Jessica Danielle Parker: "Truth."

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Danielle and her darling friends are playing a game of Truth or Dare when, most surprisingly, they get onto the topic of boys. Hot, black boys.
They'll just have to dream on.

Submitted: March 26, 2012

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Submitted: March 26, 2012




“Okay…” giggled Rochelle, “Truth or Dare?” She skillfully spun the bottle and it landed on me.

“Um…” I thought hard—of all the dirty little secrets I had to hide, of all the absolutely horrible things Rochelle could make me do… “Truth,” I decided, instantly regretting it.

Imagine what Rochelle could ask me? Who’s your favourite best friend…do you hate me because I ‘stole’ Latoya from you? Do you still fancy Charlie…did you really think Charlie would go for you? Do you believe you are superior to everyone else in your class? Have you ever bitched about one of your best friends—and what have you said?

Apparently, Rochelle isn’t all that creative because all she asked was, “What do you honestly think of Jody’s love life?”

What love life, Rochelle, what love life??? The fact that it’s non-existent, or that it’s imaginary? Take your pick. You’d think with Jody going on about how she is, like, such good friends with the boys in her class, at least one would ask her out. At least I don’t exaggerate about my relationships with the opposite sex.

Mostly because there aren’t any to exaggerate.

Okay, I know I go on about Jody being Beverley-No-Boyfriend, but I’m in the same boat as her, so I’ve really no room to talk.

“Ummm…” I hesitated.

“Danielle,” prompted Rochelle, “would you like to switch to Dare?” Her eyes gleamed red for just that one second.

“No thanks!” I rejected her hurriedly. Rachel was fixing me with a look; she knew what I was thinking, and was telling me to keep my mouth shut with a look that said, ‘You’ll go on and say something equally idiotic anyway, so why do I bother?’

I grinned back, a message to tell her to cool off.

“Well—personally, I think Jody’s rather unhappy about being alone…” I don’t know where I got it, but suddenly I was full of wisdom, and I was ready to sprout it on command. I talked about how her lack of self esteem was holding her back, and because of that, her self esteem was lowered even more. Then I mentioned how it wasn’t just getting a boyfriend that would benefit my single friend, it was getting the boyfriend. Not a boyfriend that would treat her badly, the boyfriend that would love, care, and nurture her. Not a boyfriend who’d break up with her through a huge fight, leaving Jody in tears. The boyfriend that would calmly tell her he wasn’t sexually attracted to her, the boyfriend that would stay a good friend to her from years there onward. She needed someone persistent who’d work hard to break through her tough exterior to see the gentle, loving person inside just looking for acceptance among her peers and satisfaction in life.

Jody needed Leo.

I could just imagine how they would begin courting, and this dream, a figment of my imagination; I shared that day with my dearest friends, Rochelle, Latoya, Rachel and most of all Jody as we all sat in Rochelle’s garage that afternoon after watching Hangover 2. It wouldn’t be hard to get Leo in Jody’s pants (I don’t mean it that way!!). They did already know each other. Oh, how beautiful the story would be!

*Leo’s Point Of View*

Vuyo,  Ajax, Wayne, Kenneth, Choppa and I were busy racing off to Mr Reddy’s class, the alternative, longer route passing the girl’s and boys’ bathroom, and Mrs Mac’s classroom, along with Derek’s class. We were trying to get away from Dumisani and Tau—so we could discuss them. I thought it was just me, but it turns out the entire group has been feeling like Tau wants to be one of those athletic, popular white guys Tamara’s group drools over, and vice versa. Not only that, but now that Dumisani’s relationship with Vicki is ‘on’ (on-again, off-again, you see), he doesn’t care about us anymore. It’s ‘Vicki’s sooo hot—you guys are all alo-ne!’ these days. Eish! Shut up, Dumi! Anyway, we’d just zipped the alternative route because we knew we didn’t have much time until the teachers arrived, Tau wouldn’t follow us because he was busy walking with Riaan, Romeo, Denzel and Mike, Dumisani wouldn’t follow us because he was talking to Vicki (who isn’t all that hot—or in to him) and we couldn’t get away from Tau and Dumisani at break. They were breaking our group apart! All Dumi wanted to do was go talk with Vicki, and most of our group didn’t mind, because Vicki has funny black chicks for friends, who have huge boobs, while Tau wants to go ‘socialize’ with those white guys mostly because they get pretty, athletic white chicks. Me, Kenneth and Choppa were all for Dumisani, but Wayne wanted a white girlfriend, plus he’s ultra athletic, and Ajax and Vuyo…well, I just don’t know anymore. We needed to sort everything out, without Tau and Dumi interfering, and somehow, we deemed outside Mr Reddy’s class as best. Tau mostly hung out around Derek or Riaan’s class—so they’d he’d be well away from us, and Vicki wasn’t in Mr Reddy’s class, so cheers, Dumisani.

