Random monolog.

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This is a monolog for something eventually. I just thought it in my head and it was flowing good so ... yeah.

Submitted: December 10, 2012

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Submitted: December 10, 2012



JD : "All I ever wanted was to live a full life. But it seems now adays that won't be anywhere near possible. I took a trip with someone who I thought could save my life, but it turns out he left me for dead. Which I don't know what's worse? Being surrounded by the undead while I just lay on the floor with an open wound or the fact that the ONLY person i was able to trust on this God forsaken planet was able to stab me and leave me for dead, and for what? Over an argument on whether his leadership skills were being clouded by the fact that the others in our group seem to have a problem with me and that I am more of a threat than the damn zombies? I am the only one helping them stay alive. I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO CARES WHETHER THEY CAN MAKE IT BACK TO THE CAMP TO WHAT'S LEFT OF THEIR FAMILIES. But no...They see my acts of violence and my attitude as a threat. I honestly don't know why i wanted to be the good guy. All they did was walk all over me and that just meant as long as they were in trouble I would try to help them. I just know that I do not want to become one of these things which would probably be a lot better than remaining someone who's only suppose to worry about himself rather than others. Still, After everything that me and him have been through. He still chose to help them and not me. I can never accept that and he knows that. He will never sleep knowing he caused my death. I jus- "

*Gunshots can be heard and zombies are seen falling down. Just then the surrounding group closes in and JD sees a hand reach out to him. JD looks up and its Alex. JD looks confused.*

Alex : "You didn't think I was going to leave you did you?"

JD : " I don't know. I don't really know what to think right now."

Alex : " I think we should get outta here."

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