The Angus-Marie and Tenacity

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Just a little rhyming tale of a pirate folly.

Submitted: September 04, 2018

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Submitted: September 04, 2018



Captain Sigh had mud in his eye

And a patch hung over the other.

His Daddy was a Spanish Pirate

As well as his Mother and brother.


On the seven seas he artfully sailed

In search of the Angus-Marie;

A merchant ship with steam and sail,

And cargoes fit for kings, you see.


After long last they sighted the ship

Sailing west on the Mediterranean Sea

So Captain Sigh bellowed the order,

"Give chase, me lads, 'tis the Angus-Marie."


The Angus-Marie sighted the pirates

With Captain Sigh near the forward mast.

 It seemed the fate of the Angus-Marie

Was in the mold and about to be cast.


Yes, the chase was on in the early dawn

And the Devil's Winch was closing fast.

When the Angus-Marie lowered her sails

The pirates exclaimed, "She's ours, at last!


After a time they heard some noise,

Clunking, then churning, and a hissing sound.

Black smoke billowed from a single stack

Then the Angus-Marie began turning around.


Against the wind, steamed the Angus-Marie,

Straight as a yardarm and true as the sextant,

A direction in which sails are hindered

But the Angus-Marie, a-steaming, she went.


A collective moan rose from the Devil's Winch

For the crew was surprised and full of dismay

But the Captain just laughed a buccaneer's laugh

And yelled at the crew, "Let's get underway!"


Tighten your jibs and hoist those sails

Let's turn this bucket around!

The Angus-Marie is still in our sight,

Let's ketch her, lads, 'for the sun goes down!


Now we leave this scene watching the ships

One weaving and jogging while chasing the other.

And the Angus-Marie is just chugging along

Into that storm, --- I’d wager.



JE Falcon


© Copyright 2019 JE Falcon. All rights reserved.

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