They’re not ‘lovesick.’ They’re so in love it’s sickening. As we passed Derek’s classroom, the hallway was congested with students, and Choppa, amazingly, was the only one able to get through because he saw a gap, (i.e. a thin person was standing in his way) and went through it. The rest of us, however, bumped into a bunch of girls and sent them to the floor, dresses flying (no complaining)—and Derek’s teacher came and gave us all Friday detention for being noisy, naughty and running in the halls.


And that’s how we all found ourselves, two days later, thrown into a room with my friends and some random okes…

Mr Jung was watching us, he’s totally laid-back all the time, really cool, yet really strict; he told us to be quiet while he went off to supervise a rugby game—we’d be left alone, all that time.


Immediately, Kenneth and Wayne began to talk and one the girls there, Jody, told them to shut it.

“Do you want us to all get in trouble for one stupid mistake you made?” she kept repeating.

“Calm down, woman!” snapped Kenneth.

“Yeah, Jodes…” Wayne remarked casually. “He’s not having sex without a condom or anything, just talking during detention, and you’re not his wife who’s going to get infected with a STI, just his fellow troublemaker.”

“I am not a troublemaker,” she denied, “you ran into me!”

“Wayne didn’t run into you,” I decided to announce. “I did.”
Danielle gasped and I could tell Latoya was holding back laughter. She kind of looks like her face is being inflated when she holds back laughter. It’s really weird. Anyway, Wayne and Jody carried on like this for a bit until Danielle muttered to Latoya and then told Jody to drop it.

“But--,” Jody made to protest, but she was cut off.

“Forget it,” sighed Rachel. “It’s not like you care who knocked you over—just remember, you were knocked over. You did it doesn’t make a difference.”

“If Ajax—little weakling he is—had done it, I wouldn’t have this!” Jody lifted her school dress to reveal a large scratch. The fall has skinned her a bit.


Sorry, but ew.

“It’s hurts, too,” admitted Jody, putting down her dress in embarrassment. I walked over and stroked her shoulder.

“I’m really, really sorry.”

Then, out of nowhere, she got up and yelled at me..?

“You have nothing to be sorry about! As for YOU,” she looked ferociously at Danielle. “That’s something you have to figure out for yourself.”

She ran outside, face stony, leaving a very awkward silence.

“Should I do something?” Rachel asked in a calm, casual ‘go figure’ voice.

“She’ll calm down—give her some space,” lied Danielle. She didn’t know what to do.

“Do something,” hissed Latoya. “Dan.”

“She’s obviously not a’ight,” I found myself saying. “Excuse me.”


“Jody?” I sat next to her, she wasn’t crying—I couldn’t imagine Jody of all people crying—but she had a defenseless look on her face. “It’s going to be okay.”

And we sat there, just together, and I felt I had done well.

She was leaning on my shoulder, that entire time, and somewhere along the line she began to mumble. Then mention, and remark, talk and finally confide in me—this girl I barely knew—about a lot of stuff I didn’t know existed. At the end I just nodded like I understood what she was going through but to be honest I’m not exactly positive where she was coming from. Mr Jung saw us sitting outside together, he probably thought we were doing some hanky-panky (ugh) either way, we both ended up in break detention, and it was by break detention that I ended up conversing with the tough black girl again. I was sitting there, about to doze off when she threw me a note. Talking was prohibited.

Jody: Sorz bout this—I didn’t mean 2 gt u in truble!

Leo: cudn’t care less. R u ok?

Jody: Sorz…all that stuff didn’t mean 2 come out…

Leo: It’s ok. U’ll b ok.

Jody: J

Leo: J

And things were okay, because I checked. I think they noticed because once, I was busy eavesdropping when they mentioned me.

“Is Leo stalking us?” Latoya asked.

