People Parking

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Observing people parking, poem.

Submitted: March 10, 2017

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Submitted: March 10, 2017



I went to our local Wal*Mart

To look and buy some stuff

But when I tried to park

That's when the going got ruff.


Betty, from my gym was there,

She's athletic to the core

But she passed up seven parking spots

Looking for one, near the door.


"People have quirks," I thought,

So I parked out back, all alone,

Then I spied some guy in his 20's

Taking a spot in the Handicap zone.


Maybe his disability is hidden

Then it wouldn't be a big deal.

But on his window, as plain as day,

Was a Moto-Cross membership seal.


As I crossed the road a vehicle stopped

Right in the middle and that is not a lie.

They held up traffic for quite a while

While the discussed what to buy.


As I wandered inside, I saw him,

The handicap infringement dude.

He was buying a back-pack for hiking

The 20 pound kind, without food.


After an hour I decided to lunch

But I had only covered half the store

Yet McDonald's was reason enough to rest

'cause my feet were feeling pretty sore.


I ordered food, but all the seats were taken

So decided to have my lunch, to go,

I sat on a bench, out in front of the store

And watched all the cars. You know?


Up and down the lanes they went

Burning gas with each van and car

Seeking those very coveted spots

'cause they don't want to walk --- too far.



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