Fox-Weasel Woes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Just a story with hidden meanings and some kind of weird parable woven into the wording and story. But hay, the end really is what it's all about.

Submitted: November 21, 2018

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Submitted: November 21, 2018



Now let it be known that Fib-lover Rats are no good to eat, especially not to a Fox-Weasel that is not desperate or starving.

But Fib-lover Rats do a good job of cleaning up after the more than sloppy Fox-Weasels. And believe me; the Fox-Weasel's eating habits make a heck of a mess.

The only thing that might get messier is the lies that some Fox-Weasels tell while in pursuit of a meal. And that is why they are knows as Fib-Weavers as well as Fox-Weasels.

No, the Fox-Weasel does not eat the Fib-lover Rat; it tries to con it into following along behind. And, of course, if one of these Rats follows then it cleans up the mess that the Fox-Weasel leaves behind. Thereby, they both eat well and there is little trace evidence left behind.

Now, let's get on with the story.



It was early morning and the first inning to this day's game had begun. 

Fox-Weasel, or Fib-Weaver, was shoveling her nose along the grassy terrain, and then she sniffed the air high above her head.

Much like the Honey Badger, the Fox-Weasel is relentless in her pursuit of a meal, and her nose always leads the way. But unlike the Honey Badger, she also seeks the opportunity to beguile and deceive, when the need is there.

So when this Fox-Weasel detected the hint and sent of a Fib-lover Rat, she employed all the skills that she possessed.


"Well Hello!" the Fib-Weaver said to the unsuspecting Fib-lover Rat.

The Rat was startled and ran behind a remnant of a battlefield memorial to hide.

So Fox-Weasel climbed on top of the old cannon, and while looking down on the Rat, it stated, "I mean you no harm, dear brother. I too am a scavenger.

But you are right to be cautious for there are others that would do us harm and would try to limit the food that we may eat."

The Rat looked puzzled by such statements, so it inquired, "It is true that we are much alike in our thinking and deeds. But since I do not trust my own kind with my life, or my food, why would I want to trust you?"

"Ah, a good question, indeed!" bellowed the Fox-Weasel.

Then it went on to say, "But please understand, this is not a case of trust, it is a case of them against us. You see? They are all against us so we must do everything in our power to outwit them.

We should band together, I will take the front and lead the way to our prosperity, and you will follow behind cleaning up any evidence that we are eating in restricted areas."

That puzzled look come over the Rats face again, so he asked the Fox-Weasel, "Are you saying that you want us to enter the Forbidden Zone? You do know that they kill invasive predictors that eat there. Don’t you?"

The Fox-Weasel laughed and replied, "The Forbidden Zone is safe as long as no-one can prove that we were eating there. And both of us, together, can make that happen!

It is simple, I devour and you clean up. No evidence means no proof and no proof means no-one will come after the invasive predator. Like I said, it is them against us.

And after all, why should we have to work so hard to find our food when there is lots of it just waiting for us in that, so called, forbidden zone."




What the Fib-Weaver said seemed to make a lot of sense, so the Fib-lover Rat joined the little two member invasive predator brigade.

And even though Fox-Weasel partook of most of the spoils, the Fib-lover Rat still had more than enough to eat. --- And that became the problem.

One afternoon the Rat asked the Fox-Weasel, "Why are you killing more than you and I can eat? That was not the plan!"

The Fox-Weasel replied, "Because I like the best of the best, but the best of the best is a very small part of the whole, so I have to kill many to get enough to eat."

The Rat sneered and showed its teeth, then stated, "Your gluttonous ways are going to get us caught!

I don't know how you think, but as for me, I think that a meal is not worth being killed for."

The Fox-Weasel sniffed the air and replied, "Well, my little assistant, it is too late to worry about that now. The enemy is not far behind us and they have the mistaken idea that you are the only predator doing the killing."

The Rat laughed and asked, "Why would you think that, have you been talking to them?"

The Fox-Weasel replied, "No, not exactly. But I came to that conclusion the first time that I hunted here. That is when I noticed a Fib-lover Rat following after me. And you see, the enemy tracks and killed that Rat and every one of them after that. You will be the one they are looking for, and the fourth to die in the forbidden zone, --- sorry.


JE Falcon


Minor Rew. 12-2019

© Copyright 2020 JE Falcon. All rights reserved.

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