Bullet Brothers

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This is the script of the first episode I wrote for a web series that I plan on making. I would love to hear feedback.

Submitted: April 21, 2012

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Submitted: April 21, 2012



Ext. 12 pm at an army recruitment office. A man is at a desk when the desk phone rings. 

Voice on phone : We found him. 

Man : Well it's about time. Where'd you find him? 

Voice : He's 9 clicks away from your exact position. 

Man : He's only 6 miles away from me and it took you guys 2 years to find him!? Forget it. Get me a team. We meet in two hours to go over the plan and we take him down at 5pm. 

Voice : Understood Caretaker. 

Int. Caretaker leaves his desk goes to his car. Gets in. 

Caretaker : Alright Dante. We found you and your ass is goin down. (picks up cell phone and dials number) JD its Vic. We found him. 

JD : What's the reason for the call Vic?

Victor : If you get to his house before me and a squad do and get him to stand down and surrender under our custody we will ensure his safety. Your a good friend and I dont want to kill your brother. But I will if I have to if he resists.

JD : Where's he at? 

Victor : he's at *insert address*. Be there before I do. Or else. 

JD ; Why are you doing this?

Victor : were even now. (hangs up)

Int. Victor drives away to have the screen fade off. You see Victor pull up to a house. That's only 6 houses down from Dante's home. Victor exits the car and walks into the building. 

Victor : alright guys now bring me up to speed.

Soldier #1 : He is currently in his home. 

Victor : Do we got snipers to verify that he's there? 

Soldier #1 : Yes they are posted in the two story house across the way. 

Victor : What happened to the people who live there? 

Soldier #1 ; Neutralized. 

Victor : you killed them? 

Soldier #1 : We did what had to be done. 

Victor : right. Alright well the schematics say there are doors all over the house. He's getting time to take a break, reload, or plan what he's going to do next. That's why we need to get two soldiers to fill every room so break into through the windows. 

Soldier #2 : Won't he be expecting that sir? 

Victor : Yes. But he's not expecting it to happen tonight.

Ext. Fades off Victor and you see panoramic view of Dante's house. You see the squad running to the house and circle the whole house. You see Dante in the living room. Just laying there and then he hears a noise. He runs to the master bedroom to put his equipment on and to arm himself. The soldiers kick the door in

Soldier #3 : Alright Go! Go! Go! 

Soldier #4 : Breaching! Try to take him alive if possible! 

Soldier #1 : room clear! 

Ext. Dante gets out of the master bedroom and throws a 9 bang. And blinds two of the soldiers in the hallway and throws two knives hitting them both. He runs into the first room where two guards are waiting for him. He runs into the room and shoots the first soldier with a pistol and then sticks the barrel of the gun into the dead soldiers mouth then pulls the trigger to kill the other soldier. Cont. Various fight sequences. JD walks in the house.

JD : Dante just give up! I don't want to see my brother dead.

DJ : How many of them are left! 

JD : Look dude just drop the gu...

DJ : (cutting him off) HOW MANY ARE LEFT!!!

JD : none. None of them are left Dante. You killed them all. I'd hurry up and drop the weapons though and don't go near the windows. Victor has snipers all around the house and he's gonna be hear any second. 

DJ : shoot me. (walks toward JD) 

JD : what? No! Besides You have more to live for anyway.

DJ : like what? Mom died. Dad went crazy. 

JD : what about Tink?

DJ : Gaby? Screw her she wanted to turn me in! She didn't believe me. 

JD : I believe you. 

DJ : fuck you no you don't. Shoot me. I don't want victor to touch me. Not after what happened with Escelante. I knew what went in victors head from there. So shoot me.

JD : I am not gonna do it. 

DJ : dammit Shoot me!!!! (points gun at JD) do it or else I shoot you! 

JD : don't do it! (points gun at DJ)

Ext. 2 gun shots are heard. They both fall to the ground. You see victor standing behind JD at about 25 ft. Victor walks to JD and kneels down next to him. 

Victor : I had to do it JD. I didn't want you to compromise this. I knew you'd want to Save him after we took him down. To prevent him from being  interrogated. So I waited for you to get here. So now I'm taking you both under custody and interrogating both of you. I'm tying some loose ends.

Camera fades off a first person view from JD off victor to a 5 years earlier. Where you see JD and DJ walking into a building where other recruits are then a white flash and screaming. 


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