The Bergie Visit - Part 4

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Twenty years after the fading away of the Bergie named Celeste, Samantha, (Sam), has become a force among the followers of RIN; (and her cat is about to have a kitten?)

Submitted: September 14, 2016

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Submitted: September 14, 2016



 The Bergie Visit

Part 4 --- The Story Continues


"Mergatroid, "Merrr-ga--troooid! Cats, they never come when you call them!" Sam said while looking for her wayward friend.


It has been something like twenty years sense Celeste, the Bergie, faded away, and though Sam thinks of her often, much has changed.

Sam is Samantha, daughter of Maynet and Ronard who are servants of Mylon the great, Wizard ruler of much of the lands surrounding Mylon Mountain.

But that was before, now Sam is called SA, and she is the Guardian-Mystic of all the lands from the Black-Sea, to the Sand Mountains, and from the Trimont Crater to the Rin-tole Valley. She is allied with Mylon the Wizard, Gen-rod the Warlock Sage, The Two Witches of More, and various tribes, all followers of the ways of RIN.

The lack of war for the last twenty years has been do to the confinement of Shimm the Warlock, and also do to the treaties that SA has brokered; the regions prosper.


"Mergatroid,  "Merrr-geee!" SA calls to gain the cats attention.

SA is worried about her, the cat may have a litter about to arrive and she is a very old cat, an odd occurrence even among the cats of this region.

SA finally goes down into the cellar, "There you are. What are you doing in that old dirty wine barrel, little Missy? --- OH! I see what you are doing." SA said as she noticed her cat had one kitten near her belly.

SA waved her hand over the cat and said, "Is that all little Momma? Ah, yes, just one."

As SA nudes the kitten ever so slightly she is surprised that it is hardly moving. Not only that, it is pink, hairless, and is about as ugly as it can be. SA moves the Kitten nearer to a nipple and then talks softly to Mergatroid. The cat is showing interest in the offspring and licks her attentively.

SA is afraid of moving Mergatroid, or the Kitten, so she asks her most trusted housekeeper, Gertie, to attend to the cat.

As she gives Gertie a big hug, she tells her, "I must attend a conference in Molnar Valley and I should return in about a week." 

The conference lasted much longer than expected and by the time SA returned there were concerns from the housekeeper about Mergatroid’s condition.

"She is very frail, Mum. It is all she can do to eat enough to feed the Kitten, so I have been helping the poor little thing with the feedings. I have been using a pastry cloth filled with a mixture of chicken broth and smashed chicken livers, plus some of me Mums remedy, a little fish oil. Mergatroid seems happy that I'm helping out and the kitten shows signs of growing; much too fast if you asked me."

"You are a sweetheart, Gertie. Keep up the good work," SA said with a soft and gentle smile."Now, let’s have a look at them."

As SA entered and saw the wine barrel she was astonished,  Mergatroid had very little room in the Barrel, the kitten was now twice Mergatroid's size, and uglier than ever.

"This will never do, " SA Said as she attempted to lift the kitten out of the barrel.

Mergatroid let out a heart wrenching howl and hissed at SA; that was a first, she had never hissed at SA before.

"OK, OK, I'm not going to take your baby away from you, honest I won't. I'm just giving you some room to breath and move around sweetie. There, there, how about a little heard scratch? That a girl, that's my sweet girl" SA said in a very soothing manner.

Just then SA looked over and saw the kitten had slipped out of the barrel and was sampling the fish dinner that was for Mergatroid.

"Well, aren't we the little piggy today? That is your Mama's dinner little man, but let's see how much you eat before you get sick and cough it all up," SA remarked, then she sat down and waited.

The Kitten seemed to inhale three good sized chunks over the next ten minutes and then went back to his mother to sleep.

"Hum," commented SA, that's odd, nothing came up. Oh well, at least he won't be nursing tonight, maybe my dear sweet Mergatroid will get some much needed rest."

SA opened the cellar window, it was very stuffy down there, and then left the two alone.

On the way up the stairs Gertie asked questions regarding the kitten size, "Begging your pardon Misses, I am confused as to why that kitten is growing like it is, it just ain't natural."

"You are right Gertie, but the fact is that Mergatroid was living in Mylon's house for many years, she may have gotten into a potion, or a brew of some kind, that caused this. We won't know for sure until the kitten becomes whatever it is going to become. If it gets too big for the house then I may have to make arrangements to move them to the barn. We should know more within the month," SA replied.

After talking with Gertie and checking on the cook's menu for the evening, SA went to the main floor of the house for a meeting that she had scheduled with her staff.

SA was entertaining a family from the Ast Region, twenty miles to the south, and she wanted everything done just so, so. This was a Tribal Chieftain, Quantrain, and his family, they were being honored for their extraordinary abilities and tireless dedication to the training of the children of RIN.

