Death's A Cheater

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This is a short story I made while listening to a playlist on my phone that consisted of Johnny Cash, Maryiln Manson, Breaking Benjamin, Clutch, Skillet, and Jose Gonazalez.

Submitted: April 21, 2012

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Submitted: April 21, 2012



Ugh I got to ... Get to her... I have to get up. I'm having trouble walking. It's like my body is turning into one of them. I have to fight it! I refuse to die or turn into one of those freaks before I make sure she's ok. Just a few more blocks. All I hear is people screaming for help. I want to help them but I need to make sure she's ok. To think this all started with what seemed like a flu.

\"Hey you! Help me please! I have 3 kids and they're monsters in the backyard! Oh my god they broke through the windows!\" As much as I wanted to help her, what could I have done? I was in a car accident, I've been bit by one of those...well I guess the only thing to really call em is zombies. I'm walking with a limp praying to god that she's ok.

\"Oh no Jessie!!\" \"Mommy!! Don't let these monsters get me!\" \"No let go of my daughter!\" \" Momm..\" The screaming stopped from the little girls life I might have saved. She's probably one of them or just a meal now. But I'm almost there. I'm only 4 houses away. I hear something... My phone?

\"Hello?\" \" Danny? I'm stuck in my bathroom they got in my house I'm so scared!\" \"Hold on I'm 3 houses down! Don't worry I save you!\" \"If I don't make it.\" \"Don't even say that your going to make it...I love you.\" \"I love you too.\"

I got to get there. I can't stop running no matter how much my leg hurts. Where the hell are my keys? Shit they're still in the car. Well no point I just gotta break down the door. Well... If this ends in a good way I want a metal door cause this door opened Way too easy. Ugh I'm feeling week.

\"Danny!? Is that you!?\" \"Yeah! It's... It's.. Ugh\" \"Danny! Danny!! Dann...\"

Well is this what heaven feels like? Cause if this is heaven I want a refund. I thought I was gonna save her. She shouldn't have to deal with those things. And wait if I'm dead...this means I'm a zombie. Great. That's all she needs is for me to be ripping through her flesh and eating her while she screams in pain. No. How do I get back in my body from here.

\"Danny!!\" Ugh what happened? Holy shit I'm alive. And I feel great for some reason? Gotta get up I gotta save her. Damn there's a lot of zombies in her room. Why haven't I ever bought a gun? No time to think. Ok. Here we go.

\"Ahhhh fucking die zombies!\" \"Danny!? What are you doing!?\" \"Well I'm holding a bat and hitting them in the face. What are you doing?\" \"I'm hiding in the bathroom! Ahhhh Danny they broke in!! \"

I don't know what came over me now. I felt a certain blood lust. I gotta bolt in that room and save her

..... .................

Ugh what happened?

\"You killed them all. You almost killed me too. Danny you were bit.\" \" I wasn't gonna kill you.\" \"You came in here and tackled every zombie and ripped of they're necks with your teeth. You killed them all. Even worse is you stood up and looked right at me with blood shot eyes. You looked in the mirror twitched and collapsed. You've been unconsious for 20 mins. I've been starting to think you were dead.\" \"oh shit. I'm a human with zombie powers. Look we gotta go. Where's your car?\" \"It's in the garage. Where can we go that's a safe place?\" \"Anywhere but here. Let's go\"

Was she actually telling the truth? Did I actually become a zombie and try to attack her? But how come when I saw my reflection I just collapsed. There's only one person that could help me. All I can say though is that he was right.

\"You still haven't told me where we're going?\" \"It doesn't matter. As long as we're together and your safe.\" \"Aww that's sweet but this ain't a movie. We need a game plan. We need friends that can help us.\" \"I have a friend that can help us. He's actually been waiting for this day\"

I just hope he's alive.

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