The Smiling Crone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A Rhyming Story-Poem about a mysterious disappearance.

Submitted: January 13, 2016

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Submitted: January 13, 2016



Down and 'round, 'round and down,

Three brave souls went creeping

In darkened halls and dim-lit stairs,

Their squinting eyes were peeping.


Beatrice Fly saw the Master's head

On the Manor’s grounds, 'cross the way.

Called the Bobbies, (that she did!),

To everyone's --- dismay.


Down and 'round, right and left,

Searching tunnels beneath the house;

There were spider webs and creeping things,

Many a rat --- and the occasional mouse.


Beatrice Fly, the smiling Crone,

A newcomer to this meadow;

Just a quiet hag that kept to herself,

Much like a foggy shadow.


A cloudy night at the Manor house,

{The full moon chocked for lack of sky},

And all three men did their duty;

Although their bravery was rather shy.


Down and 'round, 'round and down,

Three brave souls forged ahead

In the darkened halls and dim-lit stairs;

They searched for bodies, not yet dead.


Beatrice Fly, the smiling crone,

Rumored to be of the darker arts,

Had called the police on that foggy night;

Saying she'd seen some body parts.


She saw the Manor's Master's head

Rolling along in a gusty breeze.

“I saw it, I did!”, she shivered and wined,

As she pointed to a clearing by the willow trees.


So Sergeant Stow and Private Kramer

Set out with the Mayor, La Putt

To search the house and all the grounds;

To see if a Game was afoot.


Soon it was clear that the Manor was empty!

Where had the inhabitants gone?

The search would continue, down cellar stairs,

With flashlights on and weapons drawn.


Down and 'round, 'round and down,

Went this group in a fear laden haze,

Through darkened halls and dim lit stairs;

Like three old rats confined in a maze.


Down and 'round, right and left,

The hall went on forever,

Until they came to an Oak-wood door,

With rot-ironed hinges and BLOODIED LEVER.


As they opened the door a gate crashed down,

Blocking the hall behind them,

Beyond the door was Beatrice Fly

Chewing on a human limb!


She smiled and said, {“Welcome Mates!”},

Then morphed into a Ravenous Bird;

{“I'm glad you were able to join my game

But now its ended. Or haven't you heard?"}.


Down and 'round, 'round and down,

More brave souls searched below

Seeking the Mayor, the Deputy,

And the beloved Sergeant Stow.


They're looking, too, for Beatrice Fly

It seems she missing as well.

They should look for her on the lowest level,

Down the hallway that leads to hell.



JE Falcon  03-2015

© Copyright 2020 JE Falcon. All rights reserved.

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