I've got one thing to say, Go to Hell!

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This is a poem that he wrote after a girl broke his heart. He was so mad at her that he wrote this poem about her

Submitted: December 09, 2010

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Submitted: December 09, 2010



Go! Leave me in Misery Oh God how can this be Only now I finally see You’ve come to destroy me

How could you do this to me I thought you loved me Only now I finally see My thoughts were amiss

You came and trapped me with your magical spell You just watched and laughed as to my doom I fell Did you ever tell the truth, I really can’t tell Now I have one thing to say. Go to Hell

I loved you, and let you in I thought life was good I thought that you understood No it was the worst it’s ever been

Can’t you see? Can’t you feel Were any of your feelings real Me life and joy you did steal What a dirty trick, what a sly deal

Was your love ever real I really can’t tell I wish that I was dreaming I wish life is not as it is seeming I’ve got one thing to say, Go To Hell

Well now I am protected Now by you I can’t be dissected From your promise you defected Now my thoughts are redirected

Leave me alone, I don’t need you I will live by myself, forever alone Protect my heart, I’ll harden it like stone Doomed to be alone, there’s nothing I can do

This ringing I hear, it’s the death bell Another brave young man has just fell You took him away with your nasty spell Now I have one thing to say, Go to Hell

I really do hate you, I fell for your trap This I guarantee, it won’t happen again I’ll stay with my own, and warn my fellow men Warn them of you, you’ll make their lives crap

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