“Not us,” specified Danielle, “Jody.”

“He totally likes you!!” Latoya trilled.

“I don’t think so,” Rachel disagreed, and so did I. Jody wasn’t my type, from what she told me, she likes unobtainable, thin, hot guys. Preferably white. We didn’t talk much in between or after the detentions, only during, and seeing as we were quite good after that, we hadn’t reason to talk until Angeline’s party.

It was epic with dancing, huge cake, swimming, the works and everything was going great, until Danielle nearly drowned..!!

She was swimming, having fun and everything, when someone bumped her head and she went down… Ajax was the one that saw her, and jumped in, fully clothed (he didn’t want to swim) in to save her.

Well, that was nice.

Jody was traumatized, and because of that, I had to be there for her once more, and so I was. Jody, Ajax and I escorted Danielle to Angeline’s bedroom so she could rest and Jody closed the small gate in front of Angeline’s door (as well as the door itself) to give us all some privacy. People were lining up to see Danielle, which was making her very disorientated. Once we put her down, we thought about waiting until she woke up, but decided to let her sleep. Ajax tried to walk out—he couldn’t.

The gate, was a Maxi-door, and shut automatically. And the door had an alarm system. What was Angeline hiding in her room? It didn’t matter, either way; we were locked in the room! Danielle did wake up, when we were all just sitting around in silence, just thinking. We’d given up on banging on the door, people couldn’t hear us through the loud music, and the only person who’d be small enough to fit through the window was unconscious. And the other person wouldn’t leave the unconscious person till she was conscience—since when did Ajax give a stuff about was Danielle did and whether she lived or not? We were in there for half an hour when Danielle finally woke up. She was shivering all over, and she was dressed in her costume, so Ajax sat her on his lap and lay down, wrapping her arms around her to give her his body warmth. Jody suggested a blanket, but you warm a blanket with your own body heat, and the blanket contains it, while Danielle was just freezing. Danielle had the shock of her life when she woke up, of course. Ha ha. She was innocently swimming and wakes up in a bathing suit lying on top of Ajax, all snugly warm.

“Hello?” she murmured as she regained consciousness. Ajax sat up slightly, still holding on tight to Danielle.

“Danni—are you okay?” Jody asked.


“Can you breathe alright?” I asked.

“Do you feel tired?” Ajax asked.

“No—just kind of hungry,” she admitted. “Why?”

Ajax looked embarrassed. “You nearly drowned. I saved you.”

Danielle smiled. “Thanks.” She shivered slightly, and automatically cuddled Ajax more. “Wait—what the hell am I doing sitting on your lap??” though she sounded shocked, she didn’t move. She was still cold.

“Warming you,” Ajax replied. Danielle stared Ajax in the eye a long time before leaning forward to passionately snog him. She was still lying on top of him “for warmth” (yeah, suuure, and I’m Michelle Obama) and had wrapped her legs around him.

Suddenly Jody yelled, “OKAY!”

Danielle and Ajax broke apart.

“What just happened there?” Ajax asked.

“You were staring at me—watching me, and that’s how you noticed I was drowning,” Danielle went on. “You were watching me, and are sitting here with me because you like me, and sometimes, you just know. You’ve got a twinkle in you eye.”

“A twinkle??” Ajax repeated.

Danni nodded. “Whenever you speak to me.”

Jody turned to me. “I have a twinkle in my eye.”

I knew what she meant. “I do, too,” I confessed, leaning in to kiss the love of my life…

“Stop!” demanded Jody. “That’s enough. I don’t want to hear about me snogging—ugh—Leo!”

“And, Danni, I was talking about Jody’s love life. Where did that make-out with Ajax and you include Jody?” Rochelle asked.

“Yes,” agreed Latoya. “Danni and Ajax…lying on the bed…legs wrapped around…geez, Dan, that’s a smidge too graphic for me; especially since we’re talking about Ajax, of all people. I mean, you just went on and on about making out with him. Do you like him?”

“Uh uh,” Danielle disagreed. “I fulfilled my Truth. Wait till it’s your turn to ask, Toy Poodle.”

Latoya scowled slightly at her derogatory nickname. “Fine,” she concluded shortly.

I took hold of the bottle and spun it, willing it to land on Jody.

I had a few Dares in mind for her…perhaps involving Leo, perhaps not.

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