Not all RIN children are able to accept and understand what is happening to them as RIN enhances their abilities; at least, not as easily as SA did. With their help, SA has trained and sent seven children of RIN into the vast continent that they call home; most were human adults, one was an eagle named Kao and two were elephants known as Brawn and Faever.

This planet has only two continents that anyone is aware of and they are divided by an ocean. The ocean has very swift surface currents, churning, choppy, masses of waves, and water funnels that no boat has ever managed to navigate without being turned over, or pulled down into its depths. If anyone did manage to reach those visible, but far distant lands, they must not have been able to return.

Besides, who knows what creatures live across that ocean.

After dinner, SA presented the Tribal Chieftain and his wife with long-coats made of silk-lace, yawn-fleece, and Blue Goose-down; only Mystics can produce them and they were delighted with SA's craftsmanship.


Late one afternoon Gertie came to SA to tell the sad news, Mergatroid, her dear friend, had passed on.

SA ordered that Mergatroid be readied for the ritualistic burning-burial and that the Kitten be moved to a more appropriate area.

"But Mum, the Kitten won't let any of us near it's mother's body," Gertie said with a sigh in her voice.

"Well, we'll just see about that!" SA exclaimed. "I'll not have a kitten directing this household." Then SA stomped off in the direction of the wine cellar.

As SA entered the room she met up with a hairless cat the size of a full grown Bulldog, and it was hissing and making a half-howling, half-moaning, sound like none had ever heard.

SA stepped back, then she did the strangest thing, she too made the same sound, but loader.

The light green skinned kitten moved back and stopped hissing, then after a moment had passed the Kitten jumped up into the cellar window opening and disappeared outside.

"There, take Mergatroid's body and ready it, it won't be long before sunset," SA said in a hurried voice.


Mergatroid's body was wrapped in Salorlander-leaves and sprinkled with various oils and potions. Then it was placed in a large bowl and placed upon a wooden stand; the stand was set-up next to the lake's edge and in line with the sunset and SA's position on her upstairs balcony.

At SA's signal the contents of the bowl was set on fire and SA closed her eyes, then she began to sing.

As the song grew loader, so grew the intensity of the fire in the bowl. The fire flared and grew ever larger, becoming white-hot just before it went out completely.

But when the servants looked into the bowl, it was empty, not so much as an ash remained.

Just as SA was about to finish her song she felt something on her leg and as she looked down she saw the Kitten's head resting there, the kitten began purring.

SA continued to sing and this oversized kitten continued to purr for the longest time.

After a short time the kitten fell asleep, SA took her bath robe and covered the kitten, and then she went to bed.

As SA drifted off to sleep she heard the sounds of light thumping coming across the wooden floor, then a jolt upon the far end of the feather bed. SA thought, "It is that kitten. If I get up now I will have to light a candle and take that oversized kitten all the way back down the stairs. No, not tonight, I will deal with my dear sweet Mergatroid's baby in the morning."

As SA drifted off to sleep the bulldog sized Kitten walked around and around on the end of that feather bed until it had created a dent in the mattress, a dent just the right shape to fit its bulky body, then it plopped itself down in it.


The next morning SA arose expecting to have to deal with the Kitten's sleeping arrangements, but the Kitten was gone. At the end of the bed was a deep indention in the feather-bed mattress and SA's bathrobe lying nearby.

"Hum," SA thought, "that little lion must have risen early to have his breakfast. And speaking of breakfast, I'm starved."

At breakfast SA asked Gertie if she had fed the Kitten that morning, to which Gertie replied, "That little Troid eats everything in sight, Mum, but lately he has been taking his meals at night, after sunset."

"Troid, is that his name, Gertie?" SA asked with a smile in her eyes.

Gertie replied, "Well, begging your pardon Misses, that is what I started calling him when I was helping Mergatroid with his feeding. It just sort of happened and he responded to it after a short time. But it is your critter Misses, we can call him whatever you'd like, I suppose."

"No, not at all, I think it is an excellent name and I bet Mergatroid would agree, bless her soul. And the fact that he is responding to that name is even better."

SA finished breakfast and then reminded Gertie that she, SA, was to travel to the Kantollah Region and she might be gone for several weeks.

Gertie inquired, "More business, Misses?"

"Well, yes and no, actually, I thought that I might like to take a ride up to The Rubian Castle to pay a visit to my mentor and friend, Mylon."

"Please pay him my most heartfelt greetings, Misses, he is a good man and a gentle soul," Gertie said.

"That I will, Gertie, rest assured, I will surly do that," Sa replied.

After finishing her business in the Kantollah Region SA headed off to the Rubian castle for a long put off visit with Mylon, and a little discussion about an oversized kitten.

There was much speculation about the cat's size, but no firm conclusions; Mylon agreed, time will tell the tale.

© Copyright 2020 JE Falcon. All rights reserved.

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