Bullet Brothers Ep. 2

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This is episode 2 for my series any feed back would be great

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012



Episode 2

Ext. Fades in from episode 1 and JD is on the floor from first person view and he's hearing victor screaming. It's in elite boot camp. Where all the recruits for Victor-1 are trained and then dropped or recruited. It's a building with no windows. 

Victor : If you want to be on my squad you gotta be ready for everything at any given moment!!

JD : sir yes sir!! 

Int. Victor throws flashbang. And it makes a blinding light and deafening bang.

Victor : I want you to navigate your self to an empty room. If there is someone in that room u have to fight him hand to hand. Blind or not. You still want to save your life!

Int. You see JD, DJ, and other various recruits running into various rooms. JD runs into an empty one. DJ runs into a occupied room so he fights an \"attacker\" with such reflex speed that it impresses Victor. 

Victor : Soldier. What's your Name?

DJ : DJ Martinez Sir! 

Victor : This isn't a fuckin gang boy! What's your full legal name?

DJ : Dante Jezebeth Martinez sir!

Victor : your part of the squad. You Codename will be Devil. 

DJ ; Devil sir?

Victor : Yes because you are strong and fast. You also seem very ruthless son. You seem like you don't take orders very well according to that scar (points at scar on DJ's face.)

DJ : I made a mistake here and there but it saved lives. 

Victor : well that's what I need on my team.

DJ : what about my brother? JD? Will he be on the team? 

Victor : He's going to have to impress me as well as you did. 

Ext. At a gun range where JD is determined to impress Victor. JD is in the range with two pistols. JD fires the whole clip into a paper target and grabs the second pistol to unload the clip into the target as well. 

Victor : nice shooting kid. Your Dante's brother huh?

JD : sir yes sir. 

Victor : we aren't that formal as that normal boot camp son. You have to say something just say it. You did good.

JD : good enough for you to sign me to the team? 

Victor : slow down. Your not ready enough.

Ext. Fades of to a simulation area that involves bean bags and explosions. And the whole point of this simulation is to see if you can survive on your own. DJ is in this to weed out the soldiers. He is equipped with a bean bag launcher while the others have bean bag shotguns. And he hits all but his brother. While his brother is taking out the others as well. Now it's Down to the two of them. 

JD : Give up bro! It's all over. I win this one. 

DJ : My ass you will. This is also your last chance to prove yourself.

JD ; what do you mean?

DJ : You know damn well what I mean. I mean you won't be on the team if you don't shoot me. 

Int. As DJ is talking JD is finding him and sneaks up to DJ.

DJ : You lost dude. Surrender with honor!

JD : I was just about to say the same thing. *pulls trigger* 

Int. DJ falls to the floor. And the lights turn on and Victor approaches JD. 

Victor : Good job son. You took advantage of your brothers big mouth to shut him up. That's good. Every soldier needs that. I'm sure he does but he ain't a ghost. 

JD : thanks sir? I think? 

Victor : no problem. Here. *Hands JD a sargent first class patch.* you were already on the team. I just wanted to know who was better. You or Dante. Your Codename is Baptist. 

JD : why sir? I'm not the religious type.

Victor : your full name has a lot of god references. So baptist seems right. Plus I know who the saint is. And the sinner. *Looks at Dante and says to dante* Get up you priss. It wasnt that bad. 

DJ : sarge. 

Victor : Yeah? 

DJ : I fuckin hate you.

Victor : and this is how I know were all gonna have each others backs. 

JD : excuse me? 

DJ : yeah what? 

Victor : You saying you hate me shows you consider me a friend. Or an acquaintance. But if u tell me u fuckin hate me again I will kick your ass right then and there. You understand me?

DJ : yes sir. 

Victor : Good. Now let's go. I want you to meet your other teammate. 

JD : what's his name or Codename? 

Victor : His Codename is Bean.

DJ : what the hell kinda name is bean? 

Victor : it's his. And I wouldn't talk shit to him. He's our sniper. If you want him to have YOUR back you might show him some respect.

DJ : well what's your Codename?

Victor : You can call me Sarge or by my Codename. Caretaker. After you two meet bean we'll go get you geared up. And we aren't like the standard military. You can choose what type of gear you specifically want and what weapons. Boys I think you'll like it here.

DJ : any weapons?

JD : alright. 

Int. Camera fades off them walking down a long hallway.


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