?”


All eyes (excluding Jody’s, who’d evacuated the scene in a fit in rage and amusement after being called a “cow,”) became trained on Katy. She grinned. Danielle glared at her.

“Whoa,” joked Tamara, giving me one of her looks. What did she think of Danni talking about her and Derek being together again? She used to really like him…

“Um, bye Derek [‘whoa, he’s such good eye-candy! Can’t I just stand and stare?’ thought Danni], Tamara, Cami, Sahara [‘wipe that grin off your face!’ twitched Danielle internally], Katy [glare],” she started running.


“And me, Danni? You do not give me an eight and then ignore me! It’s rude!” Charlie called after the running Danielle. He chased her, gave her a hug once he caught her and said bye. Danni was sweaty and grinning from ear-to-ear all day afterwards. She let Jody be a cow, and said it was a joke, even laughing. She let Latoya read to her fill, she listened to Rachel’s problems. And then she got full marks on her EMS test.


The day was just getting more and more fictional by the minute…

Submitted: March 26, 2012

© Copyright 2022 JDP. All rights reserved.

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Love the last line! Great writing :)

Wed, April 4th, 2012 6:42pm


Ohmigosh, you do not know how I appreciate every single comment I receive and I'd just like to thank you so much and, if you want to (or have nothing better to do) I'd like to encourage you to get to know Jessica (Danielle) better through my other stories. I love you!! Have a stellar day xoxo coz you have made mine!!!

Wed, April 4th, 2012 11:55am


Again, I loved this story! Sounds like something that would happen to me! Well done :)

Mon, April 9th, 2012 12:18pm


OHMIGOSH, thanks soooo much for commenting! Nobody ever comments and I'm so anxious right now and this comment just put a smile of my face and calmed me down and--oh, it was wonderful. Actually, the "Sahara" in my life did find a note about her boyfriend, "Charlie" in which I had said a few things I'd rather she had never, ever read.......

Mon, April 9th, 2012 12:02pm

Steve Balsky

You have this knack of reproducing people's conversations very well and very real. It's almost as if you taped a phone call and transcribed it. Excellent!

Fri, April 13th, 2012 2:04am

Reply, hahahahaha. Thank-you so much! For reading so much, as, yeahhhh....I wouldn't go that far :D, but I do have a v v v personal relationship with all the characters ;-)

Fri, April 13th, 2012 11:06am

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